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Twitter API Announcements to become read-only this Friday, August 12th Jason Costa 8/10/11
The New Twitter Developer Site Arnaud Meunier 7/11/11
The new permission model (R / RW / RWD) is now in effect Arnaud Meunier 6/30/11
New permission level enforcement happens this Thursday (30th June) Matt Harris 6/28/11
New Photo upload feature: What's new & coming on the API side Arnaud Meunier 6/1/11
Introducing the Follow Button Arnaud Meunier 5/31/11
DM enforcement date has been extended to the end of June Matt Harris 5/27/11
TweetDeck joins Twitter Matt Harris 5/25/11
A new permission level Matt Harris 5/18/11
HTTPS profile and profile background image URLs are being added to user objects Matt Harris 5/16/11
Visual refresh of the OAuth screens Matt Harris 4/28/11 methods will be turned off on Tuesday April 12th. Use instead. Matt Harris 4/5/11
Introducing Web Intents Brian Ellin 3/30/11
Some changes and updates to the API and Tweet Button Matt Harris 3/25/11
REPOST: consistency and ecosystem opportunities @rsarver 3/15/11
Update on Whitelisting @rsarver 2/10/11
Please check you are using the correct API and host Matt Harris 12/16/10
Finding Tweets about Places Matt Harris 12/8/10
XML disabled on Streaming API John Kalucki 12/6/10
Snowflake, it's almost 9007199254740992 time. Matt Harris 11/23/10
Twitter + Gnip Partnership @rsarver 11/17/10
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