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Protected recipients... Grant Taylor 2/13/18
Procmail or Spamssassin steve76 2/11/18
Redirect from specific sender Roger Yerbanga 2/8/18
different setup for different ports Helmut K. C. Tessarek 2/7/18
conflicting types for readheaders Muhammad Ehtasham 1/11/18
Opendkdim + Sendmail steve76 1/8/18
Sharing opinion -> sending encrypted communication steve76 1/4/18
not unique id Hans Mayer 12/27/17
Is It Possible To Not Check Against DNSBLs Based On A Recipient's Email Address? 12/15/17
Custom accept message... Grant Taylor 12/3/17
Multi line replies... Grant Taylor 12/2/17
AUTH failure and username in log Sergey 12/1/17
Gmail overwriting Message-Id header 11/29/17
access: GreetPause and REJECT 11/29/17
Redirecting spam James H. Markowitz 11/15/17
NOQUEUE: connect from (null) Roberto Ullfig 11/15/17
TLS inbound mail from ssl_err=5 and milter-greylist Pär Bertilsson 11/10/17
Uploads - What is wrong with Easynews 11/10/17
SASL, sendmail and preventing access for particular users Jobst H. Schmalenbach 11/9/17
reply-to address not resolvable - deferred 11/8/17
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