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what does this authentication warning mean? Mike Scott 8/15/16
How to turn off plain text 8/9/16
SMTP MTA Strict Transport Security ? 7/27/16
Does sendmail support the BinaryMime ESMTP extension? If so, how can this be enabled? Mike B 7/23/16
accepting mails from particular senders only Rainer Sokoll 7/16/16
. Nicholas Randall Forystek 7/12/16
Sendmail unknown user syco mix 7/8/16
Are non-ascii characters allowed in sendmail configuration files? Mike B 7/8/16
Sendmail Header Checking - From: Le Gazman 7/1/16
sendmail debug log (Loglevel 15) -- ineteresting issue: the COMMANDS not showing up for 3 messages when sending more than 24 messages in same session Bill 7/1/16
sendmail reject address - why 6/30/16
Re: What is the expected behavior for SendMail if 8-bit characters show up in a message/rfc822 subsection? Is this not supported? Claus Aßmann 6/21/16
How can we insert "Sender:" header to force "on behalf of" ?? 6/10/16
How can I confirm if sendmail is (or is not) converting a message from 8 to 7 bits? Mike B 6/1/16
What default character set does sendmail use in the absence of a specific value? Mike B 6/1/16
Is there a way to “replay” a packet capture of a smtp session for the purpose of debugging? Mike B 6/1/16
Address Rewrite with a Twist clawes 5/19/16
Howto enable SRS? Rainer Sokoll 5/17/16
how to test noactualrecipient - privacy options Silambarasan Madhappan 5/3/16
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