Climate Changers

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The case against Exxon -- Jay Mulberry 9/7/16
NEIS EVENTS UPDATES: "They're back!" -- and two more fun events David Kraft 9/6/16
tech firms in action Kathy Bridges 9/4/16
The most disturbing article I have seen, given the credibility of the source Jay Mulberry 9/4/16
Welcoming a new member Jay Mulberry 9/4/16
Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun -- Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical. Jay Mulberry 9/3/16
Fwd: Iowans Risk Arrest to Stop Pipeline Monica Jenkins 8/31/16
Fwd: Fw: Come see Jill Stein in Chicago Jay Mulberry 8/31/16
how can we keep talking about fighting climate change with more and more nuclear reactors? Jay Mulberry 8/30/16
Peaking carbon emissions in the past - Global leaders have bet the house on it. Dale Lehman 8/26/16
Fwd: NO DAKOTA ACCESS SIGN ON LETTER: Exec Director Level Sign-on Climate 8/22/16
This sounds really good for those living in the Chicago area. Argonne is absolutely at the head of the line in battery deveolpment. Fwd: You're Invited – Argonne OutLoud: "From Atoms to Clean Energy Technologies" Jay Mulberry 8/18/16
Giant virus found under melting permafrost, more may come Jay Mulberry 8/18/16
Fwd: FW: As Protest Grows, Construction Halts on Dakota Access Pipeline River Crossing Monica Jenkins 8/18/16
Climate Justice Institute Meryl Greer Domina 8/16/16
Not what we usually call "summer reading": An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser -- Washington Post Jay Mulberry 8/11/16
Fwd: DAPL river crossing drilling starts tomorrow Monica Jenkins 8/9/16
Re: URGENT the frontlines need you now Monica Jenkins 8/3/16
Climate change, Trump and what I think about the whole thing. Jay Mulberry 8/3/16
Fwd: [N3Yall] [Video] Jaczko: Hansen Doesn't Know Jack About Nuclear Power David Kraft 8/1/16
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