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Jan 17, 2022, 6:19:24 PM1/17/22
to 2600 Australia
So windows 11 is causing all sorts of headaches..  if i sell
a windows 11 pc to a client they are forced to go through
the extra retarded oobe first run wizard, which of course
makes it impossible to actually setup a computer offline or
with a local user account.

Depending on your version the shift-f10 / network wizard /
task manager trick might work - but I have found an easier one.

Step 1, turn the new PC on.

Step 2, go through the wizard until you reach the "connect
to a network" dead end.  Unfortunately you will have to
connect a network at this stage to move forward.

Step 3, the moment it says checking for updates and/or gets
past the connect to a network screen, unplug your network.

Step 4, this should eventually get past check for updates
and drop you on the create a user account screen which will
allow you to create a local user.

Problems:  windows 11 by default seems to create only a
/local/ user account!

If possible at this stage before you add a password, use
shift-f10 to open a command prompt then enter the following

net user test /add
net localgroup Administrators test /add

That should also give you a local administrator account so
you can.. you know.. do stuff.

You are welcome.

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Jan 19, 2022, 6:42:12 PM1/19/22
to 2600 Australia
Just a correction here - the local user account it creates
has administrator membership after the wizard ends - so
making the test admin user step is entirely optional - but
is still a handy set of commands to keep a note of, since in
some configurations windows makes it difficult to actually
create a local user using the gui - or a computer may have
issues preventing access to the gui.

Anyone here played around with windows 11 much yet?

Visually it looks like a frankenstien monster of OSx, XP,
and windows 8.1.

Has the dumbed down minimalism of 8.1, the rounded corners
of XP, and the centred launch bar of OSX.   Yuk.

On 18/01/2022 10:19 am, wrote:
> Problems:  windows 11 by default seems to create only a
> /local/ user account!

Damien Gardner

Feb 16, 2022, 3:56:22 PM2/16/22
Even windows 10 installs now are problematic.  We got new laptops for work (finally, we've only been asking for 3 years..).  Plugged in my windows 10 pro install USB key, plugged in network, and went to install. It didn't ask for a product key - and just went ahead and installed as Win 10 home...  Did some googling, and apparently they started doing that around november sometime?  Had to format and reinstall AGAIN with no network plugged in.  And yep, found the same thing as you with Win 11 - you have to unplug network to be able to NOT setup a microsoft account as your primary login.  It was a pretty confusing loop as well - we HAVE microsoft logins for work - our O365 domain. But you CAN'T use that as the microsoft account it wants.  So unplug network and create 'normal' local account was the way to go.  Ended up having to attach my home microsoft account for the MS Store which was a bit weird as well.

Was waiting for the win 11 upgrade. It finally became available while we were on holiday in the middle of nowhere with almost no 4G coverage.. The dialog popped up with the options of 'Upgrade now' and 'Don't upgrade ever' basically.  Sooo It left it sitting there for 12 hours downloading the upgrade.  Wasn't impressed..

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