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May 28, 2023, 1:39:34 PMMay 28
To protect British interest amid rise of revolutionaries activities and fear of 1857 mutiny.. * Have you ever wondered why not a single Congressmen served in Kala Pani, most brutal prison? * Why…
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Krishna Yaduvanshi

Krishna Yaduvanshi, Aware of real history of Congress Party..

Nitin Patil

Nitin Patil, former Manager at Own Business

Venkat Krishnan

Venkat Krishnan, . Area Marketing Officer at Freelancers

Adarsa Chopra

Adarsa Chopra, Studied politcal science , following politics for 30 years

Krishna Kamath

Krishna Kamath, former Worked as Sr Scientific Officer With BARC

Subodh Pandey

Subodh Pandey, works at Larsen & Toubro ECC

Swamy Krishna

Swamy Krishna, Part Time Director at Shree Krishna Production

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