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100,000+ Sign On For an Independent Bernie Merc 7/8/16
Forum help I_think4me 7/6/16
Bernie would shut down NSA surveillance!! Merc 6/15/16
Hillary laughs while talking about the rape of a 12 year old. Merc 6/13/16
Sailor Navybrat 6/13/16
Hillary has been outed as the "Bride of Frankenfoods" Merc 6/12/16
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We have the power in numbers Merc 6/11/16
Can Sanders unite his supporters for Hillary Merc 6/11/16
Google censoring Hillary Merc 6/10/16
My new favorite hashtag Merc 6/10/16
Elizabeth Warren Merc 6/10/16
End of the corrupt DNC and GOP Merc 6/10/16
There's a movent going on.... Merc 6/9/16
Trump has my vote Merc 6/9/16
Help Us Put Jill Stein on the Ballot in Every State! Merc 6/9/16
Racism or racism and poisoning Merc 6/7/16
Hillary supporters are dumb. Merc 6/7/16
Sanders Campaign Prepares For Independent Run In The General Election Merc 6/7/16
Debunking Hillary's popular vote Merc 6/7/16
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