FLOWER / Cruickshank engagement

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FLOWER / Cruickshank engagement Richard R 10/11/13 10:15 PM
From the Telegraph and Times of 12 October 2013: The Hon H.W.W. Flower and Miss A.E. Cruickshank - The engagement is announced between Harry, younger son of Viscount and Viscountess Ashbrook, of Arley Hall, Cheshire, and Annie, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Christopher Cruickshank, of Wimbledon, London.

Hon Harry William Warburton FLOWER (b 1977) s of The (11th and present) Viscount ASHBROOK (b 1935) and Zoe Mary (*) (b 1938, reg Q4 Essex) d of Francis Henry Arnold ENGLEHEART (1896-1963), scion of that gentry family of Stoke Priory, Suffolk, and Filumena Mary (1900-83) d of Capt Jasper Graham MAYNE CBE (1859-1936) sometime head of that gentry family of Powis, by his wife a scion of the gentry family WELD of Chideock.

(* NOTE: Lady Ashbrook's brother m a scion of the Scots gentry family PELHAM BURN formerly of Adstock. Her aunt, Mary Angela MAYNE (d 1976) m 1st a scion of the earls of YARBOROUGH and their daughter's (Agnes May [Lady Grey (d 2011), m a scion of the earls GREY] more than 20 descendants are in line to the abeyant baronies of FAUCONBERG & CONYERS and the barony of DARCY DE KNAYTH)

Interesting that Harry William Waburton Flower's first two forenames are those of the two Wales princes, who were born several years AFTER Mr Flower. His brother, Hon Rowland Flower (b 1975, Viscount Ashbrook's ha) m 2004 and has a son (Benjamin Warburton b 2006) and two daus.