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Top Picture Ghost of Adams 6.8.2015
SEC Requires Companies to Reveal CEO-Vs-Worker Pay Gap Herman Adler 5.8.2015
This is such a sad and horrible story ImStillMags Mags 5.8.2015
How Hillary Clinton will go after Bernie Sanders on race PirateLT2112 5.8.2015
U.S. Federal Court Says Texas Voter ID Violates Voting Rights Act Herman Adler 5.8.2015
Obama Clean Power Plan Will Save Thousands Of Lives Even If There Was No Global Warming To Combat Lobo 5.8.2015
Obama Follows Through on His Campaign Promise to Bankrupt the Coal Industry and Raise Your Electric Bill lew 5.8.2015
Hey Colorado posters - xtal97 4.8.2015
Teacher Quizzes Second-Grader on Religion, Punishes Him for His Answers...in a Public School Herman Adler 4.8.2015
A new idea for the cause of global warming other than the increase in the carbon dioxide Toshio Suzuki 4.8.2015
Will the New York Times Ever Fix Its Clinton Story? Herman Adler 3.8.2015
You have no valid canditate Ghost of Adams 3.8.2015
I Have NEVER Met a Decent Human Being... CaliforniaLuis 3.8.2015
Black Deaths Matter Ghost of Adams 3.8.2015
25 Years after Desert Storm -Why Republican Presidents Have Only 1% of U.S. Combat Casualties lew 3.8.2015
Planned Parenthood's Cash Cow lew 3.8.2015
Indiana clears Planned Parenthood ImStillMags Mags 3.8.2015
from the mouth of the tards favorite racist mark 2.8.2015
Unnnnnhhhh.... Euwe 2.8.2015
ok lobo - I'm going to fix this. Euwe 31.7.2015
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