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Apr 8, 2007, 2:53:05 PM4/8/07
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It's been a few weeks since the last topic post and I just got on this
new group, so I figured I'd toss in a quick update...

My family and I just moved from Madison to Verona. Moving is still
overrated. After my horrible high school experience, I had sworn off
Verona forever... but now that I both live here and work here, there
will now be full 24 hour cycles where I don't leave. It's a really
friendly neighborhood with lots of small kids, so my kids have instant
piles of playmates - something that was missing in the old
neighborhood. I guess it helps that this is a new neighborhood with
an elementary school next door. This is our second Veridian home
(actually Don Simon built the first one).

My wife has succeeded in loading herself up with occupations.. Of
course, she keeps picking occupations that come with frustrating
stereotypes that require her to repeately prove that she's not like
the other ones. At the moments, she's a Mary Kay rep, mortgage loan
officer and will have a Realtor license in the near future. Good
times. You'd also think she was a professional Friends rerun critic
with how often those are up on the DVR.

The kids are 2 and 6. It's still weird being a dad given how against
kids I used to be. It seems to be going ok.

Anyhoo... That's my "Life, In a Nutshell"... What's yours?


Apr 10, 2007, 2:30:07 PM4/10/07
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<plug> <plug> <plug>
I made a movie with another guy and it is premiering at the Wisconsin
Film Festival.

He bills me as an editor (gr) but I'm actually Director/Editor

Here's the actual listing

Despite the listings, IMDB refuses to list it.

You should all get tickets! $7!

oh, I work for the state wasting all your tax dollars in IT. I have a
daughter and bought a house in Madison.

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