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Sep 18, 2020, 8:12:15 PM9/18/20
I've noticed something purplexing.

If you do a search for hard disk scan and repair tools.  
none exist anymore.

Aomei - > runs chkdsk in a window
minitool -> runs chkdsk in a window
paragon -> runs chkdisk in a window
easeus -> runs chkdsk in a window

Ignoring the fact all 4 of the above appear to be in essense
te same code base reskined.

Delving further - the chkdsk included in windows 10 is
crippled.     It in most cases is not capable of fixing even
trivial file system errors anymore.  Sure it can fix some
basic lost clusters and sometimes mark a bad sector, but
anything more complex it shits itself with some generic log

Delving further still - they removed the dedicated surface
scan although there is a /r

Delving Further still - the XP version can fix the errors
the windows 10 version cannot, and the 98 version still has
the dedicated surface test option.

norton etc disk tools all seem to have gone the way of the dodo.

New and improved 2600... well..
..we drew on some flames and
polished it a bit..
Google - making sure, life is no more, than 1984...

Ian Manners

Sep 21, 2020, 12:29:02 AM9/21/20
to 2600 Australia
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