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Apr 22, 2009, 10:15:13 AM4/22/09
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Here's a list of my unfinished projects that show promise and some
progress but need finishing:

* Screenshot tutorial writer - I have a program coded for me in
AutoIt, which is supposed to take screenshot whenever a user engages
in an event like open a program, click on a button or a new window
opens up. It is then supposed to annotate in natural language what
just occurred.

* Family Tree Site for Unusual Families - the results of these
efforts can be seen in my Google Group, "Famous Family Trees. It can
also be seen on my Website godskingsandheroes.info. These sites have
unusual family trees from literature, religious systems, mythology,
corporations, biological species, languages etc.

* Family Tree for biological species - the website
familytreeoflife.com has a family tree of about 1 million species and
is dedicated to the idea that every new species is a hybrid between
two not necessarily closely related species. Odd idea but may have
some credence with say the Tunicates which are the ancestors
supposedly of all back boned creatures and they make cellulose, unlike
any other animal but of course like plants. Maybe they a cross
between a fern say and a sponge.

* Mass Search Query Web Searcher - the result of this project can be
seen here: www.godskingsandheroes.info/software. You can search using
20 queries at one time in order to do research faster.

* Free Data Recovery Software - I produced a free Word 2007 docx file
extractor which one can download at http://www.s2services.com from the
home page. I have a successful Excel 2007 file csv extractor now but
it is not ready for prime time yet. In the future I hope to make
corrupt pptx2html and maybe MS Project, Visio, Publisher, and MS
Access basic extractors for corrupt files of these kinds.

* Image Identifier - as Google is now playing with retrieving similar
images if desired to one returned in a text query, it doesn't seem far
off for it to have a system where a user could upload an image and get
back matches and then having chosen the best match, for this item to
be identified say via attachment of a Wikipedia to the returned chosen
image. One could for instance have a postage stamp identifier using
the industry standard Scott numbers and Scott catalog pictures. Of
course Scott would have to agreee to the system and be part of the

* Plant Hormone Website - I have a Plant Hormone website at
planthormones.info. It has some substance, providing roles for all
the plant hormones as indicators of abundance or scarcity of
nutrients, such as water, sunlight/sugar/Carbon Dioxide, minerals and
Oxygen. However it's role is now shifting to be place providing a
good comprehensive overview o r review of work done on Plant
Hormones. The article is only about 2/3 finished.

* Excel2gedcom converter - this might be the project most closed to
being finished. It's a genealogy structured Excel spreadsheet with a
macro for converting it's information to the field's standard gedcom
file format. The macro works and the spreadsheet is extensible to
providing fields for other custom genealogy information. Also upon
conversion, the macro preserves family links unlike other Excel2gedcom


Apr 22, 2009, 10:30:23 AM4/22/09
to 102 Business Ideas
Here are some more of my unfinished projects, although these have
their own domains and are partially implemented:

* http://www.chargerexchange.com/ - buy and sell old chargers and
other electrical surplus peripheries one has lying around the house.
Find obscure stuff of the same ilk.

* http://www.steps-to-a-faster-pc.com - just what its. Tips for
speeding up your PC.

* http://www.e-money-list.com - ways to make money online. About half

* Language family tree - not a website but there are about 6,500
languages. I got about a third of the way through The results can be
seen on my Famous Family Trees Google website.
> extractor which one can download athttp://www.s2services.comfrom the
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