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help with SMTP AUTH Anton Shterenlikht 7/10/17
sendmail and Anton Shterenlikht 7/10/17
libmilter: howto cleanup on thread termination Ralf Soergel 6/23/17
Envelope info for pipe alias? 6/21/17
Is sendmail behavior on sending to unresolveable domains configurable? Mike B 6/12/17
Sendmail SMART_HOST different credentials by sender 5/30/17
prefer IPv4 when connecting to external dual-stack MTAs Tim Mooney 5/18/17
Milter API and "Command unrecognized". G.W. Haywood 5/14/17
How to hook schleuder into Sendmail Facteur stagiaire 5/10/17
Buongiorno Nadine Molienne 5/4/17
"Cannot exec /usr/libexec/mail.local" - Help needed HL1234 5/2/17
opendkim signing vs 8bitmime Carl Byington 5/2/17
Slow down mail delivery for some domains Charles Borcke 4/21/17
sendmail 8.15.2: "cmd read" timeout Sergey 4/12/17
notification if an email is sent between QUEUEWARN and QUEUERETURN Marcus Schopen 4/11/17
incorrect behavior with daemonportoptions modifer=b and connection caching 4/7/17
nullclient and MASQUERADE_AS() Hauke Fath 4/6/17
sendmail ignoring response from mailer? Piotr Lechowicz 4/3/17
sendmail virtusertable/aliases/mailertable routing question Gregg Hughes 3/28/17
MSA configuration 3/28/17
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