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Launched: fontdiff Sascha Brawer 12:15 PM
[behdad/fonttools] f88c43: Check for file attribute before deleting it GitHub 5/19/16
[behdad/fonttools] ca8e49: subset: fix typo GitHub 5/16/16
[behdad/fonttools] 920c6a: subset: set maxp.maxStorage to 0 when --no-hinting... GitHub 5/16/16
[behdad/fonttools] 6c1c2a: cffLib: use tostr() when getting SID of indexed st... GitHub 5/16/16
Typolabs blog article about fonttools Dave Crossland 5/14/16
[behdad/fonttools] 650aae: making error and warning consistent #604 GitHub 5/12/16
[behdad/fonttools] 139441: Better error message for broken hmtx/vmtx table, a... GitHub 5/12/16
[behdad/fonttools] 18e53d: [varLib] Minor GitHub 5/12/16
[behdad/fonttools] 74e740: Minimal change to allow Google Fonts to easily cap... GitHub 5/11/16
Initial thoughts on symfont / GreenPen Nathan Willis 5/9/16
[behdad/fonttools] a796b0: py23: raise Py23Error when using 'xrange' GitHub 5/4/16
[behdad/fonttools] 7efb32: py23: always use iterator whether one uses 'range'... GitHub 5/4/16
[behdad/fonttools] 0204b6: [symfont] Simplify lambdify GitHub 4/30/16
[behdad/fonttools] b5afd8: [glyf] Round component offset before compiling GitHub 4/29/16
Passed: behdad/fonttools#964 (master - bdd0e67) Travis CI 4/28/16
Passed: behdad/fonttools#963 (master - ce15359) Travis CI 4/28/16
[behdad/fonttools] 70ec85: varLib: use cElementTree if available to parse des... GitHub 4/28/16
[behdad/fonttools] ce1535: travis: set 'osx_image' to 'xcode7.3' instead of '... GitHub 4/28/16
[behdad/fonttools] 7a9c6b: [mtiLib] Warn if trailing tabs are found GitHub 4/27/16
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