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Feb 1, 2007, 12:51:43 AM2/1/07
to Bee Line Chatline
Yes!! Here is another attempt to officiate a beeline mailing list /
message board. I'll bet you're so excited, you could pee!

The only difference from before is that all new members need to be
validated so hopefully we'll keep the russian spammers out. Cyl will
be the sysop.

FYI: in 2004-2006, the message boards were hosted with a rinky-dink
ISP named Berbee. This time it's hosted by a company worth about a
trillion dollars, so hopefully they won't pull the plug quite so
easily. I have the old messages from 2004-2006 and will repost them at
some point.

For those of you catching up on Bee Line, Rebagail and Vibrissa
organized a big reunion in 2004 with amazing turnout. A more laid-back
party happened in 2005. Photos and other tidbits are at http:// in the memorabilia section. Anyone who wants to organize
the next party can go right ahead!

Speaking of Reb, she had twins a few weeks ago! Colonel K is gonna be
a dad by summer, too. And for those of you who missed it, here's my

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