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QUARANTINE in access file Joe Brennan 8:40 AM
Conrolling delivery via SMTP_MAILER_MAXRCPTS *and* MAX_RCPTS_PER_MESSAGE 5/23/15
temp failure 421 promoted to permanent failure 554 Carl Byington 5/6/15
Sendmail on Redhat 6.5 4/27/15
sendmail putting mails to non-existing hosts into local accounts insad 4/26/15
DKIM added on a smarthost Steve 4/18/15
SHA-2 4/16/15
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Queue Groups -- mailq showing queue directories multiple times Ray Van Dolson 4/3/15
Add envelope information to Received header Thorsten Glaser 3/27/15
sendmail 8.15.1 available Claus Aßmann 3/23/15
How to make $100,000 in 20-90 days Kristina C. 3/22/15
Received: (from root@localhost) in headers Albert SakaL 3/20/15
Long delays on incoming email from Office365/ server farm 3/20/15
TSL - consulting CRLs Ralf Soergel 3/7/15
mascarade other data Ari Ramirez 2/20/15
Users that want unfiltered email (read: more spam) J 2/18/15
sendmail and new gTLDs (.hermes) LC's No-Spam Newsreading account 2/15/15
Gmail overwriting Message-Id header 2/6/15
Unable to block SMTP AUTH failures with fail2ban Robert S 1/27/15
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