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Welcome to the Dayton Diode Google Group. This is where most of Dayton Diode's online communication happens. Feel free to join and talk to us, tell us about yourself and your ideas. And ask any questions you might have.

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New makerspace in dayton. Alex VanAtta 4:16 PM
I beam RizzyRong 7/8/14
Fwd: On meeting with Dayton Diode KP 7/6/14
We Have The LEDs. Now What? J.J. 7/3/14
Internet? Rockettmahn 6/28/14
Question for all \o/ Rockettmahn 6/25/14
Wood dropped off at diode Alex VanAtta 6/24/14
drywalling at the diode Ken Bailey 6/22/14
Fwd: RTOS generation tool SynthOS: free for your members jstults 6/17/14
Business Meeting this Monday Night J. Simmons 6/12/14
EOM Treasurer Report: May 2014 Rockettmahn 6/9/14
Educational plan for 3D Printing/Additive manufacturing Josh Hastie 6/6/14
[DIODE] Space Moved! Joseph Mckibben 6/5/14
[DIODE] Finishing up move tonight Joseph Mckibben 6/5/14
Shapeoko 50 State Giveaway jstults 6/4/14
Fwd: Local Educational Startup - Tinkr Tech jstults 6/3/14
New Combination Lock on Old Space & MFJ Pile J.J. 6/1/14
We are moving into a new space! Joseph Mckibben 5/31/14
[DIODE] Front Street Space Available Joseph Mckibben 5/31/14
Fwd: FirstBuild + Dayton Diodes jstults 5/29/14
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