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[ANN] BBEdit 10.5 (3215) pre-release

Rich Siegel Sep 30, 2012 7:00 PM
Posted in group: BBEdit Talk
Good { morning, afternoon, evening },

We've been busy. :-) A new version is in the works, with a whole
bunch of new features, refinements, and improvements. We're
happy to make a pre-release build available to the list, so that
you have a little extra time to play with it before the rest of
the world gets hold of the goodies. :-)

Note that this is a _pre-release_ version. The intent is to fix
bugs and address areas of improvement based on what our
customers have reported. However, since the software is at this
point not fully tested, there _may_ be bugs and regressions. If
this prospect makes you nervous, then sticking with the public
release versions is your best course of action. Nobody will be
offended if you choose to do so; you're under no obligation to
install and use anything but a public release. :-)

Following is a summary of the changes in the software since the
last public release. The change notes are organized into
additions, changes, and fixes, and are annotated where
appropriate with case numbers. So if you recognize a number
corresponding to a support case that was opened for you, you can
now verify that it's been fixed correctly. Please take the time
to review the changes before using the new build -- there are a
lot of them, and it'll be worth your time.

One final note: If you run into a bug in a pre-release version,
about whether others have seen the same problem. Instead, please
send a bug report to <> and we will deal
with it there. This will help us keep the list discussion on
topic and productive for all list members.


version 10.5 (3215) (9/30/2012)

*** The system requirements for BBEdit have changed with version 10.
     Mac OS X 10.6 is now required (10.6.8 or later recommended).

*** BBEdit 10.5 contains extensive internal rework; the primary goal
     is to achieve proper appearance on Macs with the high-resolution
     "Retina" displays, but the opportunity was also taken to remove
     unnecessary code, and to effect various cosmetic and usability
     improvements. There will be some drawing glitches and
     fit-and-finish issues; please report anything that you run into
     that falls into that category (as well as any other
functional bugs
     that you may encounter in new or changed features).


*   [DOC] If you right-click inside of an `<img>` tag, the contextual
     menu gets an additional item: "Update Image Dimensions".
This will
     add, or update, the `width` and `height` attributes of the image
     file specified in the `src` attribute (assuming that BBEdit
is able
     to resolve the reference to a file on your local disk).
This saves a
     round trip through the markup panel. Note that as always
you can use
     the "Images" commands on Markup -> Update to perform this operation
     for all of the `<img>` tags in a document (or folder, or site).

*   [DOC] Projects have a new action menu, Site. This menu contains
     commands for configuring the project as a "Web Site"
project, with
     local root, defaults for new documents (and a "New HTML Document"
     contextual menu command), settings for the image updater,
and a new
     feature: Deployment. This last allows you to configure the remote
     destination for a site's contents, and determine what additional
     steps to take before uploading. Thus, deploying a site
takes the
     place of several operations that were previously manual.

*   [DOC] [225565] When creating a new HTML document (from the dialog
     or from a template), there's a new substitution available:
     `#LOCALE#`. This is the "short" locale code corresponding
to the
     "Language" setting in the dialog box, e.g. `en`, `de`, `x-klingon`,
     and the like.

*   [DOC] There is a new command: Go -> Named Symbol... This is
     third on the "Go" menu, and has a factory default
equivalent of
     Cmd-Ctl-J (you may need to assign it yourself if it doesn't show
     up automatically, which could happen if you have keyboard
     equivalents held over from a suitable ancient version of BBEdit).

     This will present a sheet with all the functions and
markers listed,
     and a filter box at the top. Choosing an item from the list jumps
     the text view to that location in the file.

*   [DOC] There's a new command on the Search menu: "Compare Against
     Previous Version". If you're running on Mac OS X 10.7 or later,
     this command gives you access to previous versions of the
     document you're working on; you can compare and integrate changes
     from those versions, as desired.

*   [DOC] There's a new menu in the menu bar: "Go". This menu contains
     some navigation commands that were previously on the Search
menu (thus
     shortening the latter), and adds new commands and capabilities:

     *   "Functions" opens a floating window which lists the
         functions in the active document (if it's in a language which
         scans for functions and other items that appear on the
         function menu in the navigation bar). The Functions window
         contains a search box so that you can filter down the
list by
         typing a partial function name.

     *   "Jump Points" presents the jump history (implemented in
         previous versions of BBEdit) and provides a means to explore
         it in an out-of-order fashion, if desired.

*   Tags file discovery has been enhanced, and no longer relies
     strictly on directory scanning. Tags files are discovered using
     Spotlight; a file whose name is `tags` or whose name ends
in `.tags`
     or `.ctags` (see below) is eligible, and if it resides in the
     ancestor directory hierarchy of the document, its symbols
will be
     available for code completion and syntax coloring. Since
`tags` is
     a filename extension, you can have multiple tags files
available for
     the same directory hierarchy, e.g.

     `Mac OS X 10.7 SDK.tags`
     'Project Sources.tags`

     BBEdit exports the UTI `com.barebones.bbedit.ctags-data`, which
     conforms to `public.utf8-plain-text`, for files whose extensions
     are `tags` and `ctags`. This UTI drives the Spotlight support.

     If you have disabled Spotlight on your local disk (or for the
     directory tree containing your source files) or if your Spotlight
     index is incomplete, BBEdit will discover `tags` files the old
     fashioned way, and the old limitations will apply (only
files named
     `tags` will be discovered, and so you can have only one
tags file at
     any level in the directory tree).

     NB: Due to bugs in the OS, this feature actually works as described
     only on 10.6.x, 10.7.x, and 10.8.{N > 1}.

*   The contextual menu for file lists in projects gets a "Save"
     command; "Close" and "Close Others" now work in the "Project"
     section of the file list in project windows.

*   There's a new grouping in the sources list for multi-file
     search/replace and text factory application: "Open Editing
     Windows". This collection includes any window which has one or
     more editing documents in it. If you want to constrain the
     operation to the documents that are already open in a particular
     window, this is the place to do it.

*   There's a new color setting for syntax coloring:
"Variables". Some
     languages support this (PHP and Perl); most do not but the color
     information may be generated by language modules at their

*   Projects save to disk have a new item in the bar below the file
     list: it presents a menu containing "Site Settings", which
brings up
     a sheet for configuring the project as a web site. The old "Sites"
     in the Setup panel are no longer supported and are on their
way out.

*   Text windows get a scripting property: "display magnification".
     This is a float; 1.0 is normal display.

         set display magnification of window 1 to 2.0 --
displays text at 2x

     Note that the display magnification is independent of the
font size setting.

*   [247004] There's a new switch for the `bbedit` tool: `-m` (long
     form `--language`). This allows you to specify a language
name on
     the command line when piping data in to `bbedit` from a
Unix tool.
     For example:

     `some-process | bbedit -m bbedit --language Ruby`
     `some-process | bbedit -m bbedit -m JSON`

     You may also use an Emacs mode name that maps to your designated
     language (this can easily be generated by converting the
language name
     to lower case and replacing spaces with dashes):

     `some-process | bbedit -m bbedit --language object-pascal`
     `some-process | bbedit -m bbedit -m json`

     (Historical note: `-l` was already taken, which is why we
didn't use it
     here. If it helps, you can use the mnemonic "`-m` is for `*mode*`".)


*** Beta Note: The "Sites" tab in the Setup window will be going
     away before this release is finalized; there will soon be
no more
     separate configuration for web sites. Please take a moment to
     convert any configured sites to projects. The easiest way
to do
     this is to drop the local site root folder onto BBEdit, and then
     use "Save Project", then use the Site menu as described
above to
     configure the project.

*   [DOC] Unix script output logs now live in `~/Library/Logs/BBEdit/`,
     either in "`Unix Script Output.log`", or, in the case of
     script-file-specific log files, in `~/Library/Logs/BBEdit/Unix
     Script Output/{script name}.log`.

*   [DOC] "Hard Wrap" now does, essentially, what "Rewrap Quoted Text"
     used to (in fact, the two were virtually identical). So,
the latter
     command is gone, and "Hard Wrap" brings up a sheet for
performing a
     quoting-character-aware wrap. (If there are no
quote-prefixed lines,
     then this behaves identically to the old Hard Wrap.) Note, also,
     that there is now only an option for wrapping to a specific
     character width.

*   [DOC] The Markup Builder panel now provides additional
options for
     choosing a file when editing URI attributes (such as
`href`): a
     popup menu allows you to choose from files in the same
directory as
     the front document, including submenus for folders (one
level down).
     You can also easily get at recently used files, as
indicated. The
     "Other..." command will open a file picker for choosing an arbitrary

*   [DOC] The text view toolbar has been slimmed down and further
     simplified. The pencil has been consigned to the dustbin of history.
     The toolbar itself is now only one row of text, and
displays the
     document's path (with the associated popup menu), as
before. The
     "Last Saved" indicator has been moved into the status area
at the
     bottom of the text view, and may be switched on and off globally,
     using the "Document save date" preference in the Appearance

*   [DOC] "`\n`" is now a synonym for "`\r`" when searching and
     replacing, with or without Grep; use either when you wish
to find or
     replace with a line break. Note that you should avoid considerations
     of what the actual bit pattern is; BBEdit uses a particular internal
     representation which is an implementation detail. If you
want to
     search for or replace with a line break, use `\r` or `\n`
and allow
     line break translation to do its thing; do not second-guess the
     system and assume a particular bit pattern.

     If for some reason you need the previous behavior, you may
return to
     it with an expert preference:

     `defaults write com.barebones.bbedit
LegacySearchStringEscapeMapping -bool YES`

*   [DOC] Support for CVS has been removed; the "CVS" menu no longer
     exists. Note that you can continue to use BBEdit as a
commit editor
     and diff helper for CVS, with the appropriate CVS configuration
     variables referring to the `bbedit` and `bbdiff` tools,
     respectively; this is left as an exercise for the reader.

*   [DOC] "Convert to ASCII" is gone as a discrete menu command; its
     ability has been rolled into "Zap Gremlins". ("Replace with Code"
     will replace with the nearest ASCII equivalent.) [NFR] The dialog
     box hasn't been updated yet.

*   [DOC] Added a new setting to the Keyboard preferences:
"Allow Page
     Up and Page Down keys to move the insertion point". It's
off by
     default, which is the standard Mac behavior. Refugees from other
     platforms may feel more comfortable if it's turned on;
doing so
     allows the insertion point to remain in the same position relative
     to the top and bottom of the window (which entails changing its
     position in the text) when scrolling via Page Up or Page Down.

*   [DOC] There's new iconography for the toolbar and navigation bar.

*   [DOC] Added a padlock next to the document save date, to indicate
     the document lock state. (This takes the place of the old pencil.)
     (Side note: "If you don't, I'll poison your dinner" is a compelling
     argument for a feature request, but can typically only be used

*   [DOC] Shell worksheets get a new icon to indicate `sudo` mode.

*   [DOC] There's a new preference in the Appearance preferences:
     "Document Lock State". This controls whether the padlock indicator
     is visible in the status area (next to the save date). When the
     padlock is visible, you can click on it to unlock (or lock) the
     document. [246786]

*   [DOC] In the Multi-File Search window, you can now choose Zip
     archives (or any file that looks like a Zip, including
things like
     EPUB) as the source for a multi-file search (or replace).

*   [DOC] There are three new commands on the Edit menu: "Move Line
     Up", "Move Line Down", and "Delete Line". These are single-command
     (and thus single-keystroke) equivalents for editing
operations that
     might otherwise require multiple gestures. The keyboard equivalents
     can be modified in the "Menus & Shortcuts" preferences as
usual. NB:
     Control-up-arrow and Control-down-arrow previously were
used for
     scrolling the document using they keyboard. If you wish to restore
     that behavior, clear the keyboard equivalents for Move Line
Up and
     Move Line Down, or set them to something else.

*   [DOC] Enhanced the detection used by "Open Counterpart"
     and the Counterparts navigation bar item to include all
files whose
     file names begin with the base name of the active
document's file.
     The Counterparts navigation bar item now drops a menu with
all of
     the available counterparts. There's a new keyboard
equivalent in the
     "Navigation Bar" section of the Menus & Shortcuts prefs, so
that you
     can use the keyboard to open the Counterparts menu, if desired.
     [230824, 230828]

*   [DOC] The Find Differences results windows no longer display the
     pencil next to the new and old file names.

-   [DOC] In addition to toggling Soft Wrap, the Text Display menu
     lets you change the wrap mode. Those options are now also
in the
     toolbar's Text Options menu.

*   [DOC] The legacy `AutoAssignCommandKeysToWindows` expert preference
     (which was deprecated in 10.0 and actually never
documented) has
     been removed, along with all of the machinery that used it.

*   The "Project" item grouping in project windows can now be
     collapsed. The "Currently Open Documents" list will take up the

*   More improvements to Open File by Name:

     -   if you type in an unqualified partial path, e.g. `sys/errno.h`,
         BBEdit will check the path components and only display files
         whose immediate ancestry matches what you entered. In this
         example, it would list `/usr/include/sys/errno.h` but not

     -   If you type in an absolute path, or a home-directory-relative
         path, e.g. `/usr/include/errno.h` or `~/.bash_profile`, BBEdit
         will now show the file if it exists at that location.

*   When creating new markup (as opposed to editing existing
     elements/attributes), the markup panel will now remember the
     attributes that you used to create a given element. The
memory is
     keyed by the element name, so attributes are remembered separately
     for the different elements that you use.

*   If there are no other alternatives, Open File by Name will
     figure out whether the front document is contained within a
     configured web site. If so, the site's root will be
included in
     the file search.

*   BBEdit no longer promises or supplies Mac Roman text to the
     clipboard, nor looks for it. Since most Mac OS X
applications now
     supply Unicode or UTF-8, this should have no visible effect.

*   There has been *extensive* internal rework, to remove cruft
and pave
     the way for future improvements.

*   [238429] When considering dropped files for insertion or linking,
     the application will now inspect their contents in cases in which
     the file metadata doesn't indicate that it's a text file.

*   [242388] The Unix Script Output log file is now stored as UTF-8
     with no BOM. (The on-disk encoding of this file is an implementation
     detail that you should not rely on.)

*   There's now a kill switch for default filename extensions:

     `defaults write com.barebones.{bbedit,textwrangler}
EnableDefaultFilenameExtensions -bool NO`

     This will prevent the application from adding the default
name extension when
     saving a new file (including `.txt` for files with no language).

*   Results exported as text now include the full path to the file(s)
     in question, relative to the home directory if possible.

*   When using "Open Selection" or choosing an include file from the
     Includes menu in the navigation bar, BBEdit will use the
same logic
     as Open File by Name to locate the desired file. Open
Selection will
     no longer open the "Open File by Name" window (which used
to require
     an extra step to open the desired file), unless there's
more than
     one match found for the specified file name.

*   Changed the factory default setting for
     `FixedWidthFontSmoothingThreshold` to 8pt, so that Monaco 9 looks
     reasonable when antialiased (especially on retina displays).

*   The appearance of the file lists in disk browsers and project
     windows has been updated.

*   Made two behavior changes to Unix tool discovery: first, if the
     tool's override path is set to `/dev/null`, BBEdit will
pretend that
     the tool doesn't exist at all, effectively disabling any features
     that depend on the tool. Second, if the override preference exists
     and is an invalid path, BBEdit will give up immediately
rather than
     attempting to locate the tool in your `PATH` or elsewhere.

*   When doing an "Open Selection" on a full path
     ("`/path/to/something`"), home-relative path
     ("`~/path/to/something`") or URL, the indicated item is now opened
     immediately if found, rather than requiring a trip through
the Open
     File by Name window.

*   [250761] The "modified" property of a document is now
mutable while
     the document is being created. This allows constructions
such as:

     `make text document with properties {contents:t, modified:false}`

*   When running on 10.8 and later, BBEdit now uses the
     system-provided Notification Center for completion of certain
     operations, unless Growl is installed and running, in which case
     it will use Growl as before.


*   [227319, 227581] Leading and trailing whitespace and line breaks
     are now stripped from string values in codeless language
modules, to
     resolve situations in which a multi-line formatted pattern using
     (?x:...) ended with one or more carriage returns after the closing
     parenthesis, which would in turn cause the pattern to not function
     as intended.

*   [227542] Fixed bug in which certain malformations in codeless
     language modules were not detected early enough to prevent
them from
     causing problems later on.

*   [227630] Fixed bug in which "Run in Terminal" and "Run in Debugger"
     were inappropriately sticky for scripts run from the
Scripts or
     Apply Text Filter menus.

*   [225821] Made a change to reduce the amount of time spent loading
     names from tags files for syntax coloring.

*   [228847] Fixed bug in which the `#FILE#` placeholder used an
     incorrect name when the document whose name should have
been used
     was open in a project window.

*   Fixed a bug in which the Multi-File Search window did too
much work
     in situations where documents were being opened (or closed)
at high

*   [228775] Fixed bug in which changing the Soft Wrap Text settings
     (Page Guide/Window Width/Character Width) in per-language
     preferences would set them to the wrong value.

*   [229675] Fixed a bug in which Replace All operations
consumed far
     more memory than was appropriate, which in turn would
contribute to
     prematurely running out of memory while processing a large quantity
     of files.

*   Fixed bug in which the `UseEscapeKeyAsCompletionTrigger` expert
     preference didn't work. Also, its behavior has been changed such
     that when it is turned on, the Escape key is no longer
functional as
     an Emacs command prefix. This eliminates the need to strike `Esc`
     twice in order to trigger completion (when the expert
preference is
     in use).

*   Fixed bug in which the "Comment" and "Uncomment" buttons in the
     Utilities palette were incorrectly disabled. They're now coalesced
     into one, Un/Comment (which tracks the change to the menu structure
     for 10.1.1) and it behaves correctly now.

*   [230959] Fixed bug in which the window shape saved by "Save Default
     Project Window" was not honored when opening a folder or
making a
     new project from scratch.

*   [231141, 231160] Fixed missing Command-key modifier on the keyboard
     equivalent for Un/Comment.

*   Added a few more types to the list of things that BBEdit recognizes
     as text documents.

*   [231470] Made a change to avoid tickling a bug on 10.6.x which
     could cause stalls or a crash while saving file references in
     projects and a few other locations.

*   [230888] Attribute values that look like they're dynamically
     generated are now skipped by the HTML syntax checker, in
order to
     suppress the errors that would result.

*   [231022] Fixed a bug in which the `#!` line in unix filters run
     from text factories was parsed incorrectly when the Unix filter's
     source file was not marked `+x` (executable).

*   Fixed crash which would occur when cancelling a download of the
     user manual.

*   Corrected about-box link to Zocalo Coffeehouse; added a
credit line
     for Funranium Labs (the Black Blood of the Earth).

*   Fixed a bug in which opening (by pulling down) the Open
Recent menu
     would mount remote volumes or disk images when it was
really not
     necessary. That work is now deferred until you actually
choose an
     item from the menu.

*   [232393] Fixed internal exception and subsequent crash which would
     occur when trying to save a Grep pattern (via the Setup
window) with
     an empty field.

*   [232454] Fixed bug in which a now-unused preference from an old
     version would cause the toolbar to remain visible, even
when all of
     the gating preferences were turned off in the Appearance prefs.

*   [225989] Fixed bug in which included files were not properly
     located when specified relative to the site root of a
configured web

*   [234061] Fixed bug in which Preview in BBEdit didn't work
correctly for Lasso

*   [231853] Fixed bug in which contextual-menu markup commands
were not available in
     Lasso documents, even when the selection range was in an
HTML tag.

*   [233323] Fixed bug in which saving a document would cause
its name to reset in the
     project list, in cases where it had previously been renamed
using the "Rename"

*   Fixed a bug in which file locators (used in projects and
other places) would
     inappropriately carry over a legacy-format alias record.

*   [230802] Fixed a bug in which folders in project windows
would sometimes refuse to
     twist open after opening the project.

*   [238347] Fixed bug in which "Copy as Styled Text" would
cause a
     crash when applied to certain files (dependent on syntax coloring).

*   [236384] Fixed bug in which "Replace All" or "Replace to
End" would
     fail in cases where the most recent direct search from the Find
     window was a "Find Previous", and there were no matches
between the
     start of the selection range and the beginning of the document.

*   [238856] Resolved an incorrect icon reference in the application
     properties which caused blank icons to be displayed for TextWrangler
     documents; and removed some inappropriate UTI exports.

*   Fixed bug in which New (with Clipboard) incorrectly forced the
     document's language to "(none)" and thus interfered with automatic
     language guessing.

*   [239546] Fixed bug in which the esq-q Emacs keybinding
brought up
     the Hard Wrap options sheet, instead of just doing it.

*   Fixed a pair of bugs that conspired to mangle windows
located on a
     display which got disconnected; typically they would end up
back on
     the main display, but at an unusably tiny size.

*   Armorplated the suspected site of a nonreproducible crash.

*   [239293] Fixed crash which would occur when decoding AppleDouble
     files from within Zip archives, and the file was missing an entry
     for the resource fork.

*   [239930] Fixed bug in which using the "Close" contextual
menu to
     save and close multiple documents would result in the documents
     being neither saved nor closed.

*   [240040] Fixed bug in which the file type filter setting was not
     correctly retained when closing and reopening a project.
Along the
     way, cleaned up some glitches in the file filter menu.

*   [239350] Added some missing search keywords for items in the
     Application preferences.

*   [239741] Added comment strings to the Verilog and VHDL
language modules.

*   [239744] Changed the embedded Textile preview script to properly
     use UTF-8 I/O so that non-ASCII characters preview correctly.

*   [240440] Fixed a crash when starting up with items in our Startup
     Items folder and DragThing running.

*   [239046] Fixed crash which would occur when using a service
to open
     items while DragThing was running (and in a couple of other

*   [241023] Fixed a crash which would occur while trying to locate
     ctags files relative to a file that had been implicitly
created by a
     command of the form `bbedit ../path/to/some/file.txt`, when
the file
     in question didn't exist yet.

*   [239609] If the front editing window is in full screen mode, then
     Unix script output will be opened into the front window,
rather than
     into a separate window (and separate space). (In cases
where the
     Unix Script Output window is already open, there will be no change
     to document grouping or ordering.)

*   [239609] Fixed bug in which windows created while BBEdit was in
     full screen mode would end up with their title bars under
the menu
     bar after exiting full screen mode.

*   [232164] Completion is now allowed in "content" runs of TeX documents.

*   [241141] When the HTML function scanner sees a `<script>` tag
     missing an explicit language qualifier, it will now assume the
     element to contain JavaScript, so that JS function
detection and
     folding work correctly within.

*   [240781] Fixed bug in which C++ typedefs containing namespace
     declarations would confuse the function scanner.

*   [240628] Attempted workaround of an OS bug in which keyboard events
     registered during or close to the end of a three-finger trackpad
     drag (to select text) were lost. So, if you did a
three-finger drag
     and hit Cmd-X too quickly after releasing the trackpad, the desired
     Cut operation would not take place.

*   [242498] Fixed bug in which using "Save to FTP Server" on an open
     document would not correctly update the information in the Currently
     Open Documents list (or in the project).

*   [242733] Added "rgba" to the CSS keywords list.

*   [202009] Fixed bug in which automatically generated CSS markup
     would inappropriately use tabs for indentation, instead of spaces,
     when "Auto-Expand Tabs" was turned on in the document being marked

*   [243058, 243075] Fixed crash which would occur when trying to
     manipulate certain properties of a browser window when no document
     was being viewed.

*   The number of arguments passed to Unix command execution is now
     limited by the total amount of data that's allowed to be
sent to the
     pipe (64K - 1), and not a hard number of arguments. This
resolves a
     "too many arguments" error that would occur when trying to perform
     certain large-scale operations on discrete files (such as `svn
     revert` on a lot of selected files in a results list).

*   [242379] The inline collapsed-text "pill" indicator is now scaled
     appropriately for a larger range of font sizes (and looks more
     attractive at all sizes).

*   [244179, 244195] Fixed crash when running a text factory containing
     one or more "Run Unix Filter" actions.

*   Fixed a bug in which certain fonts could not be used for printing.

*   Fixed bug in which the sources list in the Multi-File Search window
     wasn't highlighted with the proper colors when the window
(or the
     application) was not active.

*   `fish` is added to the internal list of shells that are run as
     login shells (for worksheets). Note that at this writing, `fish`
     isn't actually useable in worksheets, but these settings
will be
     necessary for when it's compatible.

*   If necessary, BBEdit will now ask the installed `svn` for a file's
     status, in cases where no `.svn` directory is present. This allows
     the built-in subversion commands to work correctly with Subversion
     1.7 and later.

*   [249069] Check for certain (very short) but canonical
strings at
     the beginning of a possible text file. This corrects some
cases in
     which a UTF8 check of the partial file can end up falsely reporting
     the file as non text, in case the file contains a lot of valid
     multi-byte UTF-8 characters, and the check ends on a character

*   Fixed bug in which the results of "Find Definition" were not
     properly sorted by line number as they should have been.

*   [241471] When enumerating an Xcode project, eliminate
duplicates to
     avoid duplicate results in the Open File by Name window
(and other

*   [241763, 249599, 249653] Fixed bug in which soft-wrap indentation
     preferences were not correctly applied when printing.

*   [237977] Improved guessing of Objective-C/C++ files.

*   [237712, 237748] Fixed bug in which the last line of the selection
     would be skipped entirely when doing a "Print Selection",
if the
     selection did not end with a line break.

*   [233851] Fixed bug in which ridiculously long strings were not
     selectable in the search history menu.

*   [214362] "Select Line" and "Select Paragraph" are now
disabled in the
     Find and Multi-File Search windows.

*   [216755] Fixed bug which allowed disk browser windows to be
     collapsed to zero width.

*   [230312] You can now use "Replace to End" when the Find
window is
     in front (assuming that the window immediately behind is
also an
     eligible target for a Replace All operation).

*   [242436] Truncate the file name in the "Run..." sheet (on
the `#!`
     menu) to avoid wrapping in the control.

*   [244745] Fixed impedance mismatch in the scripting system
     internals, in which testing for uniqueness of an item's
name was
     case sensitive, but resolving references to items by name
was case
     *in*sensitive, leading to errors when trying to do things like
     compare two open documents with names differing only in
case. (Note
     that as a side effect of this fix, BBEdit will be strict about
     resolving references to objects by name; the case that you supply
     must match the case of the desired object.)

*   [239040] Fixed bug in which the Markup Builder panel would appear
     in outer space if the insertion point (or selection range)
had been
     scrolled out of view.

*   [237083] Fixed bug in which the "Apply Text Filter" head menu
     couldn't be hidden, and corrected the name in the Menus & Shortcuts

*   [242317] Added plurals for project classes in the scripting terminology.

*   [222361] Added "`!`" to the list of characters which is considered
     when deciding whether a string needs to be shell-escaped before
     sending it to the Terminal.

*   [219751] Fixed bug in which the HTML checker was looking for the
     wrong kind of delimiter in 'headers' table attributes.

*   [242595] Fixed bug in which the "Run selection only" option in
     the Run... command on the `#!` menu had no effect. Note that
     along with this fix there's a behavior change: if you have an
     eligible selection, the "Run" (no ellipsis) command will
run the
     selection; otherwise it will run the whole document. This is
     different from the previous behavior, in which the "Run selection
     only" switch was sticky (and since it was invisible, you never
     knew what would happen).

*   [241294] When doing "Find in Reference" URL lookups, only the
     symbol name (and, if used, the language name) are encoded with
     percent escapes, rather than applying them to the whole URL string.
     This way, you can use URL metacharacters in the template string
     (such as "#") and they'll work.

*   [250505] Fixed formatting of `<script>`, `<style>`, and
other tags
     with special content considerations when using a profile (including
     the "Pretty Print" option).

*   [220727] The `UseNumericKeypadForCursorMovement` preference still
     works, but since there's no GUI for it, changes to it can
only take
     place outside of the application. Such changes are now correctly
     detected. Also, there's now notification feedback for
toggling the
     setting on the fly (which can be done using Option-Num-Lock [the
     upper left key on the numeric keypad]).

*   [217064] Canonicalize filter names for the "Apply [Last] Text
     Filter" command.

*   [212349] Fixed bug in which the `ProjectsOpenItemsOnSingleClick`
     expert preference was not honored for the Project and
Recent lists,
     as it should have been.

-   [247800] Corrected bug which caused the Text Encodings preference
     pane to display stale values after Restore Defaults, unless
the app
     was quit and restarted.

-   [216584] If you dismiss the Markup Builder panel while the combo
     box is open, we now hide the combo box.

*   [250819] Fixed bug in which certain tags which should have been
     allowed as selections in the markup panel (for creating a
new tag
     via Edit Markup) were not.

*   Corrected the scripting dictionary to clarify that the `search
     string` and `replacement string` properties are returned as Unicode
     text; and the `search string script` and `replace string script`
     properties have been removed, since they haven't been used
for a
     long time (and access to them didn't work).

*   [250673] Fixed bug in which the line number bar didn't always
     refresh correctly when adjusting the line spacing preference.

*   [225566] When creating a new HTML document using a Unicode
     encoding, non-ASCII characters in the title are no longer
     entity-escaped, since they don't need to be.

*   [250715] Fixed bug in which list views with keyboard focus
     wouldn't allow keystrokes that didn't belong to them to propagate
     to the rest of the system.

-   [247639] A bug in the python module caused folds to start in
the wrong
     place when a foldable, non-comment block began with a comment.

-   [232534, 232491] A Java file's fold points and function
popup would become
     confused if, under certain circumstances, a class instance was
     created and properties were accessed all in the same statement,
     such as with `new Foo(new Bar(bat).baz())`.

*   [250556] Attempts to change the soft wrap mode to an invalid
     value using the scripting interface will now report an error.

*   [220082] Fixed crash which would occur when leaving certain
     terms blank in a file filter.

*   [251132] Fixed bug in which the "Edit" button for editing the
     `known_hosts` file in case of an SSH host verification failure
     didn't work on newer versions of the OS.

*   [250771] "Save As" is now disabled when the active document is
     "synthetic" (derived from the contents of a Zip archive or
     tarball, or downloaded directly from a URL). Use "Save a Copy",
     which behaves correctly in ways that "Save As" did not when it
     was inappropriately enabled.

*   [229793] Removed inappropriate attribute specifications from the
     `<script>` tag definition in the HTML 4.0/4.01 syntax checker

*   [238413] The font panel accessory view (with the tab width
     setting) no longer comes and goes whenever the font panel's event
     target changes; this in turn eliminates the tendency of the font
     panel to "shimmy" when closing or opening a bunch of documents.

*   [227013] Fixed bug in which the per-language tab width setting
     wasn't properly applied when changing a document's language

*   Added large and high-resolution icons for the application.


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