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Anti-Gay Tea Party Founder Busted for Kiddie Porn in Brooklyn Fritz.da.Cat 1.6.2015
GOPer States Punish And Humiliate Low-Income Residents For The Sin Of Being Poor Lobo 1.6.2015
Since tards hate tobacco so much, why not outlaw it? mark 1.6.2015
There should be no such thing as gun free zones mark 1.6.2015
yobama actually said he has raised America's status in the world mark 1.6.2015
LBJ Quote Lobo 1.6.2015
UH OH:: Jeb Bush Says "I Learned About ‘Protecting The Homeland’ From The Way George W Bush ‘Kept Us Safe’" Lobo 1.6.2015
'Is God Is Judging California Drought Because Of Liberal Hate of All Things Practical ? lew 1.6.2015
Let's investigate the clinton crime family mark 1.6.2015
This makes me happy. Fritz.da.Cat 1.6.2015
Kerry's Bike Accident on Tape Navybrat 1.6.2015
Right wing darling David Brooks ImStillMags Mags 1.6.2015
Study: Black Drivers in Ferguson Far More Likely to Be Stopped Than (Are) Whites Herman Adler 1.6.2015
Asshole bush3's Big Plan To Save Social Security: Push The Retirement Age To 70 Ragnar 1.6.2015
Scott Walker's Restrictive Voting Laws Challenged by Top Clinton Lawyer Herman Adler 1.6.2015
Loving the Bubble Chart Running Around 1.6.2015
State of Oklahoma to it's cities and towns.....fuck you. ImStillMags Mags 1.6.2015
Quebec Court: Tobacco Companies Ordered to Pay $15 Billion in Damages Herman Adler 1.6.2015
Remember - "Caring" Democrat Presidents have accounted for 99% of Our Combat Deaths in Last 100 Years. lew 1.6.2015
I want to sell my vote Rebs1623 1.6.2015
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