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Feb 28, 2021, 7:45:30 PM2/28/21
to 2600-au...@googlegroups.com
Ok here is a really strange question.

Does anyone know of any "fake" or "decoy" anti virus tools -
nothing malicious or anything..   just something that tricks
windows 10 into thinking a 3rd party antivirus is installed,
so I can disable their windows defender rubbish so I can
claw back a bit of CPU/ram/disk performance.

Odd question, but I know from experience even if task
manager pretends it isn't by mis-reporting,   defender and
pretty much any anti-virus solution will eat up pretty much 
50%+ disk performance, and up to 25-30% cpu, not to mention
ram, continuously when you try doing any sort of
productivity work.

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