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Hilarious to watch the left whine about voter fraud mark 23.11.2016
Happy Thanksgiving ImStillMags Mags 23.11.2016
You say goodbye, I say hello. Kamakazee 22.11.2016
President Trump calls families of cops shot by Clinton voters mark 22.11.2016
Good morning... Merc 22.11.2016
Tulsi Gabbard met with Trump! Merc 21.11.2016
Why are you here again? Kamakazee 21.11.2016
Christian and you voted for Trump? ImStillMags Mags 21.11.2016
Seems the Hamilton actor likes to rape white women mark 21.11.2016
Exit, stage right. Losers. Kamakazee 21.11.2016
Now why oh why would NPR decide to censor conservatives? mark 21.11.2016
So if the old hag broke no laws, why all the calls to pardon her? mark 21.11.2016
Soros thugs threaten violent riots at President Trump's inauguration, good luck with that mark 20.11.2016
Of course it is, Pence ImStillMags Mags 20.11.2016
Ape in heels Cosmoraptor 20.11.2016
I have a serious question for anyone who can answer me. ImStillMags Mags 20.11.2016
Little Girl Suspended Over Butter Knife mark 20.11.2016
The World Mercury Project Merc 20.11.2016
Melania, Melania, the Tattooed Flotus Berg 20.11.2016
Spamakazee's lunch with TiG and euwe Rogue P 19.11.2016
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