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Sort by date to include subtasks (Suggestion) Matthew Reischer 7/15/16
google calendar integration: reminders/events carried over to the next day? Mary-Lou 7/15/16
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I wish i had a button for hidding My Queues Stanciu Ionut 7/14/16
Support for Google Inbox? Vita Zalud 7/13/16
Custom Reminder Times Jordyn Bonds 7/13/16
Feature Request: Delete Attachment from Drive Matthias 7/13/16
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Why GQueues logos got white background SkorpEN 7/13/16
Shared Queues Mark Henderson 7/12/16
Please list Personal Lists with Smart Queues in Android app K. B. Pok-Carabalona 7/12/16
Remove Assignment Smart Queue - Feature request Christopher Smith 7/11/16
Multiple Domains Mark Henderson 7/9/16
Why do my Notes disappear? Annette Eisfeld 7/8/16
Create task button not appearing Paul Atkins 7/8/16
Task being duplicated on integrated google calendar Jeff Long 7/8/16
Task Assignment Features 7/8/16
Notification settings not working Ivo Tavares 7/8/16
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