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And then there was pizza con't KCIR2 9:13
Particles rearrange in atoms at fusion/fission how? one radiates 9:12
irreproducibility crisis The Starmaker 9:01
The Shape of the Universe. The Starmaker 8:50
A River Model of Space Alan Folmsbee 8:49
Could "Dark Matter" simply be a composite of Tachyons? Jerry Kraus 8:47
First Europeans survived climate change following 'super-eruption' by working together kensi 8:15
Response to Arindham; By James McGinn Atmospheric Physicist and top expert on water in the atmosphere James McGinn 8:09
Global Weirding kensi 6:32
Zoom the AddressBar, like a WebSite. Jeff-Relf.Me 5:30
Murray Gell-Mann flunked the Physics lifelong-generation Test Archimedes Plutonium 5:17
Quantum radar will expose stealth aircraft George 2:56
Jew Porat stealing artwork Technion Univ in Israel;; Porat stole circlon from Lord Kelvin, now trying to steal AP artwork, please Drs Ophir Auslaender, Assa Auerbach tighten security Archimedes Plutonium 1:49
Doctors are associated with early death, not increased health. Jeff-Relf.Me 1:16
new wave of Jew stealing in science (because of technology of Internet) -- Technion Univ-- Porat the vanguard Archimedes Plutonium 23-4-18
7Barry Shein's Moroney's world std ad-hominems-- why Daniel Freedman, Michel Goemans, Vadim Gorin, Harvey Greenspan, flunked calculus & angular momentum never realizing Real proton has to be 840MeV Archimedes Plutonium 23-4-18
Colorado communities launch lawsuit claiming Suncor climate change damages kensi 23-4-18
Science Council Rules the World;; Trump's tariffs on steel,aluminum makes sense, after USA+EU join together as one nation Archimedes Plutonium 23-4-18
Perpetual motion is inertial 23-4-18
+True Chemistry-- 2018 textbook of Experiment-- Real Electron = 105MeV, Real Proton = 840MeV, Dirac's magnetic monopole = .5MeV Archimedes Plutonium 23-4-18
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