Kingsale barony question

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Kingsale barony question 12/25/10 5:37 AM
According to the latest Debrett''s, the current baron is unmarried and

There are 3 males listed in the collaterals: Joseph Kenneth Charles de
Courcy (b. 1955), his son Patrick (b. 1993) and Joseph's brother
Richard (b. 1960).

 None of the males are listed in capital letters which is Debrett's
way of showing heir apparent or heir presumptive.

Question: is Joseph heir presumptive and was this just an oversight by
Debrett's or in fact, is there no heir to this 14th Century title?


Re: Kingsale barony question S. Jones 12/25/10 1:59 PM
That is a good question. Unfortunately, I think this might be a case
where there is a real danger of the title becoming dormant. Joseph
Kenneth Charles de Courcy is possibly in remainder to the title, who
knows if there are senior heirs of whom we do not know.

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