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 I’m Just Gonna Leave This Right Here

Trust a Republican

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another ridiculous decision and sentencing ImStillMags Mags 2:36 PM
Bree Newsome ImStillMags Mags 2:28 PM
Every Day I Wake Up Thinking... CaliforniaLuis 1:56 PM
Oil and water don't mix. ImStillMags Mags 1:52 PM
Wall Street Sales Tax Moves Away From the Children's Table Ragnar 1:47 PM
a “clown in blackface” who “does not belong on the Supreme Court” jgg...@hotmail.com 1:39 PM
Note the SAnnual 6,000+ Annual Black-on-Black Murders Taking Place In Our Democrat Urban Ghettos lew 1:07 PM
Earth's Hottest Temperature: 134 Degrees - July 10, 1913 - Death Valley. - 4 DAYS TO 102 ND ANNIVERSARY lew 1:00 PM
Day Lilies - Have Bloomed Around July 4 EVERY Year for my entire 83 years lew 12:56 PM
Dozens Of Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Call For Action On Climate Change Ragnar 12:29 PM
Don't forget your real history. ImStillMags Mags 12:21 PM
Ending Greece's Bleeding Herman Adler 11:52 AM
Breaking news from Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln ImStillMags Mags 10:27 AM
The Bush Legacy -- ISIS Ascendant, Middle East In Turmoil BEZARK 10:15 AM
Awwww. damn. Bert died. ImStillMags Mags 9:37 AM
From Forbes. Investing in US infrastructure. ImStillMags Mags 9:25 AM
Latino Leader On Donald Trump: He Is ‘Exposing A Lot Of The Dirty Truths Of The Republican Party’ Ragnar 9:15 AM
Having been raised a Catholic, I understood there were seven sacraments, one of which was "holy matrimony." Bescherelle 9:13 AM
If you haven't seen this, watch. ImStillMags Mags 8:56 AM
New four letter word. ImStillMags Mags 8:55 AM
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