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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Power of Us Hub & The Future of NPSP Users <PLEASE READ!!> Kevin Bromer 7/25/13
Contact Merge failing with UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION Jeff Brown 7/25/13
Affiliating People to Our Non-profit ghalljohnson 7/25/13
Email Marketing Provider Victoria Gordon 7/25/13
New NPSP trial instance - Accounts not called Orgs Betty 7/24/13
Household record id CSRC 7/24/13
comparing actual revenue vs forecasted revenue on a monthly basis by campaign Audrey 7/23/13
Soft Credit Rollups BobBailey 7/22/13
Household Settings Freeze Gary 7/19/13
System to Help Maintain Household and Contact Mailing Addresses terry.cole 7/19/13
Relationships Viewer is Awesome. BobBailey 7/18/13
Last N Days Rollup: Posted vs Some other stage BobBailey 7/17/13
Webinar 7/25: Apps for Good features Conga Composer Tal Frankfurt (Cloud for Good) 7/17/13
How do we install new releases of Salesforce as they are put out by Salesforce? Mahasin 7/16/13
looking for help with recurring donations "Paid Amount" error streetkidsuk 7/16/13
Opt-Out for Addresses/Direct Mail? Jessica 7/11/13
Optionally Disable Stage->Paid Mapping Melissa 7/10/13
How do I stop the NPSP redirection from Accounts to Contacts? Michca Morris 7/9/13
New contact not auto-creating a new organization 1-1 model Livable Streets 7/9/13
disabling 1:1 individual link redirect by profile Dustin Frazier 7/9/13
Updating a workflow question Jessica 7/8/13
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