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Welcome to the Quicksilver developer groups. If you have a question relating to development, plugins or anything to do with the Quicksilver web services, then this is the right place!

For support and issues see the Support group[1] and Issue Tracker[2]

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/blacktree-quicksilver
[2] https://github.com/quicksilver/Quicksilver/issues

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Progress Patrick 10/30/14
ARC plugins Patrick 10/8/14
pref pane outlets Rob McBroom 10/5/14
Chrome, iTerm2 and Evernote plugins Andreas Johansson 8/30/14
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Contributing new Adium plugin? Peter Schmitt 6/16/14
Symlinked shell scripts work better! lgarron 6/11/14
How can I access properties from the QSProxies section of a plugin's plist file? cwd 6/10/14
Getting 1.2.0 out the door Rob McBroom 5/16/14
Re: How do you use pull requests? Patrick 4/13/14
How to handle privacy permissions with dev QS builds? Tony 4/9/14
Curly braces Patrick 2/23/14
Dictionary plug-in Rob McBroom 2/5/14
changes to the update system Rob McBroom 1/26/14
Feature request for "All Links" action Eli Cantarero 12/10/13
A couple of code conventions Patrick 11/30/13
T-shirt winners Patrick 11/29/13
Catalog broken after build? lgarron 11/25/13
Dropping 10.7 support Patrick 11/25/13
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