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Re: Smart Queue - for those tasks assigned by others, not me Cameron (GQueues) 11/3/17
Notification problem Giorgio Sordelli 11/3/17
Suggested Feature: nested comments and liking comments Ashley Schwartau 11/3/17
Automatic sync to Android application not working 11/3/17
API question revisited Darren Wray 11/1/17
Re: Allow multiple reminders per task? Cameron (GQueues) 10/31/17
Entering new line in note: Shift+Enter not working Robert Tanner 10/31/17
Save default 'sort' options for a queue Tephra 10/30/17
Make strikethrough of completed tasks optional? Chris in DC 10/30/17
Feature Suggestion - Would be wonderful if tasks opened then sent our notification after all edits on close? Daniel Tanguay 10/30/17
Mobile app not syncing correctly Martin Kusák 10/30/17
Integration Question - Assistance Needed David 10/30/17
How to search for tasks with a date, but no TIME? (aka All Day tasks) Jen L 10/28/17
#Enhancement As a user, when I attach a Google (Drive) document) to a task, I want the file name to update when file name changes occur Lewis Dexter Litanzios 10/28/17
Suggestion for Android App: ability to click on and go to parent task/project when viewing subtasks Amy Smith 10/28/17
Export issues - UTF-8 support? Egor The Dragon 10/27/17
I cannot import a backed up gqueue into a new queue Tara 10/27/17
Feature Request: Show/Hide Completed Tasks Paul 10/27/17
24 Hour Clock Finn Hybjerg Hansen 10/27/17
Gqueues button only shows when not in split pane mode Corey Jeppesen 10/26/17
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