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pyftfeatfreeze, tool to freeze OT features into fonts Adam Twardoch (List) 12:36 PM
[behdad/fonttools] fcd31f: [xmlWriter_test] test carriage returns '\r' are es... GitHub 7/27/15
[behdad/fonttools] fbdab0: Revert "[xmlReader] make expat parser use UTF-8" GitHub 7/26/15
[behdad/fonttools] d7d59c: [fixedTools] make sure fixedToFloat function retur... GitHub 7/24/15
[behdad/fonttools] 4bfbdc: [xmlReader] initialise OTTableWriter instance with... GitHub 7/24/15
[behdad/fonttools] 6b4567: [xmlReader] always open files using UTF-8 encoding GitHub 7/23/15
[behdad/fonttools] c67295: remove remaining references to fondLib in macUtils... GitHub 7/8/15
[behdad/fonttools] a54b98: add test for stringifyattrs method GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 57e7a6: [cffLib] Fix encoding of Notice and Copyright valu... GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 48cfcb: Add ‘meta’ to the list of supported tables GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 11d377: Implement Apple’s “meta” table GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] c7187c: Optimize reading array of GlyphIDs GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 7d38eb: Minor GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 089241: Minor GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] a7e9d6: Minor GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 1fbbbd: Micro-optimization for previous commit GitHub 7/3/15
[behdad/fonttools] 754a20: Implement lazy array for loading otData-driven arr... GitHub 7/2/15
[behdad/fonttools] 64f117: Minor moving code around in prep for optimization ... GitHub 7/2/15
[behdad/fonttools] db1773: Remove redundant line GitHub 7/1/15
[behdad/fonttools] 4792d7: Do not expose 'fvar' axis and instance flags in XM... GitHub 7/1/15
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