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Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 4/20/18
[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 3/28/18
Accessing function on release of button from .kv file Ketaki Kulkarni 8:26 AM
Accessing String from .py file to TextInput of .kv file Ketaki Kulkarni 6:00 AM
Python3 buildozer error Sanjoy Ghosh 12:38 AM
jnius.jnius.JavaException: Class not found b'com/google/android/gms/auth/api/signin/GoogleSignIn' Глеб Самойлов 4/23/18
Can't get plyer.tts to work (Windows 10) Timothy Welborn 4/23/18
Kivy says it installs but doesn't in Pycharm Greg Harabedian 4/22/18
How to install buildozer on Ubuntu 16.04? GTR - Vitor 4/22/18
Bugs issue on Keyboard EventLoop. Quadri Ganiu 4/21/18
How to use Java class along with kivy widget Quadri Ganiu 4/21/18
[Kivy] Kivy Launcher - permissions Cosmin Poieană 4/21/18
buildozer ant error: Unknown symbol notification.setLatestEventInfo Charles Plager 4/21/18
Correct way to update canvas with lots of objects (raspberry pi) Rodolfo Baeza 4/21/18
app crash on mobile Sanjoy Ghosh 4/21/18
Buildozer - How to handle the change of version or updates with new icons. Giovanni Bucci 4/21/18
kivymd app "android" crashes on launch 4/21/18
Kivy - Trying to code for a Single-Touch Screen on my raspberry Pi3 Not a CODER! 4/20/18
Support for Asus Tinker in style of Raspberry Pi Pieter van der Meer 4/20/18
Buildozer.spec generic information. Giovanni Bucci 4/20/18
Dynamic initialization of the RecycleView Luc 4/20/18
Didn't find any valid dependency graphs. JYUN-FONG LIN 4/19/18
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