Climate Changers

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I think you would benefit from Climate Access & their “What’s Next for Climate Communicators?” webinar Nov 29 K. Hovey 11/23/16
Fwd: A REMINDER: The Giving Orgy Approaches! – Make It COUNT for Something GOOD David Kraft 11/23/16
Household and hazardous waste, computer electronics collection -- Dec. 3 Ellie 11/23/16
Trump's cabinet picks and climate change Jay Mulberry 11/21/16
Lucy: A Robot That Fills Your Home With Sunshine | Indiegogo Ingrid Myles 11/21/16
#NODAPL - Upcoming trip to Standing Rock/Sacred Stone Camp Shawn Greene 11/20/16
Fwd: The Giving Orgy Approaches! – Make It COUNT for Something GOOD David Kraft 11/19/16
NEIS ACTION ALERT -- Stop the Exelon Nuclear Bailout! David Kraft 11/18/16
The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends -- Washington Post Jay Mulberry 11/18/16
Fw: Endangered Earth: A Powerful Show of Solidarity bhorberg 11/17/16
Fw: Thanks for taking action on AddUp bhorberg 11/15/16
I am proud of my good friend Jim Moore Jay Mulberry 11/15/16
my biggest concern Jay Mulberry 11/15/16
59% of US Energy Wasted - hot oceans causing Puffin death Dale Lehman 11/13/16
Save the Date -- NEIS Turns 35 – Come Pahty with Us!! David Kraft 11/8/16
Leonardo DeCaprio's new movie "Before the Flood" is out, free and streaming. Jay Mulberry 11/6/16
Want to DO something? Jay Mulberry 11/5/16
Middleton Climate Referendum Project media impact continues in Middleton Times Tribune - Vote Yes for climate... K. Hovey 11/4/16
Channel 3 WISN-TV ENDORSES Middleton Climate Referendum!!! K. Hovey 11/4/16
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