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I just entered about 20 new tasks with notes and they suddenly disappeared off the screen!! Thomas Parisi 2/4/16
Gqueues for Gmail: Mark/Tag email when task created Veronica Van Dyke 2/4/16
Delete/Complete from Google Calendar Veronica Van Dyke 2/4/16
hide or omit queues/tasks from populating calendar Michael Hart 2/4/16
Tasks not staying in order Karl 2/4/16
Have paid subscription, but won't work on android or tablet Jen Benner 2/2/16
Hide iOS keyboard after add task Scott Young 2/1/16
Calendar sync issues Nicolas De Kouchkovsky 2/1/16
Feature Request: Link to open queue with particular tasks expanded Jacob Floyd 2/1/16
New Gmail INBOX Chris Wright 2/1/16
Using the Create GQueues Task bookmarklet is not secure Felhasznalo 2/1/16
Attach email from within GQueues? Jacob Floyd 2/1/16
Trial Expiration Popup Won't Close Daniel Wilson 2/1/16
Is the new task bookmarklet working? Dan H 2/1/16
Task Overview: Why can't I add subtaskss in the task overview mode? Divide Impera 1/29/16
View calendar, due date range, and pick a date for smart queues? Brea Carlson 1/29/16
Two Tasks Change Their Locations After Each Refresh Randy Singh 1/28/16
iOS App not Syncing with Web Tasks Aaron Pfauth 1/28/16
�� As a desktop user, when I'm creating/updating task notes, I want Markdown support #UXD #Enhancement #FeatureRequest #Idea #Suggestion Lewis Dexter Litanzios 1/28/16
Bug in repetition from completion? Brea Carlson 1/27/16
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