Converting QTP Scripts (VB) to Selenium Scripts (Java)

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Converting QTP Scripts (VB) to Selenium Scripts (Java) SUMANTH REDDY 5/24/12 5:23 AM
We have a requirment where client want to move from QTP to Selenium.He want to know if there is a way to parse or convert QTP scripts to Selenium completely or to an extent so that if he can save time in developing the scripts.
Please let me know if anyone has tried this conversion or did some R&D on this which would help me in coming to an conclusion.
Re: Converting QTP Scripts (VB) to Selenium Scripts (Java) darrell 5/28/12 5:28 AM
I have worked with QTP. I have worked with Selenium. It is possible to
convert QTP scripts to Selenium 2 scripts. Depending on the QTP
scripts, how clear they are, how well they are documented and how much
of the HP QC features the tester used, it could be a lot of work.

Personally, when switching tools I would continue to run the old
scripts with the old tool. As maintenance on the scripts is required,
I would convert who scripts to the new tool. All new automation would
be implemented in the new tool. Over time the old scripts would
diminish and the new tool test suite would grow.

Additionally, I'd evaluate the quality of the old scripts. Why are
they converting to a new tool? If the old scripts are difficult to
maintain, converting them programmatically will probably result in
Selenium scripts which are difficult to maintain.

Bottom line, it is possible but you'd have to evaluate the QTP scripts
to see if it is feasible and sensible.


P.S. I don't have the time to take on this task. I'm just saying this
is a 'it depends' situation.
Re: [selenium-developers] Re: Converting QTP Scripts (VB) to Selenium Scripts (Java) Anil 5/28/12 11:18 PM
Darrel is quite right in what he says. I have migrated several projects from QTP to selenium in past, but all using rewrite and not conversion. While it depends on amount of existing tests automated in QTP, there are couple of benefits from rewrite such as-
  • Opportunity to refactor your automation script for ease of maintenance
  • These tools are vastly different, and you may want to code your script differently for each tool
  • QTP is just not web automation. Most likely, existing QTP scripts will be using more than just web automation, and definitely some dialog handling,
  • Migration through code translation is a costly process (I say it from the experience of winrunner to QTP migration). Usually, you would take considerable time developing translation logic. translate and then fix translation issues. Rewrite will be a much neater and better approach.
Ping back if you need further help. If you still need to be code level migration (vbscript to c# or java), I have those contacts available as well.


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Re: Converting QTP Scripts (VB) to Selenium Scripts (Java) David 5/27/12 8:32 PM
You might be able to make it easier by keeping script/code in VBScript
for conversion of tools:

For Selenium 2 / WebDriver use

For Selenium 1 / RC use