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The project is located at,
And the documentation at

If you are going to post a bug, give us the maximum context, for example, including the adb logcat with the whole log from the start, only a cutted part out of the context. Thanks :)

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Prebuilt Virtual Box Image with `Android SDK`, `Android NDK` and `Python for Android` qua-non 30/04/15
Trying to add support for Scipy Jules Gagnon-Marchand 04:47
load jar Bernát Koncz 24/08/16
flask.ext.login Bernát Koncz 22/07/16
Debug vs release builds Roman Evstifeev 19/06/16
size of assets/private.mp3 Ian Collins 05/06/16
NDK version r11c supported Ye Roger 09/05/16
Building for x86 Marco Mariani 27/04/16
Porting lxml recipe, issues with LONG_BIT definition Zach Goldberg 23/04/16
Failure to build apk after unexpected format of call to "ant" in new p4a B Fiwoc 13/03/16
Problem compiling with pyopenssl Kyle Monson 13/02/16
SQLite and new toolchain? Miszel K 12/01/16
Pure python run without gui is possible kj luo 09/01/16
recipes depending on external modules Przemysław Szulczyński 10/12/15
Buildozer, python-for-android and matplotlib 09/12/15
python numpy compiles but will not run -- old_toolchain David Liebman 01/12/15 error and pil recipe in new toolchain David Liebman 01/12/15
kivy-sdl2 patching error stops creating distribution -- "back-patch can help" gobftald 10/10/15
cannot compile numpy in python-for-android revamp David Liebman 10/10/15
New p4a doesn't work on my ubuntu desktop David Liebman 09/10/15
application data files (in private.mp3) Ian Collins 03/10/15
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