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Trump is a giant mirror, and Hollywood can't look away. Jeff-Relf.Me 10:11
The Flu May Be Spread Just By Breathing. hanson 10:00
Solved Circumference of Oval and Ellipse, both simultaneously Archimedes Plutonium 9:56
Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398 Andrew 9:51
Climate Change Places a Major Economic Burden on Future People kensi 9:51
ANALBUTTFUCKMANURE stalker Archimedes Plutonium Corner,, stalker for 24 years Michael Moroney 8:53
-PLUTONIUM ATOM TOTALITY UNIVERSE textbook by Archimedes Plutonium, 2017, 8th edition Archimedes Plutonium 8:41
Re: the Einstein conspiracy Helmut Wabnig 8:32
Drs.Larry Summers, Sheldon Glashow, Lisa Randall of Harvard, teach percentages correctly??-- Moroney//never realizing the Real Electron = muon, proton=840MeV, .5MeV = Dirac's monopole Archimedes Plutonium 8:27
Scientists can now quickly link extreme weather events to climate change kensi 8:17
The PLUTONIUM ATOM TOTALITY UNIVERSE textbook by Archimedes Plutonium, 2017-- page1 Archimedes Plutonium 8:14
Is benj a Glurrrgz sock? kensi 7:58
To get really, really rich, all you need is capital gains, not profits. Jeff-Relf.Me 7:45
The trend continues, 2017 one of the hottest years on record Libtard 7:44
in 1999 the american neanderthal red hot chilli pepppeera dn bono from u2 they wanted to force me to like her REPLY->FUCK YOU AMERICA AND NIGGER BONO FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU _...@__.__ 7:44
in america in 1999 they never said what they wanted from me they wanted to know what i wanted from them->now they know i want them to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _...@__.__ 7:30
about 1999 teh more i fed the american animals the more they demand sacrifice->they were seeing things in teh opposite way i wasnt the machine->the americans were the machines the animals that never stopped selling me->they had to die for me not me for them they requested my presence in 1999 to give them something they never said what it was ->DIE AMERICA TRASH ZOO OIF NEANDERTHALS _...@__.__ 7:28
Don't give up; Uber has not hired any ducks yet: Keep looking - quack quack James McGinn 7:27
i learned an important lesson from 1999 about the american monkeys in the zoo->when i go the next time to the zoo never laugh at the american apes they dont like people to laugh at american animals _...@__.__ 7:25
Climate change threatens hairy survivor of multiple ice ages kensi 7:23
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