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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 12/24/17
Kivy 1.10.0 released Mathieu Virbel 11/15/17
Need help with Plyer/GPS to perform reverse geocoding... 5:05 AM
Error: Aidl not found, please install it. Towas 5:03 AM
How to manually sign an Android application(apk)? Barney Gumble Channel 2:12 AM
How to create the Keystore file? Barney Gumble Channel 2:11 AM
Anyway to use the standard Google android keyboard in a Kivy app Daniel Bill 1/22/18
urlrequest works on dsktop vrsion,but not the android app, Internet permissison in buildozer enabled ADITYA 1/22/18
Android app from python script Jake m 1/22/18
kivy and real time data Matt Manning 1/22/18
# Aidl not found, please install it. Towas 1/22/18
Help Needed : Can't install Kivy on Kali Linux Muhammad Eakub 1/22/18
Changing screen from another class in kivy Ahmad Shokati 1/22/18
Kivy app becoming unresponsive ASHISH CHUGH 1/22/18
Clock unschedule by return False with help of decorator Himanshu Pharawal 1/21/18
pyinstaller 1/21/18
Video in Carousel? Ian Miles 1/21/18
response time for button click too slow Madhura Bhogate 1/21/18
UrlRequest to Upload Image 1/21/18
Attribute error module has no attribute recipe Jake m 1/21/18
Widget size set unexectedly late Simon J 1/21/18
Re: Hostpython3 Alexander Taylor 1/21/18
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