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End of the corrupt DNC and GOP Merc 10.6.2016
Lawsuits might end Hillary's run Merc 9.6.2016
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Trump has my vote Merc 9.6.2016
Help Us Put Jill Stein on the Ballot in Every State! Merc 9.6.2016
Racism or racism and poisoning Merc 7.6.2016
Hillary supporters are dumb. Merc 7.6.2016
Sanders Campaign Prepares For Independent Run In The General Election Merc 7.6.2016
Debunking Hillary's popular vote Merc 7.6.2016
The Beautiful Diversity Of Redhead People Of Color ImStillMags Mags 2.6.2016
Merc. vaxxed ImStillMags Mags 30.5.2016
Nevada big mouth, Barbara Boxer Merc 25.5.2016
I love you Robert Deniro!!!! Merc 24.5.2016
New Members Justice 24.5.2016
BERNIE SANDERS is the ONLY candidate that doesn't support H-1B visas...... Merc 23.5.2016
I told you so..... Mickey Merc 21.5.2016
Jill Stein; " Bernie and I need to talk" Merc 21.5.2016
Hillary's number one supporter...... Merc 21.5.2016
Hillary can't win in November Merc 21.5.2016
Hillary supporter arrested for assaulting Sanders supporter. Merc 21.5.2016
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