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[ANN] Kivy 1.8.0 released Mathieu Virbel 3/17/15
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 3/5/15
button short press and long press emily 3/26/15
Building Android App with kivy 1.9.0 using the Kivy Ubuntu Image Ao Yen 3/26/15
Numpy not loading using latest ios build Richard DeVost 3/25/15
GSOC Deadline Warning : Less Than 48 Hours to Go Kovak 3/25/15
Screen diagonal physical size Federico Curzel 3/25/15
professional apps for Android with Kivy pacopyc pacopyc 3/25/15
Support for mobile networking project Momchil Stanchev 3/25/15
Kivy for Python using ctypes 3/25/15
How to setup the Buildozer spec to load the libraries needed by my application 3/25/15
Enquiry Steve Lee 3/25/15
Simple networking project Momchil Stanchev 3/25/15
system keyboard doesn't appear in windows 8.1 Davide Pasini 3/25/15
Help needed in a kvlang question Yoel Koenka 3/24/15
Getting the content of a Layout as a texture? Fernando Coelho 3/24/15
I need help understanding ScrollView Jorge Araya Navarro 3/24/15
TextInput focus and native keyboard jrpdrummer 3/23/15
Cheap hack for multiple windows. Solecist 3/23/15
Running Kivy on Raspberry Pi with touchscreen Phaneesh N 3/23/15
how update FileChooserListView? Davide Pasini 3/23/15
Building for Android? Richard Jones 3/21/15
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