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Nucleomotive force may not be discovered for another 100 years? little brother 15:23
Dark Matter KCIR2 15:22
For Sefton, on whether gravity is ever infinite or not. Odd Bodkin 15:15
What Should Have Stopped Einstein Pentcho Valev 14:45
Where's HVAC ? Serg io 14:39
Answering Porat about the need for aether-knowledge to make quintillions of dollars, and about a living god Arindam Banerjee 14:38
Waves need a medium Arindam Banerjee 14:13
by albert einstein The Starmaker 14:13
I figured out charge john 14:10
Einstein's Relative Time: Cancer of Human Mind Pentcho Valev 8:35
Why is there something? 8:14
Origin of Life Obfuscated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics Pentcho Valev 3:32
Experiments Refute Einstein's 1905 Second Postulate Pentcho Valev 1:50
Atheists Have *More* Faith - Than Theists Andrew 17-8-17
Economic theory is bringing the world closer to a Nuke War//name of that French movie about post nuke war Archimedes Plutonium 17-8-17
New AP-Maxwell Equations, under construction Archimedes Plutonium 17-8-17
Truth in Einstein's Schizophrenic World Pentcho Valev 17-8-17
Why Fundamental Physics Is Unfalsifiable (Not Even Wrong) Pentcho Valev 17-8-17
_ _...@_._ 17-8-17
QM Lightning Relates to Macro. reber G=emc^2 17-8-17
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