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James Corden and Stephen Colbert are assholes that needed to be fired from CBS

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May 27, 2022, 1:44:54 AM5/27/22

James Corden and Stephen Colbert Urge Gun Control Reform in America After
Uvalde Fatal Shooting
Aceshowbiz Team
James Corden and Stephen Colbert are among celebrities who are left
devastated by the fatal shooting in Uvalde, Texas. When weighing in on the
incident that killed at least 19 children and three adults at Robb
Elementary School on Tuesday, May 24, the two late-night hosts urged gun
control reform in America.

In a re-recorded opening monologue of "The Late Late Show with James
Corden", James, who is a father of three, said, "When I drop my kids off at
school this morning and kiss them goodbye, it doesn't cross your mind that
that could ever be the last goodbye." He added, "The thought of that phone
call-that your child is the victim of a mass shooting-is beyond
comprehension as a human being."

"I'm so deeply sad for the families of these children, the trauma of the
survivors and for the future these kids will never see," the English native
further lamented. He went on to share his heartbreaking frustration over
"the number of people who must think this is an OK byproduct to never make
meaningful changes to gun laws," adding, "It doesn't make sense to me. It
doesn't reflect the country that I think America is."

Reflecting on the U.S.'s strengths, the 43-year-old comedian acknowledged
that U.S. is "on the forefront of medicine, of technology, of innovation."
Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of gun violence, he said "America
is one of the most backward places in the world."

"This year, there have been no school shootings in England. This year,
there have been no school shootings in Japan," the actor/singer continued.
"This year, there have been 27 school shootings in America and 212 mass
shootings and we are just five months into the year."

"Words of thoughts and prayers will come from our leaders, but I fear
change never will," he concluded his speech. "I hold out hope that this
country will eventually wake up and change this senseless gun culture,
while my heart simply goes out to every single person in Texas tonight."

As for Stephen, he delivered his own emotinal monologue on "The Late Show
with Stephen Colbert". He stated, "We learned of an unspeakable shooting in
Uvalde, Texas today. And while we can add our prayers for the dead... There
is nothing that can ever be said that can approach the immeasurable grief
of those families. But, while we're at it, let's pray this time that our
leaders show a modicum of courage in trying to prevent this from ever
happening again."

Stressing that "prayers won't end this," the 58-year-old pointed out,
"Voting might so." He further elaborated, "When you vote, ask yourself this
question: 'Who, running for office, has publicly stated that they're
willing to do anything and everything in their power to protect your
children from the criminally insane number of guns in America?' "

Bucky Breeder

May 27, 2022, 12:14:13 PM5/27/22
to <> posted this :
If it were not for bizarre screwed-up logic there would be no such thing as
Democrats and Liberals.

Something in the range of ~120-million firearm owners in the USA yet every
time some nutcase goes beserk, Libtards want to legislate away the Second
Amendment - or more severely regulate it.

CHICAGO is case in point for this type of reasoning.

They have some of the strictest firearms laws in the USA and yet more
people are killed there every day than in Uvalde on Tuesday, May 24th.

The only thing "guns laws" ever do is make it more difficult and expensive
for law abiding citizens to obtain and maintain firearms - BECAUSE

In this case [Uvalde, TX; Robb Elementary School], as is in the case of
EVERY previous mass-shooting in schools since Columbine, *IF* the school
had been secured properly, this event could have *NEVER* happened as it

The protocol is simple: At the start of the school day, have teachers,
trained staff, or guards stand-by a limited number of entrances until the
first bell rings.

They have radios/panic-buttons/firearms - whatever is appropriate - and
they stop, challenge, and check any anomoly.

until the end of the school day.

During the school day, to ingress or egress the school grounds/building,
people must navigate a single, main, doorway - preferably with surveilance
cameras - to a SECURED desk/counter where a secretary/clerk identifies the
person and obtains the legitimatacy of their being there. Just like the
bank, doctor's office, or police station. Initial ingress is limited to
the secured reception area.

THEN AND ONLY THEN, after properly being identified, is that person buzzed
through; or, whomever they wish to speak with is buzzed out into the entry

Relatively inexpensive and just that simple. That would have prevented
nearly every mass shooting in US schools - at least since Sandy Hill.

Then you've got the otherwise "legitimate" student who sneaks a small
firearm into the campus...

EVERY TIME that is a deeply disturbed individual who should have been
tagged, indentified, and contained somehow by school officials, mental
health officials, and/or law enforcement! What we get are apoligist
lamentations "We couldn't legally do anything" or "The officers had to hang
out and wait for backup" or some lame excuse for being incompetent. In two
of the more prominent cases A PARENT provided the disturbed individual with
the lethal firearms!

This is NOT about 'GUN LAWS'... This is about 'MENTALLY DISTURBED PEOPLE

Too much political complacency contributed to this tragedy. Too much
political sophistry is bound to further exacerbate and obfuscate the
problem... Where were the School Resource Officers? Where were the trained
and armed teachers and/or staff? Why were the entry points open and
unguarded? Why weren't there metal detectors?

This was an 18-year old who didn't graduate from high school, who didn't
have a job, who lived with his grandmother because "he couldn't get along
with his mother"... And someone is going to say this kid didn't have an
extensive past pattern of abnormal behavior? Now, EVERYONE has to endure
more laws, regulations, expenses to exercise our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS???

Think about it: Something in the neighborhood of 120-million LEGAL firearm
owners in the USA and EVERY TIME there's a mass shooting, it's a mentally
disturbed person who slipped through the legal cracks... EVERY TIME!

Also, IF that kid could not have accessed a firearm, he had a vehicle, a
large black pickup truck, and it's only a step away (in mentally disturbed
people's heads) to lurk around congested public places, pick his moment,
and drive that vehicle into a defenseless crowd... Which has been done
several times in recent history. The shooter could have just as easily
driven his truck through a playground fence to act out his mentally
deranged thought processes.

But you don't see and hear Democrats along with media and Hollywood

You don't see Liberals and Democrats squawking for MORE MANDATORY MENTAL

You want to know WHY? Simple: We've all seen the recent activity involving
gangs of thugs - with and without firearms - identifying themselves as
'Black Lives Matter (BLM)' or 'Antifa'... Mostly using clubs, bats, pipes,
bicycle locks, fire bombs, bricks, frozen water bottles, etc. as weapons.

They certainly don't want legally armed citizens standing in their way to
absolute power and control.

NOT "suddenly" happen or commence from a vacuum. This was the culmination
of a pattern of behavior which should have been identified, isolated, and
contained - likely many years ago.

What we ALL need is more common sense and way less hysterical sophistry
that has the ultimate objective of disarming the people so an oppressive
central government can reign supreme.


I AM Bucky Breeder, (*(^;

And *NO*, that is *NOT* a Jedi Light Saber I have in my pocket!

But that doesn't necessarily mean I'm happy to see you either.


May 27, 2022, 3:00:33 PM5/27/22
if you don't have something to shoot you don't need a gun


May 27, 2022, 3:01:33 PM5/27/22
On 2022-05-27 9:14 a.m., Bucky Breeder wrote:

Bucky Breeder

May 28, 2022, 11:44:48 AM5/28/22
% <> posted this:
Congratulations. *That* is a perfect example of sophistry.

The prevailing argument would be "It's better to have a gun and not need a
gun than it is to need a gun and to not have gun."

Case in point was all those Liberal Snowflakes teaching at Ross Elementary
School in Uvala, Texas on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022.

"Violence is *NOT* the answer"... *IF* you want to end up a victim of
violence. That is the lesson to be learned here!

The best answer to mass school shootings in our times is to issue every
school-aged child an assault rifle and teach them how to competently use
it; then require them to carry a loaded weapon to school with them every
day. The next time a deranged evil crazy person charges into a school
house armed and shooting, he'll be met with a hail of gunfire from
EVERYBODY in the building --- and *THAT* will put an end to the ideation
that children are easy targets for deranged people.

Same goes for churches.

Can I get an "Amen" from the faithful?


May 28, 2022, 11:50:08 AM5/28/22
% <> posted this:
> if you don't have something to shoot you don't need a gun

I can kill with my Jedi mind powers.

(Or, "If you don't have a gun you can't shoot back at someone who is shooting
at you.")


May 28, 2022, 2:55:52 PM5/28/22
you never named anything you would need to shoot you have no need for a gun

Bucky Breeder

May 29, 2022, 10:10:13 AM5/29/22
% <> posted this via news:FfWdnRs-Lvqz7Q__nZ2dnUU7-

> you never named anything you would need to shoot you have no need for a gun

Hmmm... Yeah... Those are some words from a keyboard. Gettin' worried you
might hurt yourself or someone else.

So, do we outlaw or regulate ALL keyboards? Perhaps we should criminalize
certain words or grammar styles?

Asking for a friend who's a US Congresswoman from Colorado.

Bucky Breeder

May 29, 2022, 10:15:27 AM5/29/22
Gladiator <Guns-...@Boom.bam> posted this:
Jedi mind powers are ILLEGAL under the US Patriot Act. Especially if you
use them at local School Board Meetings. DHS will arrest you with a FISA
warrant and put you on several lists. They could lose track of you for
years before you ever get to call a lawyer.


Hope this hleps.


Dec 23, 2022, 10:30:06 PM12/23/22
The reality is that a lot of people in the USA are
traumatized by many things and nobody is giving a damn or doing
anything about it. The first thing we need to do is out reach to our
fellow men. I mean the guys who have been through a lot enough to
contemplate suicide for their actions, to the guys who are in homes
where their abilities are stunted and neglected, and even the homeless
and mentally disabled going through hell.

Nobody reached out to that kid, and nobody is going to reach out to
the next.

The ultimate problem is money. Is when you go for a simple job that a
14yo could legally do and you get rejected.
Your brain will say why? Race? Religion? Republic ( culture ) ?
Then you broadcast hate to your children and they go to school and
target the next person who your parent described.

Where did all of these gun crazy people come from ?

Why can't I get a job that some weed smelling tattoo freak is able to
do ?


Why is CEO of Amazon attacking Conan The Barbarian ? Because it does
not fit the feminist standard of crap.

Take "War Of the Worlds"?

Black dog robot sticks out it's cock gun girl scream kidnaps pregnant
women removes fetus Sums up the entire WOW TV Netflix series.

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