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[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 5/10/15
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 4/7/15
Looking for an LED widget David Aldrich 3:12 AM
avoid parent.parent with properties or other ways Gouz 5/25/15
Is it possible to add push notification like GCM to Kivy? KyungHoon Baek 5/25/15
Promoting a Kivy app Ricardo Couto 5/25/15
kivy launcher import my version plyer ivan limonov 5/24/15
error 'pygame.Surface' object has no attribute 'fmt' Marcello Bisaccia 5/24/15
Fatal error buildozer ivan limonov 5/24/15
Time (and optional date) picker Ian Collins 5/24/15
Error messages when running simple scripts Monte Milanuk 5/23/15
Capture touch info outside of Kivy Window Jon Allsop 5/23/15
Event on_resume update current time ivan limonov 5/23/15
plyer Notification's Click Behavior ivan limonov 5/23/15
How do I change the color of my widget in Kivy at run time ivan limonov 5/22/15
Share button in kivy saurabh shrivastava 5/22/15
Using OptionProperties and Spinners Yoel Koenka 5/22/15
Help! Checkbox color for a white background Ian Collins 5/22/15
Invalid Signature. Code object not signed at all... for iOS code submitted to Apple store. Richard DeVost 5/22/15
Problem building apk with Buildozer embryo 5/21/15
popup not working with functions Jacob Voorhies 5/21/15
Error running KivyCatalog example David Aldrich 5/21/15
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