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Have Cassini scar the Rings of Saturn and with Earth telescopes, prove the Rings are Solid Body Rotation// also dock Cassini in the Rings Archimedes Plutonium 20:07
How Einsteinians Prove Time Dilation Pentcho Valev 19:52
Is Mayphal Gay? HVAC 19:43
Eddington Wing at MIT Serg io 19:01
Black Holes Come in every size WOW reber G=emc^2 18:52
Atomic nitrogen for scramjet propulsion? Robert Clark 18:44
Smokers are smarter, I say. Jeff-Relf.Me 18:32
String Theory Is Not Even Wrong; How About Einstein's Relativity? Pentcho Valev 17:35
Einstein's Idiocies: Length Contraction Pentcho Valev 17:15
BJ Has Never Shot A Firearm HVAC 16:54
The Speed of Thought The Starmaker 16:54
CH4 for Odd john 16:43
_ _...@_._ 16:43
Jonas Eklundh: More zsh shell stupid design decisions Steven Petruzzellis 16:25
Accretion discs john 16:06
Lead ln Our Brain reber G=emc^2 16:06
There is no black hole in Sgr A * Enes Richard 16:03
The future of Science Edward Prochak 15:51
Re-doing all physics starting off with F=m(a1+a2), not F=ma, 8th ed Atom Totality Archimedes Plutonium 14:57
8th edition of Atom Totality soon to come Archimedes Plutonium 14:54
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