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Welcome to the Quicksilver developer groups. If you have a question relating to development, plugins or anything to do with the Quicksilver web services, then this is the right place!

For support and issues see the Support group[1] and Issue Tracker[2]

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/blacktree-quicksilver
[2] https://github.com/quicksilver/Quicksilver/issues

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Frequent Crash (NSRunInformationalAlertPanel may only be invoked from the main thread.) Diggory 4/27/18
New Trigger Action Mike B 4/19/18
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qsapp.com repo Rob McBroom 5/10/16
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Sparkle Vulnerability Patrick 2/11/16
Translation plugin Jonathan Levi 1/10/16
New QS release? Patrick 11/15/15
Spotify Plugin Yifan Jin 11/11/15
SSL/Web migration process Patrick 10/19/15
Xcode 6 and bltrversion Rob McBroom 9/23/15
What's purpose of this code Patrick 9/12/15
The Map Rob McBroom 8/12/15
Re: Google Drive Plugin Rob McBroom 8/6/15
hosting Rob McBroom 5/9/15
building plug-ins Rob McBroom 4/19/15
Manual link? Lance Edward Miller 2/17/15
QSApp hosting upgrade Patrick 12/23/14
Security bug: update git Patrick 12/18/14
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