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About this mailing-list Fabien Potencier 20/03/13
drupalcon presentation on routing Lukas Kahwe Smith 21/05/14
[IMPORTANT] This mailing list is officially closed Javier Eguiluz 31/12/13
final LTS before 3.0 Georg 9/11/13
WS-Security with PHP Soap Extension Bousselham 15/09/13
Symfony 2.4 Fabien Potencier 1/09/13
Youporn Relaunches Tomorrow On Symfony2! Eric Pickup 28/08/13
Symfony2 Login - Bad credentials Kavita Malode 26/08/13
[Question][PropertyAccess] Access to method with parameters Jérémy Leherpeur 24/08/13
Re: [symfony-devs] Symfony2 Doctrine DBAL set additional driver options weaverryan 23/08/13
Any way to use variables from config.yml in routing annotations? Romain GIACALONE 23/08/13
Question: how to redirect from security.authentication.success event? gondo 20/08/13
Senior Software Developer - Miami FL (Telecommute Possible) 16/08/13
Re: [symfony-devs] File storage abstraction/api for Symfony LTS? Fabien Potencier 18/07/13
Managing the symfony ecosystem. johnny none 23/06/13
Re: [symfony-devs] Symfony 2.4 Lukas Kahwe Smith 15/06/13
Upgrade to 2.3 Saad Fikri 11/06/13
Let's save some I/O Thomas 5/06/13
Symfony 2.3 security audit Matt Robinson 29/05/13
Re: [symfony-devs] [HttpKernel] Multi base/root dir support or not? :| Sebastian Krebs 14/05/13
[RFC] Cache component Fabien Potencier 11/05/13
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