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So, This is Christmas �� Merc 23.12.2016
Sal Lo Navybrat 22.12.2016
You say goodbye, I say hello. Kamakazee 22.12.2016
Why do you think people like Manning, Snowden and Assange are not 'patriots'? ImStillMags Mags 22.12.2016
It's Over Bitches Navybrat 19.12.2016
Obama hired Citibank CEO as Secretary of Defense Merc 17.12.2016
Google censorship Merc 16.12.2016
Russia did it! �������� Merc 15.12.2016
we have lived to see the day this happens at an NBA game....LOVE WINS ImStillMags Mags 13.12.2016
Thousands of Sanders supporters have a class action lawsuit against the DNC Merc 11.12.2016
Write-Ins for Sanders were all given to Hillary. Merc 11.12.2016
a day with Trump..... SNL John Cena ImStillMags Mags 11.12.2016
Where's the Democrat voters outrage over the DNC Merc 10.12.2016
Euwe Merc 10.12.2016
Word of the day... Merc 10.12.2016
Merc..Bella says Merry Christmas....... Irie 10.12.2016
Hillary and Michael Moore Merc 9.12.2016
(snort) ImStillMags Mags 9.12.2016
REAL News vs Corporate fake News Merc 9.12.2016
Beautiful story of a Polish old man... Merc 9.12.2016
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