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Welcome to the Dayton Diode Google Group. This is where most of Dayton Diode's online communication happens. Feel free to join and talk to us, tell us about yourself and your ideas. And ask any questions you might have.

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I need someone to run a concrete saw for me... Claire Rutiser 3/28/15
[DIODE] Special Business Meeting - New Space Topic - RESCHEDULE Joseph Mckibben 3/27/15
660 Milburn Layout Partition and Rental Agreement for review Andrew Wendling 3/27/15
Possible project: The Martin Jetpack Andrew Wendling 3/25/15
Anybody have a bachelors or masters of science and want a job on base? Rick B 3/19/15
Fwd: FirstBuild hosting "Hack the Home" Hack-a-thon Dayton Diode 3/19/15
Vist Dayton Diode? James McCrary 3/16/15
Shop-PC01 Brent Kerlin 3/13/15
[DIODE] MakerFest this weekend Joseph Mckibben 3/10/15
[DIODE] March 2015 Business Meeting Joseph Mckibben 3/10/15
Need to use a PC with a PCI-Express x16 slot for a few minutes and anyone want some ECC pc2-5300? Rick B 3/7/15
Who (if anyone) Was at The Diode on Friday? J.J. 3/1/15
Shirts are in. Potato quality photo included! Rick B 2/26/15
5,600 sq ft of Space Available: 660 Milburn Avenue Andrew Wendling 2/23/15
Safety Glasses & Face Shield J.J. 2/23/15
Introduction: Andrew Wendling Andrew Wendling 2/23/15
Table Saw Accessories J.J. 2/21/15
Free T-shirts Brian Cheatwood 2/20/15
Sunday at The Diode J.J. 2/15/15
Space for a Hydraulic Press if I loan it to the DDiode? Steve Tattershall 2/15/15
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