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Dayton Wingmasters Andrew Wendling 5:46 AM
New Spektracast toys Andrew Wendling 5/26/15
New Space Grand Opening Party Joseph Mckibben 5/25/15
Beverage Bank Update J.J. 5/23/15
Anyone free to help transport the lathe? Andrew Wendling 5/22/15
Call forwarding adding to contact page Ken Bailey 5/22/15
visitor.. Adam Russell 5/19/15
Task list? Adam Russell 5/17/15
LOCKED OUT! J.J. 5/17/15
Some observations - An increase in activity, self-promotion, and future state Andrew Wendling 5/16/15
Composter Project J.J. 5/14/15
Free classroom computer desks. Short notice. short availability. Eoin Ross 5/14/15
Humble Bundle meets Make Media books J. Simmons 5/13/15
The Last Vestige of Front Street J.J. 5/13/15
We can take the realty sign down Andrew Wendling 5/13/15
Stopping in Thursday May 14 2015 Adam Russell 5/12/15
Can we do this? Andrew Wendling 5/11/15
Red Tagging of Spektracast items. Andrew Wendling 5/9/15
May 2015 Business Meeting Reminder Joseph Mckibben 5/9/15
trash loads to the dump Andrew Wendling 5/8/15
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