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I can't figure out subtasks novomaisky 1/11/17
Widgets not updating? Brea Carlson 1/10/17
Displaying attached emails: problem is - they don't for me! Alex Goodall 1/10/17
Need assignees to be able to schedule task or have Notifications for tags 1/10/17
Integrating Gmail (contacts) with Gqueus Jared Low 1/10/17
Feature request: multiple options for calendar sync of completed tasks Jesse Dunietz 1/10/17
Changing Queque settings AC 1/10/17
Notification to inbox not working when a shared task has comment added although I do get notification James Beasley 1/10/17
SHared task notification working but not recieving message in inbox James Beasley 1/10/17
Pinning Tasks to top of queues? Ashley Schwartau 1/10/17
Spontaneous translation? 1/9/17
#Feature As a user, when I'm viewing queue tasks, I want to select multiple tasks so I can batch/bulk update/delete/move them Lewis Dexter Litanzios 1/9/17
Text not wrapping upon editing task hence cannot see text on iphone 7 plus James Beasley 1/7/17
NEW: Task Duration Cameron (GQueues) 1/6/17
Assignment Notification Suggestion... Mike Wilday 1/5/17
Email link in task broken with multiple accounts Scott 1/5/17
Is the Roadmap updated? Holmes1245 1/3/17
request tags visibility in calendar feed lois 1/3/17
Show Google Calendar as a sidebar when scheduling tasks 1/3/17
Error connecting to calendar Boyd Kelly 1/3/17
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