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Welcome to the Dayton Diode Google Group. This is where most of Dayton Diode's online communication happens. Feel free to join and talk to us, tell us about yourself and your ideas. And ask any questions you might have.

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Weekend Wrap-up for 30 August 2015 J.J. 8/31/15
Day-Con 9 Community Table Angus 8/31/15
A Shout Out to Brent K. J.J. 8/30/15
Shout-Out to Jesse Collier RE: Old A/C Motors J.J. 8/29/15
Locked Out J.J. 8/23/15
Hyperloop Design Competition gets real. Andrew Wendling 8/20/15
Wear and maybe sell Dayton Diode T-Shirts for the event? Andrew Wendling 8/20/15
Dayton Diode website out dated info Ken Bailey 8/20/15
The Pegboard... J.J. 8/17/15
New bookcase... J. Simmons 8/17/15
Fire Department Lieutenant to visit w/in ~30 days Andrew Wendling 8/16/15
Bump of the Grand Opening task list Andrew Wendling 8/16/15
Weed Eater (as requested by JJ) J. Simmons 8/16/15
August 2015 Business Meeting Joseph Mckibben 8/10/15
Is anyone looking for a key? J.J. 8/9/15
Getting access to the new space? J. Simmons 8/6/15
Office AC Andrew Wendling 7/31/15
Will anyone be at the building tonight? Sarah Workman 7/29/15
Honeywell Engineer visiting tomorrow 6pm.. Stop by! Andrew Wendling 7/27/15
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