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v=2.x updating to 2.450 Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 3/25/13
v=2.x updating to 2.441 Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 11/27/12
Announcement: Change to the Release Cycle James A Webb 11/12/12
Maps API v=2 updated to 2.400 (v=2.s in May 2011) Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 4/15/12
v=2.s to be updated on 25 March Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 1/24/12
Maps API v=2 updated to 2.361 (v=2.s in Nov 2011) Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 8/17/11
Maps API v=2 updated to 2.340 (v=2.s in Aug 2011) Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 5/18/11
Map data updates Luke Mahé 11/9/10
v=2 updated to 2.285 (v=2.s in Feb 2011) Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 11/1/10
v=2 release update: 2.276 Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 9/23/10
Stable Release Update: Versions prior to 2.250 deprecating on Sept 15th, 2010 Daniels L. 7/17/10
[Google-Maps-API-Announce] Upgraded v2 to 2.225 Daniels L. 4/29/10
[Google-Maps-API-Announce] Map data updates for Canada Daniels L. 4/28/10
Versions prior to 2.193 to be deprecated on June 15th, 2010 Daniels L. 4/13/10
Upgraded v2 to 2.210 Daniels L. 3/24/10
Upgraded v2 to v2.208 Daniels L. 3/15/10
New Versioning Process Daniels L. 3/15/10
New Google Geocoding Web Service Daniels L. 3/9/10
Changes to HTTP status codes for geocoder XML responses Daniels L. 2/2/10
Upgraded v2 to 2.193 Daniels L. 12/18/09
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