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iOS? Syeira 11/16/12 12:15 AM
Will the iOS app be rolled out soon, or post-beta? I've got my invite and I'm itching to start looking for portals! (Or otherwise just might have to mooch my friend's android device until then!) Pleaase let it be soon.


Re: iOS? Masonicmoron 11/16/12 5:19 AM

Is the official word as I am lead to believe

Best regards


Re: iOS? Vantius 11/18/12 1:55 PM

Probably post beata.

Re: iOS? Allen S 11/18/12 8:24 PM

If it weren't for Niantic support, iOS support would most likely be very slim.  I would assume that the official app will be released as soon as the invite system goes away.

Re: iOS? Kurgen99 11/19/12 1:33 PM
Oh man, I want to play this with my iPhone.  Coupled with Google Glass, this game would be SICK.
The future of things to come.
Re: iOS? NianticOpsBernini 11/19/12 4:28 PM

Currently, Ingress is not available on iOS. We'll make an announcement about iOS when the time is right.

Re: iOS? Iwakura 12/13/12 8:55 AM
With Google maps out for iOS, it must be getting closer!!!
Re: iOS? Jaime Hernandez 12/22/12 10:55 PM
I agree, IOS should be priority. thank goodness there are companies like Goolge to help bridge the divide...
Re: iOS? Lunito 12/22/12 10:58 PM
I would be interested in beta testing this as well, reporting all the minor bugs etc.
Re: iOS? D.S. 12/27/12 3:10 PM
I would also be interested for iOS beta program or maybe closed pre-beta.

br, Daniel
Re: iOS? Adam [Krojack] Thompson 12/27/12 9:05 PM
They should make all iOS players be Enlightened and all Android players be Resistance.  That would make things interesting!

Re: iOS? asp7yxia 12/28/12 9:38 AM
Hmmm we are beta testing it so that iOS gets a polished product. Kinda sucks to know :D
Re: iOS? Just_a_Name 12/30/12 7:44 AM
With the way this game is played, a bigger screen in a must, and I don't mean just a longer screen (iphone 5)---not a diss, just a fact.  I have played it and the bigger the screen, the better you are thrown into the game.  There are times where you have to zoom out and you really appreciate a bigger screen.  When this game becomes final, go to a verizon, sprint, at&t store and download it on one of their demo phones with the large screens and you will see what I mean.

My personal opinion, Google should hold off on the iPhone version for at least a year from final release.  They can get a good chunk of people to leave Apple for Android just with this game alone, and while it may not be you who is reading this, you know that people have left one phone for another for lesser reasons.
Re: iOS? Parker Hardy 1/7/13 2:08 PM
People most likely wont leave Apple because of the sense of family it provides like the yearly updates and the security of having the coolest hottest device for a year guaranteed. I love how google does things but i feel more at home and in place with my iPhone google knows what its doing but i think this game would have great success on iOs and google and make the game better with more users.
Re: iOS? HSuke (L8+) 1/7/13 4:32 PM
@Parker: I'm assuming you're from the States (and possibly under 16) since you just called some Apple product the "coolest hottest device". I'd give that opinion a year at max before reality catches up.

Having made the dreaded iOS to Android change half a year ago, I only regret not having switched earlier.

But getting back to the topic, I don't expect anyone to switch over just for Ingress (though I do know several players who have upgraded to larger tablets due to Ingress), so keep your fingers crossed for an iOS port.
Re: iOS? Parker Hardy 1/7/13 4:36 PM
By hottest coolest device I meant in the apple line of products. Android surpasses apple in all walks of technology and software freedom
Re: iOS? HSuke (L8+) 1/7/13 4:52 PM
Oh ... *zips his wide mouth shut*
Re: iOS? ValeoSTL 1/8/13 8:40 PM
So, tons of back and forth on a lot of things off topic.  Back to topic, any word on a release date for iOS?
Re: iOS? Boon EL8 1/9/13 11:37 AM
See the post a few above from NianticOpsBernini. Any of the NiantiOps profiles are NianticOps employees, and speak for Niantic Ops. There hasn't been an announcement yet, aside from them saying they will make an announcement.
Re: iOS? Andre Cook (Level 5- Enlightened) 1/10/13 1:11 AM
i think that as iOS users, Ingress should be Play store exclusive. iPhone's have there exclusive content so why make them an app. if you want to play ingress so bad you should invest in a better product such as a Android device, that use he Google play store format. (note to self Google rocks, apple.... well its falling off the map like black berry and needs to stick with its roots before the New Myspace and Microsoft Zune beats them at it as well)
Re: iOS? Jure 1/10/13 4:59 AM
Thank you for your contribution, which added a lot of value to the original question.
Re: iOS? Gary Seven 1/18/13 9:09 PM
Not nearly as much as yours.
Re: iOS? Shadow 1/21/13 9:08 AM
Please don't do any iOs version !
My colleague is about to switch to Android for the game, and he won't do the switch if ever he got an iOs version.
There are a lot in his case, just look at all the iphone users in this forum wanting it as fast as possible, this is a bad strategy to make it on iOs.
I know that if they want the real experience they need a bigger screen, but they are used to have lower quality stuff not knowing it, so they will never know that on bigger screen it's better, and won't do that switch.
Re: iOS? HSuke (L8+) 1/21/13 9:17 AM
^ Well, that's not selfish at all.
Re: iOS? Emiel Kollof 1/21/13 10:11 AM
It won't hurt google to make it Android exlusive given the market share of Android, so I prefer it to stay Android only as well. It gives people a reason to go for Android too and to peek outside the walled garden that is Apple.
Re: iOS? HSuke (L8+) 1/21/13 10:28 AM
^ As much as I dislike iOS, that kind of xenophobic answer just pisses me off.

I agree with you that Ingress should stay Android-only, but I disagree with your reason. If Google did things in that manner, they would be no better than Apple.
Re: iOS? Andre Cook (Level 5- Enlightened) 1/21/13 11:07 AM
the reason why i posted for the game "Ingress" was for the simple reason of exclusiveness. Apple in my general mind has always been for simple minded people and, well,  businesses, not for the more sophisticated mind set. for one name one real feature that iOS can do that Android could not as well, in fact, tell me the reason why with iOS 6 Apple removed everything "Google" related, including YouTube which is currently in there app market. and no longer stock on the phones or tablets. I say if Apple wants to be Apple and to only give their crappy exclusive content then they already do not deserve the benefit of a Google product/ game to begin with, besides how many exclusives do they have that are not compatible to Android. Sorry Apple ..........try again.
Re: iOS? Krojack 1/21/13 12:30 PM
Ouch, that's just harsh.

I don't like Apple as much as many other but I could care less if Ingress is on their device.  We don't need to stoop to Apple's level of device and app control.  Androids (Google version) has always been about the people and for the people.  Let them choose to do what they want.  This is also Googles way of thinking.

As for simple minded vs. sophisticated.  I've been teaching my mom how to use Gmail on the computer for the past two years.  Just this past Christmas I bought her a Nexus 7 tablet.  She's never been so happy.  She's used her Gmail and other web sites more in the past month then she has in the past year because it's so easy.
Re: iOS? Matias Robertson 2/5/13 6:35 AM
You should remember that google is the biggest marketing company in the world and that anything that it does is really "free". When you play Ingress, you are gathering data to be analyzed by google, such as poblational density, "technologization" of the population in a certain area, landmarks, etc. For google, the more, the merrier so adding an iOS app will allow them to at least duplicate the data recolection.

Do you already feel used by google? Don't worry: you will eventually (and, after that, you will accept that the economic model has changed and you can't do anything about it).
Re: iOS? Kristoffer Andersson 2/6/13 12:58 PM
Is it possible to sign up as a pre-alpha/beta-tester for the iPhone app?
Re: iOS? Anthony Yonko 2/6/13 6:22 PM
I say it should never go out on ios. If they want to sue and limit googles capabilities because they have a weak platform then too bad. I have a  Motorola phone and they can't give special treatment to us because they own it and that would be unfair to apple, but apple doesn't mind trying to outdo Androids platform without being limited. Phooey on ios version. They should get Androids if they want their phone to be like an Android
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 2/11/13 7:51 AM
It's kind of hilarious that so many of the Android fanbois think that Ingress was rolled out as some kind of favor to the Android community of users.  It's a software product from Google, tied heavily (with obvious plans to tie even more heavily) to their existing suite of software products, with Google+ and Google Maps at the center.  There is no question there will be an iOS version (confirmed by the devs in the recent Google+ Hangout at Cowgirl App), just as there was no question there would be Google+, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, Latitude, Search, and other apps for iOS.

I personally love my iDevices and while I have used Android, still prefer the stability and ease of use of iOS.  Use what you like and I will do the same.  I bought an Android tablet to specifically play Ingress and then I bought another one for my wife to play when she became hooked as well.  When the iOS version comes out, we will likely use the tablets for car drive by hacks and use the iPhones we each carry for on-foot treks.  The Android tablets get used for precisely zero other purpose and I doubt that changes when the iOS version comes out.

As for bigger screen, sure, it's nice playing on a 7" tablet screen, but I imagine it will be even nicer playing on my 9.7" iPad screen too.
Re: iOS? Ben Gibney 2/11/13 10:38 AM
Andre- regardless of the platform you use, it's really a matter of market share. and the truth is smartphones are split pretty evenly between apple and android. You can have your opinion of which is better, that's besides the point. Google would be best to rise above the "Platform" wars in the release and appeal to as many vendors as possible, as testament to how awesome they are.

The value of smartphone apps are not in tailoring apps to a specific platform, I'm if compaq had held on the patents for "portable" laptops of PCs with small footprints. It would have been detrimental to the PC industry.

Re: iOS? Krojack 2/11/13 11:52 AM
It's pretty nice on my 10.1" tablet..
Re: iOS? Erin 2/19/13 3:40 PM
Please hurry! I got my invite almost a month ago! There are almost no portals in my area! I want to get started!iOS! iOS! and so on...
Re: iOS? Boon EL8 3/1/13 1:08 PM
If you are in such a hurry, go buy an Android tablet and tether off your iPhone. A nexus 7 is only $200.
Re: iOS? Phil Nolan 3/3/13 11:59 AM
The thing is that adding ios means potentially adding a ton more players. Good for the game, not so good for their servers, which seem to be already struggling at the moment.
Re: iOS? Ren Yi 3/3/13 11:06 PM
I hope Ingress is an Android exclusive game.
Re: iOS? Eoghan UiNial 3/4/13 2:48 AM
Bring on Ingress for iOS, I am ready to be paranoid of everyone who is looking at their phone. Right now its far to easy to figure out who is playing and who isn't hehe
Re: iOS? Krojack 3/4/13 7:09 AM
Maybe this rumored 3rd faction will be the iOS people =)

Time for blue and green folk to team up!
Re: iOS? Boon EL8 3/7/13 8:53 PM
It's very unlikely that it will remain Android only. They develop Google apps for both iOS and Android for most (if not all) of their products. They don't always have the same update cycles, but even some of those are close. Google is selling services, and it benefits them to be on all major devices/platforms.
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 3/7/13 9:23 PM
Personally, I look forward to NO iOS.  
Apple sucks everything from existence through their arrogance and border-line legalities.  Personally, I would prefer see this never go to iOS.  There's no need to.  In fact, to do so only caters to the self-centered arrogance present in Apple and in so many of their users.

/end Apple Facts Rant

Re: iOS? Krojack 3/8/13 11:58 AM
I would bet my months salary that they will release an iOS app.  They just released the Field Trip app for iOS.
Re: iOS? radwolf76 3/8/13 5:58 PM
What I want to know is does the iOS version of field trip include the games channels for Ingress? Are my hipster friends somewhat less useless now?
Re: iOS? NianticOpsBernini 3/11/13 2:01 PM
@radwolf76 - The iOS version of Field Trip does not include the Games categories or the feeds for Ingress.

Re: iOS? radwolf76 3/11/13 2:48 PM
The iOS version of Field Trip does not include the Games categories or the feeds for Ingress.

For the best, really. No need to dangle temptation in front of them when it's not even possible yet to satisfy the demand it would create.

iOS? Michael Villalobos Gomez 3/11/13 6:40 PM
I heard that Ingress will remain in Beta for another year, so probably in 18-24 months! (fingers-crossed) :D
Re: iOS? JohnyWalkie 3/12/13 4:45 AM
Certainly - that would be fun for users in the beginning, but in the end that could result in World War 3. ;-)
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 3/13/13 1:46 PM
I seriously hope that they wait a while before iOS, at the *very least* until the game is fixed for the android users.

The game is laggy, buggy, and very frustrating at times as it is.  Adding millions of users will only make this worse.  Make sure that it works properly for all of the people who have been putting in dozens of hours a week playing this game before you introduce a massive influx of additional people.

Finally the gameplay needs a massive amount of fixing before adding a large number of new players for any platform.  Highly contested areas flip several times a day with the current number of players.  Increasing the number of players before fixing things like too-powerful offence and non-existent defense will only further frustrate the existing players.

Seriously at the very least wait until it's out of closed beta.  Once all of the issues (or at least most of them) have been fixed and NIA moves to an open beta then perhaps it would be time to expand the platforms.  Certainly not before then.

Re: iOS? cwd3 3/18/13 11:30 AM
You comment about the self-centered arrogance of Apple users...while making a completely self-centered, arrogant comment.

Your just a typical fanboy.

Use the device you prefer and stick to that. Some people prefer iPhones and some prefer Androids. I've used both and I see they each have their own pros and cons.

Do we really have to pick a device/os and then rip on those that use a different device/os? Seems petty.

Re: iOS? Konstantin Pribluda 3/18/13 11:48 AM
Application based on google maps services on iOS?  Get Real -  ghost from steve will come and haunt every responsible person till end of times
Re: iOS? cwd3 3/18/13 1:01 PM
Google Maps is back and available on iOS 6 in case you weren't aware.
Re: iOS? Todd Davenport 3/18/13 4:16 PM
I want it to stay exclusive to android just so I know that the person there with the iphone isnt hacking my portal!  
Re: iOS? VeldSpar(L8) 4/6/13 6:12 PM
haha, that kinda sounds like us resistance guys werent able to push back those enlightened pigs already :-D

anyhow, I hope that Ingress stays on Android exclusively. iOS people can play farmville...

but if it ever comes to iOS, it should cost like $29.95, and niantic should sell bursters to them instead of allowing them for farm :-D

Re: iOS? VeldSpar(L8) 4/6/13 6:13 PM
well, another reason to join the resistance and make sure that that nasty evil ghost cannot enter our world again!
Re: iOS? FuLaNo 4/11/13 12:52 PM
Well..  in my case, I currently have a Android phone and tablet, but my company just gave me an Iphone, was not my choice it was forced!! :-( So in order to keep playing Ingress along the day, I need the App for Iphone... Or I would need to contract a personal mobile plan just to use in my android phone and play Ingress....
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 4/11/13 2:30 PM
FuLaNo - why not just tether?  I gave my girlfriend my old android and she tethers to her iPhone to play.
Re: iOS? FuLaNo 4/11/13 5:38 PM
It's a good resource if the app is not launched. The problem is to walk around with the 2 phones and have to recharge both.
Re: iOS? cwd3 4/11/13 9:44 PM
There is the problem. Android users are so set on their platform that they will suggest tethering another phone to an iPhone.

Who are the unreasonable fan boys?

The simple fact is that for Ingress to work they will have to add iPhones (and they are already working on it) and the Android extremists need to get over it.

It's a platform. Some people love Android and some love iPhone.

They are the same people....Coke or Mountain Dew, McDonalds or Burger King, Sprite or 7-Up, White People of Black People, Jews or Hitler....

They make rash decisions based on what they prefer. They are "Device Jews". They are uneducated people basing their opinion on what they know and nothing else.

They will get over it, be usurped or die off.

Don't worry about them.

Re: iOS? Sean Graham 4/11/13 10:43 PM
FuLaNo - it's really not that big a deal to use 2 devices.  Many of us run around with a tablet tethered to our phones and play all the time.  A $40 external battery will keep both devices fully charged for even the longest Ingress sessions.  I own both and I prefer the tablet because the interface is easier to use on the larger screen.  Cellphone goes in my pocket, external battery in beside it, and only one cord running to my tablet.  10 hours runtime easy.

Considering that iOS is a long way off if you want to play I'm afraid that this is your only choice, and it's really not a bad one :-)
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 4/12/13 8:59 AM
please don't ever make it available for iOS. Apple has iOS specific games and so should we (Android)
Re: iOS? Eric Rossman 4/13/13 12:33 PM
That just sounds like a mean spirit. Just because there are some apps for iOS should not preclude Ingress on there as well. I, for one, want more players even if I cannot understand their choice in phone platform.
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 4/13/13 1:03 PM
I agree with Eric - it should be available on all platforms, but only once the game and its design can handle it.  Right now there are so many game-play and design issues that we can't handle effectively the people that we do have, nevermind opening it up to all Android users, nevermind other platforms.

Until the bugs are worked out I would rather they focus their development efforts on the server and the android app.  I have no problem with eventually opening to iOS, but until they drastically increase the staff behind the game let's get what we have working first.
(unknown) 4/13/13 3:27 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 4/13/13 3:35 PM
Which Google services exclusive to Android is Ingress depending on? Field Trip and every other Google app works just fine on iOS.
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 4/13/13 3:41 PM
They've also said since day 1 that an iOS app is under development, so the only question is when.
Re: iOS? Bryan van der Maarel 4/13/13 3:42 PM
You are right, deleted for irrelivance.
(note to self: dont go on the discussion board when dead tired..)

I am biased I guess. I use Google+/Messenger+ for communication and Google maps for navigation/planning (wasn't maps removed from iOs app store for a while?).

There are moles on the faction channels in my country.

Re: iOS? Vantius 4/19/13 1:39 PM
While that is true, NianticLabs@Google just released Field Trip for iOS months after its Android release and it was working smoothly on Android before the iOS port.  Remember, Niantic Labs is a small group, you can't have them fixing the game, writing the backstory, and making it for iOS at the same time.  I would rather see the game mechanics to the point where it is built up enough for Android players to be playing problem free while they work on an iOS versions.
(unknown) 4/23/13 7:26 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 4/23/13 7:28 PM
Under 18 playing is against TOS anyway.  So the "kid wanting to play" reason is moot.
Re: iOS? Jaime Hernandez 4/23/13 7:38 PM
I just got my first Android today, anyone have an invite for Resistance?
(unknown) 4/24/13 4:39 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iOS? Boon EL8 4/26/13 8:33 AM
They will be making it on iPhone at some point. I only suggested getting Android because the poster was in a hurry to play. I've said above that they should just wait, as it's coming.
Re: iOS? Stevo Kyro 5/13/13 4:30 AM
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 5/13/13 5:08 AM

This client does violate the ToS pretty heavily, see 3(c).
I would advise anybody to NOT use it.

- Christian

Re: iOS? ClauClauClaudia 5/20/13 2:27 PM
While I have no intention of using it, I will say I covet that inventory screen.
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 5/20/13 2:40 PM
I completely agree.  The official client has eye candy, but that one is so much more useful.
Re: iOS? Jan 5/21/13 2:19 PM

You answered this question half a year ago..
Are there any news regarding an ios app? when will it be released?
Can't wait to play ingress on my iphone!!

Re: iOS? Dave D'Eon 6/23/13 7:46 PM
Can you please let me know when ingress will be released for IOS?  My family is dying  to play!!!
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 6/23/13 7:52 PM
They still sell Android devices at the stores.
Re: iOS? Karl Mok 6/23/13 7:54 PM
You'll see an iOS port when we get an iTunes port for Android.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/24/13 2:59 PM

Also i'd be happy if it never, ever,ever made it to iOS
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 6/24/13 3:05 PM
Well, Niantic has already confirmed that they will eventually release an iOS version of Ingress. 
But yes, in the mean time, the Nexus 4 for example is a decent phone that can be used as a replacement.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/24/13 3:21 PM
i know , it sucks, really wish they would just not release it on iOS
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 6/24/13 3:32 PM

May I ask why you don't want Ingress to be released for iOS? I know that you have very strong feelings about this, but I'd like to understand where they're coming from. 

- Christian
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 6/24/13 3:37 PM
There is already an unofficial iOS port which works pretty awesomely and the devs have stated more than once that there will be an official one too.
Re: iOS? John R 6/25/13 12:39 AM
iOS users expect a certain level of polish.  And with Google, they seem to get more of it than actual Android users.

If I were to blindly speculate, I would imagine that we won't see an iOS port until the game is basically finished.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/25/13 7:35 AM
Christian I hate apple and all it stands for. Apple is the worst company on the face of the earth period. They have apple only games and so we should have Android only games.

Also this is the most popular game on Android, what a great way to show off the power and awesomeness that is Android.  Don't even get me started on marketing and device uptake if it were only on Android. I honestly feel the game is cheapened by their addition of an iOS port. I lose a little respect for the game everytime i hear about an iOS port.
Re: iOS? cwd3 6/25/13 7:55 AM
That's exactly how I feel about radios in vehicles.

I drive a Jeep and I really don't see why we have to cheapen the awesomeness of Jeeps by allowing manufacturers to put radios in other vehicles like Chevys, Fords, Toyotas.

Also, airbags. I really hate that manufacturers allow other car companies to put them in their vehicles. They should be Jeep exclusive.

In other words, you're a retard if you really have an issue with people not liking only the things you like. So you prefer Android and you hate Apple. Good on you. Get over it. There have been tons of ports to Android for apps that were only on iPhone. I'm sure you have quite a few.

You can lose all the respect you want for something that is ported to iPhone but it makes no difference. If you don't like it then don't use it but don't limit other people because you disagree with their phone of choice.
Re: iOS? cwd3 6/25/13 7:58 AM
The level of douchebaggery that you emit is unbelievable.

We don't care whether you want it on iOS or not.

You add nothing to the conversation. LOOK AT THE QUESTION ASKED!

The user wants to know when there will be an iOS port, not if he should buy a new device.

How would you like if you asked for a steak and the waiter said "BUY CHICKEN BECAUSE I HATE STEAK!"?

Absolutely retarded.
Re: iOS? cwd3 6/25/13 8:00 AM
That is a great answer to a question that wasn't asked.

Dave asked when it would be available for the iPhone, not what phone you are a fanboy douche of.
Re: iOS? ClauClauClaudia 6/25/13 8:28 AM
John -- if it were only available in an explicitly beta testing mode I think that wouldn't be a problem. I've betaed for iOS before, using's system.

I just don't think Niantic wants to develop both at once.

Re: iOS? Matias Robertson 6/25/13 8:31 AM
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/25/13 8:58 AM
cwd3 you amuse me. all your points are completely off the mark, mind you i can tell by your language you are not very smart. I'll let it slide. 
Re: iOS? cwd3 6/25/13 8:58 AM
Someone had to say it
Re: iOS? cwd3 6/25/13 9:06 AM
Which points are completely off? Dave asked when there would be a release for iOS, not which phone he should buy to play iOS.

He also didn't ask for you to be a fanboy and give your opinion on how much Apple sucks.

At no point did he ask you for an alternative to an iOS port.

So, please, tell me which points I was off on. It really would be enlightening.

You clearly have no grasp of how a topical conversation works. Move on, kiddo.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/25/13 9:31 AM
1. having radios in all cars is not the same as talking about two different platforms for a game. not at all.
2. air bags in jeeps but not other cars, again apples and oranges. 
3. You are obviously a apple fanboy with an anger problem and i feel sorry for you.
4. my answer was never aimed at him,  it was addition to the thread.
5. My main point is that it would be good for Andorid for it to be only Android.

take your zoloft, sit back in your trailer and relax.

Re: iOS? Dave Ingram (dmi) 6/25/13 9:32 AM
OK guys, you've made your points. Can we please stop this, or at least take it off-list?

Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 6/25/13 9:36 AM
Jeff, I'm not sure you understand how software development works. If there are games for iOS only, it is because the devs chose to make them that way. The same is true for Android exclusives.

This is usually because many devs have only the expertise or resources to develop for a single platform. Devs within big companies like Google can and do develop for multiple platforms, especially if they want to reach as wide an audience as possible.

For a game like Ingress, the more people playing, the better. Even if the devs never release an iOS version, one already exists and works quite well (better in some respects).

Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/25/13 9:46 AM
lol Brian i understand it well, I do it. And Brian u seem to forget that Niantic IS NOT GOOGLE. or did you need me to fill you in?

"For a game like Ingress, the more people playing, the better. "

ohhhh you mean like the 800 million activations android already has?, your right that is a pretty small number.
Re: iOS? Dave D'Eon 6/25/13 9:49 AM
Hey dudes... All I was asking was when ingress (if ever) would be coming out for IOS. I have a note 2 and and Iphone5, I use both as they both have different features I like, having said that, thank you for all your comments and (concerns) lol I do think that this is one of the best games ever for a mobile app and my thinking is that with the market divided 50android 50apple why not let everyone play no matter the handset and improve the number of teams so that at the very least we could have more play! Again thanks, and sorry if I ruffled anyone's feathers lol but the jeep comment damn near made me wet the bed! lol Thanks!
Re: iOS? Parker Hardy 6/25/13 10:15 AM
The only reason there are so many iOS games is because there is A tons of documentation for developers to use when they get stuck coming directly from Apple B iOS pays out the highest wether it be iAds or in app purchases C people that purchase iPhones think as them as a sort of "premium" ( I say that lightly because it really isn't) that is the main reason why iOS is a better platform for developers.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 6/25/13 11:03 AM
lol Dave D, no problem, anytime!!l :)
Re: iOS? TheKestrel 6/25/13 11:07 AM
That would be funny as hell.
Maybe add a 3rd team for the Windows phone?? lol
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 6/25/13 11:31 AM
 Even if the devs never release an iOS version, one already exists and works quite well (better in some respects).

And is a blatant and severe breach of the TOS and I hope they get caught.  What are their user names again?
Re: iOS? Ron Rossman Jr 6/25/13 6:37 PM
Search for ios-ingress on github. I know of someone who installed it recently ota on a iPad mini and they said its workable (not perfect). Its the same guy who also a folder up has ingress for glass in his github which just sounds freaking cool!
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 6/25/13 6:40 PM
Ron:  See my previous post.

However, for all the iOS people...  here... here's your Ingress "equivalent"...

Re: iOS? Ron Rossman Jr 6/25/13 6:48 PM
I know it may be against the ToS, just pointing out it does exist (and yes its not official at all). Same with the Google Glass version, but hey IITC may be against the ToS but many use it while it may be wrong to do so.

Again just pointing out a "client" does exist

Re: iOS? Rens Blenk 6/29/13 3:13 AM
is the time right??
it's now 7 months later! I'm waiting for the official app, the one i have now, contains a lot of bugs...

Re: iOS? Christian Louis 6/29/13 3:18 AM

Plus you are doing something illegal when using this (buggy) client.
It's a closed beta, not even every Android device is able to run Ingress without bugs, it just takes more time.

- Christian
Re: iOS? Boon EL8 7/1/13 2:05 PM
They said they would say something when the time is right. Since they haven't said anything, we can only conclude that the time isn't right. 
Re: iOS? RAHUL BHARDWAJ 7/1/13 3:22 AM
Time is gonna come anytime soon? I guess, it's almost 8 months since your last reply. It would be a shame if a big iOS community has to continue to make do with ported app for the same.
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 7/1/13 3:30 AM

The "ported app" is a strong violation of ToS, and I would report each and any player playing with it. Using it can potentially lead to your account being permanently suspended.
This is dangerous and I personally wouldn't like my account to be canceled because of using a forbidden client.

While I'd like to have an iOS version as well, at the moment, the scanner app simply isn't available for iOS. Begging, shouting, screaming, complaining about it won't change any of the priorities here. 
Ingress is still in a closed beta stage and while Niantic has committed to release an iOS version, they won't release any info about it till it's just about ready. At least this is the way they've communicated development steps in the past.

- Christian
Re: iOS? RAHUL BHARDWAJ 7/1/13 3:44 AM
Hi Christian,
That's why I was asking-because ported app would be violation anyways since people using it need to have jailbroken devices(I am almost sure, iOS don't allow such installs without jailbreak), they won't care about a bit more of violation.
But it is nonetheless a shame if genuine iOS users have to wait too long. I can count so many great google apps which were released for iOS pretty quickly, just curious about the delay in this one.

How about writing an app/feature to track ppl using "ported app"? Should be fun, ain't it?(I am not sure, if there is already one)
& certainly curiosity is different from "Begging, shouting, screaming, complaining" & if I may add-"desperation"... :)..
I hope it's released some time soon or atleast there is a date disclosure.

Re: iOS? Konstantin Pribluda 7/1/13 3:57 AM
Jailbroken Phone may be violation of apple TOS provision, but this provision
may be itself void (or unenforceable) in certain countries.   Probability that  application which uses:
   - google maps
   - google identification services
   - google location services
and is tied to google monetisation chanels ( whatever they may be  - say, passcodes on startbucks receipts etc. )   has very slim chances to be accepter in  appstore
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 7/1/13 7:06 AM
The iOS port doesn't not require a jailbreak. It will install ota on existing devices with 6.1.4 and lower. However, it will not function properly on the iOS 7 beta.
Re: iOS? marcell key 7/5/13 12:44 PM
yes the ingress app is now release on ios but not in app store you have to search ios-ingress on safari and it will be a web site to download it and it will download on your homescreen
Re: iOS? RAHUL BHARDWAJ 7/5/13 12:51 PM
Hi Marcel,
Are you talking about the github link from alex?
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 7/5/13 12:52 PM
People who post without reading the tread amuse me.
Re: iOS? TheKestrel 7/5/13 12:56 PM
Agreed. Not to mention in this day and and age if you can't find something in the internet.......
Re: iOS? marcell key 7/5/13 1:02 PM
I did read the tread jackass you guys are talking about ingress so I was telling that it is released the updated version
Re: iOS? RAHUL BHARDWAJ 7/5/13 1:08 PM
Marcell chill, some people like to showoff...they actually forget that their level is visible with their post too ;) + this post was not about how posts are made so they are kind of off the track themselves.... :)..relax...
btw, the one you are talking about is the ported app only, there is no native app yet, ported app is playable but aesthetic value + UI is much inferior to the native app....
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 7/5/13 1:45 PM
Marcell and RAHUL,

allow me a very important comment:

There is no official Ingress App for iOS. It has not yet been released. The client you are referring to is illegal to use, not released by Niantic and a piece of software that is forbidden by Niantic, as it violates the Terms of Service.

Your posts lead people to believe the difference, and it might well be that the two of you are not aware of this fact, despite that it has been stated plenty of times in comments further up this thread. 

It might be that people have criticized you for this. Also, we don't use sway words here in the forums, like j***a**. This again violates the Community Guidelines. Thanks for keeping this an open and friendly discussion.

Also, this forum is not a fan-site but the remark made about them in the Guidelines should also apply here in the forums:

"Also, please don’t use a fan site to share hacks, cheats, or other materials prohibited in our terms of service and community guidelines."

Thanks a lot!

- Christian

Two more off-topic remarks:

- At least you managed to find the right post to comment in, ~ 50% of all topics raised here are what we regulars call "FRF" - frequently requested features where people blindly open a 5th post about the very same idea. Thank you both for that.

- RAHUL, as you can see from my level the level here in the forums is not the In-Game level. It's merely the level here in the forums, based on activity and a couple of other factors we all haven't fully understood yet.
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 7/5/13 1:54 PM
Yes, the iOS port of Ingress is against the ToS (which is not the same thing as "illegal" since this isn't a matter of laws but of license terms of service).  So is using IITC (on any platform).  Additionally having accounts for individuals 13 years and younger also violates the ToS.

That said, there are violations of the ToS which Niantic does (and should) enforce to ensure the game functions as it should and doesn't give any player an advantage over others.  However, there are violations which do nothing of the sort and only work to give a player optimal experiences on his or her chosen platform/gadget/environment.  I would be VERY surprised if Niantic cracked down on iOS users, especially given how the IITC issue has more or less been resolved by group consensus to which Niantic more or less bowed.

Now, all of THAT said, the iOS port of Ingress is something the devs of Ingress should be paying VERY close attention to and user feedback will be critical.  For example, inventory drops in the iOS port are almost MAGICAL in how easy and simple they are ... how very much these features are needed in the official client.

Google and its devs aren't stupid.  The iOS version of Ingress is an almost 100% certainty as it expands the audience of the game dramatically.  Experiments like unofficial ports give the official devs ideas of what direction to go in for future updates.

The tl;dr version:  stop sweating what others are using, it's none of your business, play and have fun with what you have and let others do the same.

Re: iOS? RAHUL BHARDWAJ 7/5/13 1:55 PM
Hi Christian,
Thanks for confirming but I actually have been saying all along that whatever is there, is a ported app and not native. I am neither endorsing nor speaking against anything. I want to believe that people can understand that much from my comments/posts so far.
As I responded in one of my earlier posts, I am just plainly curious about the release of ios app, if there ever will be one-& I am sure there is no harm in showing that.
And lastly, sadly people want to showoff by giving random remarks about, what others are doing and maybe doing wrong whereas what they should be doing instead is guiding others/newer members politely(atleast the first time) if there is anything amiss, much like what you did in your latest post and the theme behind ingress-cooperation....
My comment was just against that and I am not willing to back from that-about the level, yeah I thought, it was ingress level-my bad
Re: iOS? Christian Louis 7/5/13 2:15 PM

TL;DR: Don't mention the ToS-violating client anymore, it might confuse people seeking the "real thing" and lead them to a bad experience as well as put their account in danger. Also, because Niantic asked fan-sites to also refrain from that.

  • Niantic has committed on porting Ingress to iOS fairly early and a couple of months ago. They are - from all I've heard - working on the iOS version, but it's not yet released. They are also very likely aware of the ToS violating iOS version.

  • I just tend to use very harsh words against this client, not only because I don't like it's existance for various reasons (mainly, because it has a lack of complete functionality, lack of polished UI and lack of official backing). 

  • Despite the fact that it violates the ToS and bears the reason to be kicked off the game at will, this client gives a sub-par client experience to the iOS users out there and yes, Ingress is still in a closed beta stage, but generally iOS users are used to functional, feature rich and polished clients; having this client floating around might ruin Ingress' reputation for being unstable, incomplete and buggy.

  • Mentioning the client here in an official forum is a problem, as there are many people new to the game, seeking for guidance or even an iOS version. Those people should take a well informed decision about using this client. Many of them are not native speakers, many of them don't take the time to fully read through this thread, so I throw in a warning every now and then and repeat that this client is not okay to be used. It simply isn't. I tend to do that especially when I have the feeling that certain posts are - most often involuntarily - written in a way that they lead people to believe that there is such a thing as an "official" client or that a "client has been released".
- Christian

Re: iOS? Christian Louis 7/5/13 2:40 PM

I also back your statement and am also very interested in an official client for iOS. I've been using iOS devices for quite some time now and despite the lack of service I recently experienced with them (which lead to me disassembling my iPhone 4s on the kitchen table - I'm getting sidetracked here), they are a reliable piece of hardware with a generally nice user experience.

Also I am not a native Speaker (despite my last name I was born and raised in Germany, not France), however ´the term "ported" and "native" at least in my understanding have a different meaning than "unofficial" and "official". 
They rather refer to an official piece of software that has been made (for example by using virtualization technologies) available on a platform it hasn't been written for, whereas a native client has been specifically written for the platform it is running on.

Interestingly enough the ToS-violating proof of concept is not ported and in fact a native app. It's just not official and using it violates the Terms of Service.

A bit of meta-discussion about the forums:

As for people being not nice here in the forums: unfortunately this happens. There are a couple of people here who at least try to be nice and open for discussion; Sean does an even better job at that than I normally do, as I catch myself answering with a link or two without many more words from time to time as well.

I love if people disagree and dispute page over page, the one thing I really don't like if somebody uses bad words here in the forums. We are all adults (at least if we are active players and don't break the ToS in this regard), so we should act as such here. This is the only official forum and it is full with a diverse population of players from different areas of the world, different backgrounds, different ideas, beliefs and so on. I just have the feeling that women are underrepresented here. I only know about two female forum regulars here.

- Christian
Re: iOS? Sean Cheng 7/7/13 10:20 PM
In case you didn't know, Ingress and the Niantic Project all belongs to Google. The reason that Google has not yet introduced the game to IOS is because they wish to gain more profit and popularity for Android. Plus, it is not likely that Ingress will enter post-beta period any time soon as the whole game is a continuous storyline, and more items will be discovered, therefore the game will be in a constant series of updates. Just a personal comment, but I believe IOS should NOT be priority as it is a rival company of Google and has sued many android companies such as Samsung and Motorolla simply because they can't make profit from their ridiculously low end products.
Re: iOS? radwolf76 7/8/13 1:31 AM
Sean, that didn't stop Niantic from porting their other app, Field Trip, to iOS.
Re: iOS? Eric Rossman 7/8/13 5:15 AM
<smart-alec>Wow, it's great to hear from someone at Google, Sean. Who else would know their strategy for Android in such depth?</smart-alec>

That said, I couldn't care less whether they port it to iOS or not. As long as it is available on my platform, I'm happy.

Re: iOS? Palomide 7/9/13 6:59 AM
Shouldn't it be the opposite, i.e. iOS players = Resistance and Android = Enlightened???


Re: iOS? Terra Fermata 7/21/13 7:18 PM
Maybe it should be free on android and $5 or $10 on iOS. iOS users get ingress and android gets extra revenue and an advantage in that ingress is free with their phones.
Re: iOS? Robin Darroch 7/30/13 5:11 AM
This has been a really interesting thread to read, coming to it as I did from a Google search in which the top three or four hits were all for the unofficial open-source iOS client. As has been correctly pointed out by Christian (among others), any unofficial client (along with add-ons like IITC) is in violation of the ToS. I'm am reassured to read that Niantic intend to release an iOS version when the time is right. I hope that time is soon.

In the mean time, allow me to answer some of Christian's concerns over the unofficial iOS client:

- The site that hosts it prominently displays warnings that it is not an official client. I don't believe anyone who has installed the unofficial version could possibly have done so without knowing that they are installing unapproved software
- Since it is not (and never will be) available in the iTunes Store, the methods available for installing it are difficult (currently either requiring changing the system date on the iDevice to install over-the-air, or having a jailbroken device). Again, there is no question in anyone's mind that this is an unofficial client produced by an open-source developer.
- Since there is no chance of confusing this with an official version, any problems with interface or reliability reflect solely on the developers involved in the unofficial client, not on Niantic or Ingress.

All of that said... I've used it. And it's pretty good.

Does it crash? Yes. Do I blame Niantic when it crashes? Of course not. Does it have all of the functionality of the official client? No, and yes: all the key gameplay elements are there, but some aspects are not as well implemented, while others are (in my opinion) better implemented. I would happily use it as it currently is, if it were labelled "beta" and were the official client. Depending on their stage of iOS development, Niantic might do well to get in touch with its developer about using his code as a basis for the official client.

Did I violate the ToS by using it? Yes - because without buying another device solely to play Ingress, that's currently the only way to play. Did I detract from anyone else's experience of the game by doing so? Did I gain advantage in the game by doing so, compared to buying an Android device and using the official client? Did I damage the overall play of the game, as people using bots or multiple accounts or GPS spoofing do? Or did I contribute to the game, play with others of my faction in my local area and where I travelled, abide by all the community guidelines, contribute to strategic team efforts, submit good quality portals, and generally do exactly what any player using the official client would do? I think the answers to all of those questions are pretty obvious.

Now here's where it gets interesting: I - and many other users of the unofficial, unapproved, ToS-violating iOS client - have recently been blocked. This has been happening to random iOS users for some time: each time, the user loses access to the game, and at some point days later gets a message that they have been blocked for "unusual activity", after which they are reset to level 1 and an empty inventory, but have their access restored. This seems an interesting approach: if the ToS violation is unacceptable, why restore access? On the other hand, if they realise (as they probably do) that these are keen and legitimate Ingress players who just want to play using *something* until the official client comes out, why leave them with a "punishment" - resetting to zero - that would be appropriate for someone using multiple accounts or GPS spoofing?

It remains to be seen whether the latest round is part of a much more comprehensive blocking of all users or unapproved clients, and whether any of us will get access restored, with or without being reset to zero.  I have no complaints against Niantic if this is a necessary step in eliminating bots from the game... after all, with local help in an active area, levels can be pretty quickly regained, and presumably we can all do that when the official iOS client becomes available.

But if it's just a vendetta against the tens of thousands of iOS-only users who wish to play Ingress and find themselves with only an unofficial client? There's a much simpler solution to that problem: "the time is right".

Re: iOS? ClauClauClaudia 7/30/13 5:40 AM
Robin--you may also want to read the "scan failed" thread in the troubleshooting sub-forum. I generally agree with you, with two nitpicks:

* The warning on the developer's own site appeared on July 10. Afaik there was no such warning before that. These bans began by the 9th, looking at that other thread.

* The github site still has no warning, and at least at one point showed up much higher in google search results than the other. The github site simply says, "Fully playable iOS port of Google's AR Game Ingress". Not the clearest labelling possible.

Re: iOS? Robin Darroch 7/30/13 5:49 AM
Fair comments, Claudia. In one amusing side-note, last night (just before I got banned), I installed a home-compiled version of the scanner, built from the very latest master code uploaded to GitHub by the developer.  The only change? A pop-up warning the first time you launch it, saying that using it may cause your Ingress account to be suspended or banned.

So if this isn't the point at which every single unofficial iOS client user is instantly banned, there will be no-one in future facing the prospect without warning.

My own experience with being blocked goes along with Christian's guesses from that other thread (which I've just been reading): yesterday I covered about 20 km on my bike, executing a major fielding operation that I'd been planning for a couple of weeks. That's more than I've done since I started playing. And banned the next morning... so I guess something in all that time told the anti-bot algorithms that I needed switching off.

Of course, everything but the client itself was entirely legitimate, and a well-appreciated bit of game-play by local players of both factions.  At least I used my Ada and my Jarvis to good effect before I would have lost them anyway!

Looking forward to the real version - I'm not about to buy and carry an extra device just for Ingress, but I miss the game play already.

Re: iOS? Gozaemon 7/30/13 10:13 AM
Just a nice Rime For all the IOS users: The Time is right, but not tonight. Untill then expect to receive a ban.
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 7/30/13 10:45 AM
Robin -

Fair points, but as Claudia pointed out there was no warning prior.  Even the current warnings are just lip service and do nothing to actually address the issue.  Also loading by changing the date I don't think was always necessary.  Furthermore many people stumbled across the OTA link without having gone through any other sites, and considering that this is a beta game even on Android and that the Apple Store isn't friendly to apps in a constant state of change it's perfectly reasonable to think that this was a real client and have no expectation that you were doing anything wrong.  I have used many official pieces of beta software, and it's not at all uncommon to have to do some unusual things to get it installed.

I'm not saying that happened to everyone, I'm saying that it's possible.

Furthermore the fact that these users were given a fate worse than complete banishment is ludicrous.  Because you see with a complete ban (or if you ignore the "unusual activity" email) you make a new account, and all your old account's resources as still in play.  Your team is not punished.

Ironically by contriting and promising to act in accordance with the TOS (which BTW we've pointed out many times just about everyone is in violation of) then your team is punished because all your in-play resources are destroyed.  Well, all the resonators and portals at least, mods are oddly left intact.

Moral of the story?  Don't repent, make a new account, keep violating the TOS and you're better off.

Besides, nobody here is arguing that the iOS client wasn't TOS violating.  Everyone that is upset is upset with the way that Niantic handled it.  As you pointed out many of these players contributed quite positively to the game and the community, and did not cheat.  Resetting their accounts (especially since they were not the actual target) is outrageously punitive.

Furthermore the initial emails sent out made no mention of a reset.  They only mentioned that the accounts were suspended, and would be restored if you agreed to abide by the TOS.  This clearly indicates that the decision was made after the accounts were banned (and the fallout had already begun) that everyone should be reset.
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 7/30/13 10:47 AM
Robin -

One last bit, and the part that really infuriates me - all of this was (presumably) done to kill off the bots, and even that didn't work.  Bots are still running and ruining things
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 7/30/13 12:39 PM
Sorry.  I have no sympathy for people who don't read the TOS and then say, "I DIDN'T KNOW!?"  Ignorance is not a basis for an argument.  
Your warning is in the TOS where it says Don't Freaking Do It!

You say they did not cheat.  
Yes.  They did.  By using iOS client. 

Sorry... there is no valid argument that anyone can make to support those who cheat and violate the TOS. 
Re: iOS? madflyer 7/31/13 2:56 PM
Anyone who equates this unauthorized iOS app (which happens to break the TOS) to cheating is about as naive as officials that say smoking marijuana before a sporting event gives the athlete a performance enhancement: neither gives any sort of benefit. The iOS port of ingress, while well done in its own right, puts iOS players at a disadvantage to android players. This is my opinion as an iOS player who also plays on Android. It is plain silly to equate the two together. But as is typical, there are Apple fan-boys that only talk smack about anyone who disagrees with their point of view, and there are Android fan-boys doing the same. (Blah, blah blah, apple sucks...)(blah, blah, blah, android sucks)

The sad reality is that, while opening the door to iOS players, this port breaks the TOS. Niantic has both a brand and gameplay scenario to protect. If someone created an app that is sub-par to the experience they have worked had to create, it is within their rights to shut it down. "When the time is right", they will launch an official iOS app. That right time may never come, but so be it.

While I'm on my box, I would like to state one more thing... Personally I am tired of listening to and reading about self-absorbed cry-babies whining about something that is free. If you had purchased an app from Niantic Labs, you would have a right to complain if things are not as they should be. Since none of us have paid for anything to do with Ingress, enjoy the game as it is, for as long as you can, and keep your griping to yourselves!

(Stepping off my box now...)

Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 8/2/13 8:50 PM
Stop with the iOS crap.
iOS has so much crap that is proprietary.  Quite whining.

Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 8/2/13 8:51 PM
*quit* too.

Stupid auto-correct.
Re: iOS? Kyal Towells 8/2/13 10:26 PM
well this is an iOS topic :P
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 8/3/13 3:50 AM

Re: iOS? RobyB 8/3/13 1:24 PM
Just a couple of days ago Google shifted down the github iOS repository.
Really bad news for open source paladins.
Not to mention the new weapons that Google only people will get!
Of course iOS port is going on anyway but this is not the point.
Personally I do not consider tos violating the same as cheating ( I also used iOS port and got banned), but I really think niantic should focus on bots that are really destroying the real game in many European cities!
Both this news go in the wrong direction, it seems they are loosing control over the game and people will stop playing if they cannot fight against this and there is no official support or help from niantic
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 8/4/13 7:39 AM
There are a number of people in this thread that say they don't consider breaching the TOS a form of cheating.
You know what a TOS is, right?
It's basically the rules to which you agree to play the game.
If you break the rules... YOU'RE CHEATING!!

Seriously not a difficult concept to realize.  
(unknown) 8/4/13 8:01 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 8/4/13 9:57 PM

Since you seem so emphatic about semantics, how about we actually take a look at the definition of cheating:

Cheating refers to an immoral way of achieving a goal, such as cheating on an exam. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage

(courtesy of Wikipedia due to brevity, substitute your dictionary of choice if you want)

Using an iOS client which gives you otherwise the same capabilities as the official client not only is moral, it also doesn't give an unfair advantage.

Ergo, not cheating.

You're right, it isn't a difficult concept. 
Re: iOS? cwd3 8/5/13 8:16 AM
Cheating is when you are doing something to gain an unfair advantage over others. While the TOS does say you cannot play on iOS (due to it being a derivative work), the iOS port does not give an unfair advantage.

What does give an unfair advantage are the tons of Android players that are running bots.

Why are you so concerned about people breaking the TOS rather than the larger issue of Android users that are actually cheating?

This is a thread regarding iOS, not the TOS or anything else.

All I am seeing here are a bunch of butthurt Android fanboys screaming that they don't want Niantic to make an iOS port and the reasoning makes no sense. It boils down to "I don't like iPhone users" or "Charge iPhone users to play." which is really the same as "I don't like iPhone users".

Jesus, people. It's a fucking phone. Get over it. Are you really that involved in your phone to the point that you hate people that make different choices than you? I wonder what you think of people that have a different color skin than you or speak a different language than you or come from a different country than you.

You're just spreading hatred based on foolishness.
Re: iOS? Matias Robertson 8/5/13 8:40 AM
Amen to that: fanboys are just haters, whichever side they are. The search of exclusivity based on a phone is just as foolish as selling clothes based on if you are hot or not (ask abercrombie about it).
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 8/5/13 8:44 AM
I would actually point out there is a slight competitive advantage to using the iOS client, which is why so many users were getting banned while using it.  The application takes advantage of existing code framework which allows for mass drops and pickups.

Keep in mind, this is functionality which Niantic has built into existing Ingress clients and simply not enabled.  However, from the server perspective, it was being used and triggered the same algorithms which check for macro script use.

In my area, we had a L8 RES player banned and a L8 ENL player banned.  One was using macro scripts for his inventory drops and pickups (as he stupidly posted a screenshot of his gamescreen) and the other was using the iOS client.  Without Niantic confirming anything, it was determined their similarity was the mass drop and pickup activity.

Re: iOS? cwd3 8/5/13 8:57 AM
Assuming that is true, that is cheating. Most of the iOS users aren't doing that from what I have seen. The majority of them are using it just to play the game and are, in fact, at a disadvantage from what I have had a couple people show me.

I have both an iPhone and an Android but the Android has some issues that make it useless as a phone. So when I want to play I have to take the sim out of my iphone and put it in my droid. It's tedious. I could buy another droid but quite frankly, I have come to appreciate the iPhone so a legitimate iOS version would be nice. I don't want to use the unofficial one because, as I stated, from what I have seen with others, it is lacking compared to the official version.
Re: iOS? Brian Ragle 8/5/13 9:06 AM
Following the rash of bans from Niantic, the iOS dev disabled the mass pickup and drop functionality.

The only reason I didn't get caught up in the bans is because I am running iOS 7 beta.  I had tested out the iOS Ingress app prior to the beta release but not used it extensively, thus I was spared due to my obsessive early adopter mindset ;).

Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 8/5/13 3:09 PM
Umm... Matias?  You realize how much of iOS apps are proprietary to iOS, right?  So...  umm... yeah... what you said.
Re: iOS? Kevin Grond 8/5/13 3:18 PM
There have been in fact allot of IOS exclusive apps but have almost all been ported to the android market. the reason why they do this is because u can download the installation file of any android game (apk) and run it wich results in the fact that you are not paying for it and making the company that has put work in it lose money. believe it or not stupid little games like kingdom rush and jetpack joyride are made by a company who are intending to make some profit of it. while IOS app store can only be avoided by jailbreaking the current stats show that almost 1/3 of android users are not paying for his apps. There is already a ingress IOS app ( wich is again making a massive wall around the two phones because the ios version is in a diffrent world then the android version. IF ingress put a price of 1$ on the ingress app that they are probebly making for the ios and would sell it,they would be making a bit of profit on it wich can result in hiring more dev's and making the game better then it already is (BIG FAN) I would REALLY love to see the first game that for once doesn't ... let's say discriminate people on what phone they have so MY iphone and MY brothers nexus can play together instead of making a fight on what phone to choose because of what stupid app.... I self code in eclipse and make small nonsense apps for my brother's android.

PS: sorry for the bad english (Holland) I LOVE THE GAME and happily waiting and wanting to pay a fair price for the ios app


Re: iOS? Matias Robertson 8/5/13 4:20 PM
Jeremy: yes, but you don't see much people bitching about "not losing exclusivity", do you? Except for instagram hipsters, of course. But we all hate hipsters...
Re: iOS? Cade Roux 8/5/13 6:05 PM
I'm specifically interested in this whole scenario because we have been battling a habitual spoofer.

We're not even sure he even lives in our area.  But I filmed the sculpture garden where he was "active" and made 8.  Then he went to take down 2 L8 farms.  And then on the third L8 farm he took down, we also had someone there filming.

To cut a long story short, the legitimate players NEED to know what the capabilities and weaknesses are in the current system and protocols because it isn't catching spoofers.  So it's up to us to gather evidence and submit abuse reports every time on the cheaters until Niantic takes action.  This particular player has had over 10 submitted abuse reports by various agents.  So we have been using basic profiling techniques based on the kinds of things that cheaters do and using them to recognize potential abuse scenarios and submit reports.

In all the cases of the cheaters, it all starts with suspicious behavior, erratic responses in COMM and convenient refusals to meet up with players on either faction.  Then they tend to accidentally hit a portal right as you drive up or right in front of you.  And with a lot of active players, the number of incidents rises.  And then once a pattern of abuse has emerged, then all the rest of the pieces usually fall into place and you can recognize specific cheating patterns based on the capabilities of the tools they have.

In one case, an opposing faction player told us he arranged for a drop from the cheater and within a few minutes the guy had dropped hundreds of supplies in a single spot in an out of the way place.  This tells me 1) he's spoofing and 2) he's using some kind of autodrop.  He also attempted to keybomb the portal close to my office which I can hack from my desk.  In addition, he clearly has multiple accounts to be able to build up stockpiles beyond the 2000 item limit to be able to take out 3 fully defended and actively recharged L8 farms of 10, 12, and 15 portals.

But there are specific indications we look for.  So knowing that these tools are available is invaluable to us to be able to recognize more and more patterns and be able to submit abuse reports.  Once the cheater knew we were looking at resonator deployment distances, he started deploying single resonators to maximize his AP per resonator (he doesn't have to pay for gas).  Because the spoofing tools seem rather challenged in terms of simulating GPS drifting or jitter and route planning, you can tell where a person just teleported in because XM around the portal where he was "standing" can leave a specific footprint where the player can't have possibly teleported in and out without picking up some XM.

It would also be nice to know the other limits of the tools that the cheaters are using.

It very much concerns me that Niantic is "catching" innocent people using commonly available tools to very little advantage, while more advanced tools known to very few people are flying under the radar.

Knowledge is our friend here, and knowing more about what tools are available for cheaters is important to be able to recognize their use.
Re: iOS? phalkon13 9/3/13 5:23 PM
Then there's people like me who had a Droid Pro on CM7 that could technically play Ingress (friggin Froyo made it slow as hell).
I got that phone via my work.  Then they implemented an iOS jump across the company, so now I can't play Ingress any more, even though I have this slick iPhone 4S (works WAY more stable than my Droid Pro did on custom or stock firmware).

I have a Nexus 7 (v1), so I can still technically open the program, but I'm locked to anywhere there is WiFi, and frankly I'd rather carry around a small phone while playing than a large bulky tablet.

Re: iOS? Sean Graham 9/3/13 5:29 PM
I love the N7 as an ingress device.  Many people use it by tethering to their phone.  It's very cheap, fast, big screen, and a great overall tablet.  I find it's also that perfect size where I can hold it with one hand, fit it in a pocket, etc.  Best part is that you can wifi tether it to any device (iOS, android, windows).
Re: iOS? Cade Roux 9/3/13 5:38 PM
I've used the original Nexus 7 and it's great - way better than my Note 3 (except no replaceable battery) for performance and it's not huge.  I've played with a Nexus 10 when I got too frustrated with the speed of my original Galaxy Note.

When the new LTE Nexus 7 2013 is available, I expect that might very well become my main Ingress device.  We'll have to see.  I'm thinking of not getting the Note 3 as my "phone" then just getting a much smaller phone with good battery life for tethering other devices.  So then the 7 can either use my other LTE data plan or tether.  Waiting to see on the Note 3 announcement and the Nexus 7 LTE availability.


Re: iOS? Sean Graham 9/3/13 5:49 PM
We're getting totally OT here, but Cade - I'm doing the same.  I've got my original N7 3G setup with my sim card.  My phone number forwards to magicjack which I can use for voice calls in and out.  I'll keep my other phone for when I just want something super portable.  Only thing that it's missing is vibrate.  Now if they'd just release it here already! (since it's available in other countries...)
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 9/3/13 6:03 PM
Then tether from your iPhone to your Nexus.
Re: iOS? Jackson Polak 9/8/13 10:50 AM
I really want to
Re: iOS? Sean Graham 9/8/13 10:53 AM
You and about a few hundred thousand others :-)
Re: iOS? Richard Stevens 9/10/13 5:51 PM
It is nearly a year after this post and there is still no iOS support - when can we expect this to be actioned?
Re: iOS? Jeremy Ellwood 9/10/13 6:08 PM
Never, hopefully.
Re: iOS? R. S. Burke 9/12/13 1:53 PM
So Jeremy, why would you not want iOS to have Ingress? It will bring more players to the community, which adds more challenges to the game as you will potentially have more opponents.

Re: iOS? Eric Rossman 9/14/13 8:29 PM
Jeremy is clearly a troll. Just ignore him.
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 9/17/13 3:21 PM
Agree Jeremy, hopefully never
Re: iOS? Kyal Towells 9/17/13 5:44 PM
lol people who use android butthurt about Ingress for iOS, cause they know when iOS ingress players start playing, they will lose all their portals :P
Re: iOS? Jeff Level 8 9/18/13 2:05 PM
haha, you wish, iDIOTS cant figure out how to wipe there own butts :)
Re: iOS? TheKestrel 9/18/13 2:30 PM
iOS would be cool as a 3rd faction. Lol
Re: iOS? Silver Surfer 10/8/13 2:48 AM
How about the announcement?? :-)

It's been all most a year.
I have played the ios-ingress version. But it would be great to just play the official IOS version.!

Re: iOS? RobyB 10/8/13 3:05 AM
There can not be an official version of ingress until it exits beta stage as Apple (as far as i understand) does not allow betas in their app store...
Re: iOS? Silver Surfer 10/8/13 4:41 AM
In that case.. Ingress should bold up and exit beta stage, it's been long enough now.. ;-)
Re: iOS? shnapsi1 10/12/13 11:15 PM
(unknown) 10/12/13 11:15 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iOS? shnapsi1 10/12/13 11:16 PM
in your face, fanboys. iOS is coming...
Re: iOS? RobyB 10/13/13 1:31 AM
The unofficial Pitt will be released much sooner and this time with much less chanches of being banned.
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