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Getting the 'Embeddability' (fsTpye?) of font files. 10/23/17
The History 9/28/17
How to convert vector graphics into a font file Siyuan Ren 9/7/17
Re: [fonttools] ttx output to ttf Denis Jacquerye 7/25/17
Creating a font out of images 6/30/17
maxp is there but ttx thinks it isn't upon compile to ttf Micah Stupak-Hahn 6/28/17
Subsetter 5/26/17
OTF/TTF -> UFO David Březina 5/23/17
Subsetter and variable fonts David Březina 5/22/17
Adopt ufoLib into fonttools? Sascha Brawer 2/13/17
Altering Namerecord Value 1/22/17
Check ran: behdad/fonttools scored 71% Checks 12/26/16
Goodbye, dependency hell... Cosimo Lupo 12/22/16
Compositor Tal Leming 12/16/16
How create 12000 composite ligatures with FontTolls? Moscow Dharma Center Rime Stroganov 12/7/16
Front end GUI for FontTools Moscow Dharma Center Rime Stroganov 12/6/16
Your Open Source Project on 12/1/16
Blank fonts behdad 11/27/16
How to get bounding box of a glyph from CFF table Paul van der Laan 10/26/16
'GPOS' kerning to a flat kerning table/list? Adam Twardoch 10/23/16
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