Re: [2600-AU] Latest windows 10 update breaks multi user support

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Sid E

Feb 5, 2021, 5:12:01 AM2/5/21
to 2600-australia


Thailand makes it confusing.....

So Reg Key change didn't disabled the single user login? Did Jason ever find out the keys from the KB release I posted or did he just want a gender studies lesson?

Also please refer to me as my correct pronoun today, Asshat nitr0us Prime

On 5 Feb 2021 11:27 am, "" <> wrote:
On a More serious note:
No luck finding any obvious fix.  I did notice it happens on both home and pro tho.

I messed with it for an entire day and hunted for obscure registry and policy settings -  In the end I used the mentioned registry hack to force a user / password prompt to log in, cloned the disk using my support account, then hacked the registry to display the pc owners username as the "last logged in" and disabled the registry hack again then rebooted off the new drive, after logging in as the owner, it picked up their microsoft account and resumed allowing pin number login again and they could use it - but it still prevented anyone but his own account showing on the welcome login screen which 99% of the time is the only account they required - but is still annoying on my work pc, where in rare cases another staff member needs to use their login to do stuff.  Lucky there is another 6 pcs in here to use.

PS On a less serious note:
Sid: what is a gender?  :P  or is that agenda   funny how both words sound the same and work in a sentance with "political correct"  at the start..... tho i suspect that was exactly Sid's point.  Ye I am used to Sid, no fucks given here no stress. I am a generation too old for that snowflakeyness.
In my day your "gender fluid" had another less polite meaning, but hey for some people it was considered flattering to get that reaction.
Gay people wore pink shirts and owned epic nighclubs in miami.   And everyone was either straight, bi, gay, neuter, tran and/or cross dresser.    In rare cases there was even legit hermaphradites.  They work for pornhub now.

None of this self identifying as a cosmic rainbow space goat or whatever, being offended by literally everything, nor all tv shows representing 10% of the population as 90% of the characters in every show now to comply with "PC"

I get this is a personal computer security mailing list...  but when we say PC here,  we just mean computer.  Lets leave the current fad of social trend politics out of it :o)     do you see me talking about yoyos and rubiks cubes?   Oh wait i just did.       I am all for equality...   so hopefully i equally offended you all :P

PPS: yes this was my attempt at humor.

New and improved 2600... well..  ..we drew on some flames and polished it a bit..
Google - making sure, life is no more, than 1984...

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Sid E

Feb 5, 2021, 6:08:43 AM2/5/21
to 2600-australia

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