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[Survey] Documentation improvement Mathieu Virbel 5:39 PM
[ANN] Kivy 1.9 released qua-non 7/20/15
Packaging a kivy app in windows Ivan SanchezFernandez 5:45 PM
Render Math/Latex in Kivy Paul Royik 4:12 PM
interaction with button and a carousel in kv/python. kent nyberg 3:48 PM
kivy-ios: Is it possible to include "twisted" if there is no recipe for it? Diego 2:29 PM
Hi, How can we make FileChooser can support unicode encode("utf-8") or "gbk" ? Thanks Edward Yang 12:08 PM
Kivy Garden Filebrowser Install Error Yowser MaGuil 10:21 AM
android cannot locate symbol when using blacklisted lib audioop 8:31 AM
Help Needed: Packaging TouchRacer with new OSX Method does not works OPQ 3:04 AM
When does self.ids get filled... Paul 12:27 AM
My Bloom Shader sucks. Thomas Chen 11/30/15
Getting error when trying to remove_widget() on ScreenManager Widget Jawann Jeffersom 11/30/15
missing function in Kivy Matplotlib backend Bill Janssen 11/30/15
Help! Obstacle Detection using Kivy on Android Colet Selwyn 11/30/15
What's a good name for a Setting widget for paths (sequences of directories separated by sepchar)? Bill Janssen 11/30/15
Array of widgets? klove 11/30/15
Need to compile a youtube downloader to an android apk. Arpit Goyal 11/30/15
Dear Developers Edward Yang 11/29/15
The clock class of Kivy can't work using raspberry Pi2 周曉超 11/29/15
Problems with touch? Filip Demaertelaere 11/29/15
pyjnius and usb to i2c on android PhotonHiker 11/29/15
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