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[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 7/20/15
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 6/26/15
kivy windows. Unable to get a Window, abort leia velonisha 8/2/15
Buldozer fails to compile. TypeError: 'Version' object is not iterable Guga Figueiredo 8/2/15
Using 3rd party modules. Jason Brower 8/2/15
Methodology: How to display data from a dictionary-object, so that it is updated? Der Achim 8/2/15
cannot build with pyopenssl Booze Aholic 8/2/15
Composite Index Modeler (CIM). My first App Gouz 8/2/15
ready for use image Buildozer 8/2/15
Testing Pool Tom Rota 8/2/15
Windows Store App using Kivy Md. Rashidul Hasan Masum 8/1/15
Having a widget with button behavior and drag behavior Lawrence Moore 8/1/15
Package for Windows Abazaba 7/31/15
Confused by module path for David Aldrich 7/31/15
Logging broken in packaged OS X app? Bill Janssen 7/30/15
In the standard packaging method, there is no main.pyo; yourapp is a python file - not a directory Mehmet Yilmaz Codes 7/30/15
error with pygame and compiled lib on OSX 7/30/15
Automatically sizing a Widget to fit the children Lawrence Moore 7/30/15
Will kivy add support to WP8 and Web ? Luca D'Amico 7/30/15
How to use Flat Kivy Paarth Tandon 7/30/15
sdl2 - TypeError: expected bytes, str found Michael Ebstyne 7/29/15
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