PNY and Acronis dont buy dont use, scum.

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Sep 13, 2022, 8:44:13 PM9/13/22

SO PNY SSD's are not that bad, but if you need one to replace a dying machine you are shit out of luck.

the PNY version of Acronis OEM requires a serial number (actually the last number printed on the back of the ssd, too bad if you installed it already)  JUST TO USE  -  after  their version installs about 15 other totally unrelated acronis junk products, and cant be used to actually CLONE unless you are online and register EACH cloned machine to a UNIQUE acronis account..   which is pretty fucked to be honest.

So my advice is if you need to get an ssd to to clone out a dying machine that cant go online, buy literally any other brand.

Ironically the oem acronis version for crucial at least older versions installs offline and only installs the actual copy tool of acronis, and samsung have their own thing going on that mostly works offline.

Piss poor effort PNY and Acronis.     Totally scummy.   I would almost go so far as to say a scam at this point to get your private details and get their fucked acronis malware on your pc.


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