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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 4/20/17
Kivy 1.9.1 released qua-non 8/20/16
self.add_widget(ViewGridLayout()) error? OceanArrow 6:30 PM
kivy recv data from server שחר ביתן 12:55 PM
Packaging kivy apps for Linux.. Still complicated? Brian MacDiarmuide 12:52 PM
Please , help with button on_press event misplacement alessandro bonvicini 10:35 AM
Dynamically add buttons to an ActionGroup 4/26/17 example error Brent Picasso 4/26/17
Is there any explanations about the name of 'kivy' and the meaning of kivy logo? Simon 4/26/17
Emulating softinput_mode with VKeyboard? Magnus Carlsson 4/26/17
Android Kivi plyer and accelerometer laurent morel 4/26/17
Need to be able to zoom and pan a canvas with about 1 million objects Daeho Hong 4/25/17
Android device environment variables Fari Tigar 4/25/17
Announcing app released for iOS and Android 4/25/17
Re: [kivy-users] Gsoc Discussion matham 4/25/17
How speed-up gif loading francesco cerone 4/25/17
Noob needs help. Can't reset paint app after saving image. Olivier 4/25/17
on_text_validate runs function twice Simon Lindebjerg 4/25/17
Error on install Mohammed Abbas 4/25/17
Meet a problem about tex_coords on atlas. Simon 4/24/17
Pyjnius on Python3 Geekademy 4/24/17
USB HDMI touch screen with Raspberry Pi. 4/24/17
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