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Inconsistent data - IOIO damaged? JP 8/22/17
Analog Input gives positive and negative voltage Maximillian 8/9/17
Issue with custom IOIO based project Guillaume Madore 8/8/17
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No Open Accessory popup JP 8/1/17
IOIO voltage regulator burns out when i connect Android phone Ante Brkic 6/22/17
Problem in connecting with android Dhanunjay Kumar Mamidi 6/16/17
IOIO with the Pololu Metal Gearmotors Al Bencomo 6/14/17
IOIO-OTG as host, Android as device... no connection theodore peters 5/31/17
Problem with SPI Implementation for beginner Dhanunjay Kumar Mamidi 5/31/17
IOIO Won't Connect to Google Pixel Oscar Prom 5/31/17
Multiple dex files define Lioio/spi/LogImpl 5/26/17
Controlling LoRa radio with IOIO Jerry Howard 5/20/17
Updated documentation? Ben Kokes 5/17/17
I start IOIO library convert java to obj-c Night Tempo Sailor 2/22/17
SPI Example todd welch 2/21/17
IOIO usb connection issue gobode 2/15/17
How can I connect to ioio? István Rostás 2/14/17
IOIO OTG not connecting to smartphone Ahmed Khalil 2/13/17
IOIO gives wrong data from UART Bobi Zrncev 2/1/17
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