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HELP - school network LD 6/22/12 3:30 AM
Can anyone help me?
My technicians are having problems as the blockes editor, once opened, is not visible.
If anyone has this working on their network (Windows 7) and your technicians would be willing to chat to our technicians can you get in touch?
Please, before I pull the rest of my hair out.
Re: HELP - school network Jos 6/22/12 4:34 AM
Hi there,
any chance you are using Java 7? When you click on open blocks editor,
a pop up shows the Java version you are using. If that is Java 7 then
the easier way to fix this would be to downgrade to Java 6. If that is
not the issue, then it can be a networking or permissions issue and a
bit of troubleshooting would be needed in that case.

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Re: HELP - school network Kai Black 6/30/12 4:01 AM
I use version 7 on windows 7 and it works fine, the Group Policies could be stopping the opening of the file or anything like this, Java Runtime does have to be installed on the computers first also. but Java 7 is not at fault here not from what I can see.
Re: HELP - school network Shay Pokress, MIT CML 7/2/12 10:36 AM
Hi Kai,
Any progress with this?
We recommend using Java 6, and also checking to see if the school's network permissions might be preventing you from running a java program local on the machine. Sometimes it works when an admin is logged in but then won't work when a student is logged in, due to permissions issues.

Please let us know if you've solved the problem.

Shaileen C. Pokress
MIT Center for Mobile Learning @ The Media Lab • 617-324-8990