Climate Changers

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EPA Rules Called ‘Un-American' During Heated House Hearing Jay Mulberry 7/8/16
REMINDER: This Thursday! A Anne Holcomb 7/7/16
People's Institute on climate justice -- Circle Pines, Aug. 30-Sept. 5 Ellie 7/7/16
NEIS Spring Report --What we’ve been up to in Spring 2016; New Member special invite David Kraft 7/6/16
Next Saturday will be pretty exciting! ~ PLEASE SHARE Tom Shepherd 7/3/16
Wild About Wildflowers! -- a special fundraiser for NEIS and CAPOW David Kraft 7/2/16
Is the Democratic platform really going to be that weak on Climate Change? Jay Mulberry 7/2/16
Chicago Southeastsiders: We have a few seats left! A Anne Holcomb 7/1/16
Compact of Mayors part of global alliance Mary Hansen 7/1/16
Meat is Horrible Jay Mulberry 7/1/16
Exxon Touts Carbon Tax to Oil Industry --- When the devil is on your side Jay Mulberry 6/30/16
We (at least in theory) try. Can other countries say the same? Kathy Bridges 6/29/16
Brexit is just bad -- for everything Jay Mulberry 6/29/16
the other side of Brexit bhorberg 6/27/16
What the Democrats Must Learn About Free-Trade Deals From Brexit bhorberg 6/27/16
Clarification on email to call Pres. Obama Mary Hansen 6/27/16
Phone call action to take before June 29th Mary Hansen 6/26/16
West Virgina flooding Kathy Bridges 6/26/16
Climate scientists predict more blazing heat, drought, fires and scores of dead trees in the West and Alaska Jay Mulberry 6/25/16
Pricing oil for a safe climate | TheHill Jay Mulberry 6/23/16
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