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MSA configuration 3/22/17
Messages appear to be sent from my server 3/18/17
Locations for 3/10/17
Relaying Denied 550 5.7.1 3/8/17
Re: my ISP doesn't allow sendmail Anonymous 2/18/17
Solaris/sendmail 8.6.10 -- No group id of 'mail' SysAdmin 2/14/17
sendmail[<number>]: rejecting connections on daemon MTA: load average: 340 2/12/17
How to stop sendmail connecting backup MXes on some 4?? errors? [gmail mailbox full] Andrzej Adam Filip 2/2/17
Error with sending emails with attachemnt through sendmail Gaurav Shrestha 2/2/17
Why does sendmail log 'verify=FAIL' for all my messages? Hans Conreid 1/31/17
sendmail configuration for Mailman V3? tlhackque 1/30/17
newaliases - is restart required tlhackque 1/30/17
Mail server after power outage trying to deliver locally instead of forwarding to internal server. 1/27/17
8.15.1, about header rewriting fails due to a temporary map lookup failure Sergey 1/24/17
Stop Sendmail accepting 'MAIL FROM: ' with colons in the MAIL FROM address (e.g. '') ? JonB 1/13/17
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sendmail queries 12/19/16
using genericstable, but it seems to be ignored Harry Putnam 12/14/16
building from sources with a PREFIX Harry Putnam 12/13/16
Even LogLevel=98 doesn't log SMTP conversation when sendmail is not recipient SMTP server 12/8/16
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