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according to the standards set by the tards, they cannot attack most of the GOP candidates mark 4.5.2015
Watch Bernie lay it down. ImStillMags Mags 4.5.2015
Fox (FAUX!) News quotes Tiffany who saw young, black man "shot in the back and murdered in my face" today. Except none of it happened. Kamakazee 4.5.2015
Obama targets "race relations" as his meal ticket post Whitehouse Kamakazee 4.5.2015
Why Clinton must not become President. Rebs1623 4.5.2015
"Why The False Christians Besmirch 'The Protocols' " -- By Guf. E. Adams BEZARK 4.5.2015
The Neoisraelocons Have Brought Their War Here BEZARK 4.5.2015
Make up up the modern republican party Fritz.da.Cat 4.5.2015
Why Wasn't That Killed Cop Armed? Having A Gun Always Solves Things . . . Solves Everything BEZARK 4.5.2015
Kilroy Was Here - xtal97 4.5.2015
Sculpting the future through controlled fear. ImStillMags Mags 4.5.2015
Our Ayn Randian Dystopia: The Five-Step Process to Privatize Everything Ragnar 4.5.2015
muslims meet our constitution mark 4.5.2015
Wal-Mart: "No Truth to the Rumors" of Tunnels Being Built to Take Over Texas Herman Adler 4.5.2015
if a muslim barber refuses to cut a lesbian's hair who do the tards support? mark 4.5.2015
Were the Nazis racist? Euwe 4.5.2015
This will have you yanks up in arms, the truth always hurts. Rebs1623 4.5.2015
2 mangos for a buck?! Running Around 4.5.2015
What Americans fear the most...... Rebs1623 4.5.2015
ever notice the fattest ones at the grocery store pay with food stamps? mark 4.5.2015
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