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Shift "More Actions" to the Left of Task Title for Easier Scanning Cyrus Kirby 8/22/15
Files did not export when I moved my account to a new email account 8/21/15
Task Notifications Patrick Perkins 8/21/15
[FEATURE] Suggestion - All child tasks have easy access to attachments from all higher level tasks Neil Keifer 8/21/15
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Android app errors with repeating tasks, and incredibly slow S. McCauley 8/21/15
Renamed User not showing GQueues Sabriya Targete 8/21/15
Next Action syntax or multiple categories or queues in a smart queue Coco Soodek 8/19/15
Android app/widget inbox problem John Skelton 8/19/15
Any plan for Apple Watch app ? Jean-Paul Chanal 8/19/15
Inbox out of sync A Cleater 8/19/15
Moving Tasks on Mobile Amy 8/19/15
Suggestion: Provide User the Ability to Define "Next Action" Cyrus Kirby 8/19/15
Source code Marco 8/18/15
Steps to Achieve a Working Dashboard Cyrus Kirby 8/18/15
[Feature Request] Option to toggle shift / shift+enter behavior in Notes Doug N 8/18/15
Feature Request: [ENTER] Creates New Line in Edit Mode Dave W. 8/18/15
Automatic Updates to Queue Sorting Possible? Cyrus Kirby 8/18/15
Reminders are being automatically added to all day tasks? jtfennig 8/17/15
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