Climate Changers

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a sweeping new estimate of how much humans have transformed the planet David Kraft 12/20/17
Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: BGA Nuclear Reports Confirm NEIS’ Long-Standing Nuclear Safety Contentions David Kraft 12/20/17
And another a-- h--- joins the team! Jay Mulberry 12/20/17
Let's stop being so f- - -ing cautious Jay Mulberry 12/18/17
Subvert the Dominant Paradigm -- Make Shopping HELP the Environment! David Kraft 12/17/17
GULP! -- Macron awards US scientists grants to move to France in defiance of Trump | Environment Jay Mulberry 12/14/17
This is absolutely great (and short)! Good to pass around. And we should thank PBS for putting it out Jay Mulberry 12/14/17
Jerry Brown on 60 Minutes re climate change NOW! Ellie 12/10/17
A little bit of activism for you Jay Mulberry 12/9/17
Fw: The doomsday machine in Donald Trump’s hands bhorberg 12/8/17
Fwd: Nuclear Hotseat Show covering last week's events in Chicago at UofC and DePaul. David Kraft 12/8/17
Fw: Cow shit doesn't belong in our water bhorberg 12/7/17
Good Community PR Ginni Cook 12/6/17
The Chicago Climate Accord signed yesterday Jay Mulberry 12/6/17
Fwd: Chicago to Host North American Climate Summit Jay Mulberry 12/4/17
Fwd: Hear nuclear experts Arnie Gundersen, Norma Field on Worldview David Kraft 11/30/17
The Washington Post: Record warmth roasts western U.S. and nation’s snow extent shrinks to record low Jay Mulberry 11/29/17
For those who live around Chicago: Global City Mayors on Climate Action Moderated by Thomas L. Friedman Jay Mulberry 11/29/17
TODAY'S THE DAY! -- "Thanks!" is a verb -- on #GivingTuesday, DO it for safe energy! David Kraft 11/28/17
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