Machine Exception Error 0%, Random Lockup while loading windows, installing updates or after logging in

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Jul 18, 2022, 8:50:23 PM7/18/22
to 2600-australia
Posting this more as a searchable solution on google than a
point of discussion.  Hello Google groups online.

I've encountered more variations of this same problem than i
would like to count, and after encountering ANOTHER
variation I thought I would post the solution since
basically "Microsoft support" (sfc | chkdsk /r | reinstall
windows is their answer to everything.. 'so windows set your
house on fire, killed all the patients on life support and
started world war three?  Did you try running in safe mode
or reinstall windows?') and 99% of the support discussions
on this topic are entirely useless to fix this too.

Clearly Microsoft has no intention of ever fixing this or it
would have been resolved years ago.

Since windows 10 version 1500x  and some windows 8.1 builds
there has been a recurring issue where during updates or
install you end up with a frozen screen and install cannot
progress and it looks all the world like your PC is defective.

Actually it is a windows driver that is defective.   For
some reason I cannot fathom - Microsoft released a quality
labs certified unified driver for Atheros / Ralink /
Broadcom (sometimes realtek too - basically same hardware
different vendors implementing it)   that actually doesn't
work at all.   The moment it loads it will hard lock up /
freeze your computer.  Often on a black screen or during
installing updates / windows.

This is all the more confusing as it loads the driver prior
to loading the desktop / login screen during updates or
installing windows - but in random cases - it delays loading
the driver until after the login process. So it locks up
after you enter your password.   Go figure.

The fix was of course going into safe mode (if it lets you)
then "reverting" your driver to the older version, or simply
disabling your wifi driver. This will work until the next
windows update installs then it will "helpfully"
update/enable the driver to the newer defective one.  
Failing that remove /replace the wifi chip entirely for 100%

Around build 1900X Microsoft briefly released a driver fix,
then in build 21nx they added better fault catching, but
also re-released the broken driver again.

Now instead of a hard lockup you will get a pretty blue
screen informing you in the most useless way possible that
you have an unknown "Machine Exception Error"  and a please
wait 0% writing error that never moves past 0%.

Contrary to all the Microsoft support topics on this error,
the screen will not in fact show you any 0x00000000    debug
code on the faulting area of your system, it will just once
again be a hard lock of your computer, just with a blue
screen instead of a frozen black or frozen installing
windows XX% screen.

Permanent Solution it seems is as stated above, remove any
RAlink/ broadcom / atheros hardware in your system if you
can and install an alternate wifi device.  The problem will
magically vanish.

In my current version of the issue, it was a HP desktop with
a HP part supplied wifi chip in a laptop sized wifi chip. 
HP part number 573622-001    this chip is rather vague on
what hardware is inside but the fine print under the part
number lists "RA3092 WPER-120GN" and "RAK-RT3092"  which
sounds suspiciously like Ralink.

So yer remove / disable the wifi and it fixes the problem.


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