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Where's the Democrat voters outrage over the DNC Merc 10.12.2016
Euwe Merc 10.12.2016
Word of the day... Merc 10.12.2016
Merc..Bella says Merry Christmas....... Irie 10.12.2016
Hillary and Michael Moore Merc 9.12.2016
(snort) ImStillMags Mags 9.12.2016
REAL News vs Corporate fake News Merc 9.12.2016
Beautiful story of a Polish old man... Merc 9.12.2016
Wisdom quote of the year.... Merc 7.12.2016
Life is too stressful to deal with important issues? Merc 2.12.2016
Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Merc 29.11.2016
Huma and Hillary: Lesbian Lovers Yuge Rabbit 26.11.2016
So, I have the second Grandchild on the way.. Yuge Rabbit 26.11.2016
Consider it a backboard Cosmoraptor 26.11.2016
check out this adorable little goat ImStillMags Mags 26.11.2016
update from Standing Rock ImStillMags Mags 24.11.2016
Try out https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/politicalforum, this one reeks of Ewe Kamakazee 23.11.2016
Hilarious to watch the left whine about voter fraud mark 23.11.2016
Happy Thanksgiving ImStillMags Mags 23.11.2016
President Trump calls families of cops shot by Clinton voters mark 22.11.2016
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