Dance Craze proof sleeve (rejected)

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Jason Needham

Jun 6, 2023, 2:56:52 AM6/6/23
to 2-tone forum
A few new items entered the collection this week. They came from the UK Chrysalis reps  personal collection. A couple of proof copies both with test press and another test press (Too Much Pressure).

Below is Dance Craze proof sleeve (Rejected) with a test press that has pre release matrix. The front cover is the same as release but the back diffefrent.
Never seen another. I also own the More specials rejected proof.

They all cost less than these modern test presses are selling for which is a bonus.
Thought this was the best place to share so hope you like it.



Jun 6, 2023, 3:19:29 AM6/6/23
Great stuff Jason!!
What's different on the More Specials rejected proof?


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Jason N

Jun 6, 2023, 3:23:45 AM6/6/23

The More Specials has no gap between the title where the pink sticker goes. pre matrix with slightly diff mix also. Need to play the DC to see if it has a different mix.

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Paul Rodgers

Jun 6, 2023, 5:12:40 AM6/6/23
Nice item! 

I've been lucky in that in return for odd bits of help I've given Chrysalis on various reissues Dermot has sent me a few test pressings and the proper promo for the Ghost Town 7". He also recently sent me some spare Dance Craze vinyl boxes including the poster and the single LP, but not the double. As a decent bonus he also sent me a copy of Selecter Live 1980 as my entire RSD order was thrashed in the post. Worst damage was to the sleeve of The Higsons EP, but my Madness and Selecter LPs didn't exactly escape damage. 

From memory he has sent me test pressings of:

Dance Craze (all 3 records);
The Selecter Too Much Pressure (including a test press of the limited 7");
The Selecter Live (the first one)
FB3 FB3 (not released commercially yet);
FB3 Waiting (not released commercially yet); and 
FB3 The Best Of (RSD release). 

Hopefully I've not forgotten any. 

In a way I've glad their reissue budget doesn't afford monetary rewards. I'm just as happy getting the freebies. As you said modern test pressings are often made to sell, either at a fixed price or by auction. 

Many of these test pressings have come in decent Chrysalis custom spine sleeves with a fake rubber stamp on which Dermot adds the details. They go very nicely in the spare Dance Craze boxes he sent me.

After it is released and if anyone is interested I might share the PDF artworks for the forthcoming Complete Fun Boy 3 CD and DVD set. It wasn't so much rejected as heavily annotated by yours truly to try to get rid of typos and incorrect and/or inconsistent song titles. I don't think they print off proof artwork these days as it is a lot easier to prepare PDfs. I used to have a few test artworks in the past, but I don't think I own any now. I think they were Madness related as opposed to 2Tone. A previous period of being skint will have led to me selling them...


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