Climate Changers

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Re: [Talkin' Politics] The biggest thing in government that you have never heard of Ginni Cook 2/27/18
Fwd: Climate deniers want to kill the internet Ginni Cook 2/27/18
A suggestion for Chicago Council for Global Affairs John Porterfield 2/26/18
Fwd: [Thinking about Trump] Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides - The Washington Post David Stone 2/22/18
inspiring article. Bruce Johnson 2/19/18
hearing from planners John Porterfield 2/18/18
energy effciency in six flats Andrew Skol 2/14/18
Fw: The Nuclear Posture Review Signals a New Arms Race bhorberg 2/14/18
Give him the benefit of faking Jay Mulberry 2/1/18
Fw: Concerned about Climate Change? Climate Resistance Watch Party Wednesday 1/31/18 @ Alicia Ashman Library is for you! K. Hovey 1/30/18
double trouble for fact checkers Jay Mulberry 1/29/18
One Earth Film Festival --- much of interest for those who live in and around Chicago Jay Mulberry 1/29/18
TODAY! For people living around the U of Chicago: Energy Development in the Trump Administration: Changes and Their Implications - - Gmail Jay Mulberry 1/24/18
For Illinoisans: Fighting On The Home Front Jay Mulberry 1/24/18
How One Lawmaker Is Breaking the Bipartisan Barrier on Climate Change Steven Mann 1/22/18
Fw: 56 billion slaughtered bhorberg 1/22/18
Kind of addictive Jay Mulberry 1/22/18
A Course of Action Robin Haberman 1/18/18
Are they beginning to get edgy? Jay Mulberry 1/18/18
This is (possibly) the biggest story of the week --> "BlackRock CEO Says Companies Need To Do More Than Deliver Profits" Jay Mulberry 1/17/18
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