All about the open source project RHadoop, the gateway between Hadoop and R and its packages, rhdfs, rhbase and rmr.
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When running the tutorial (My first map reduce job) Problem , subprocess failed with code 1 linetor 8:22 AM
mapreduce time anurag agrahari 1:52 AM
Starting R and Hadoop Elias Carvalho 3/29/15
differences between rmr2 3.2.0 Vs 3.2.1 Arun kv 3/28/15
Performance issue with simple RMR2 test in prod Vs dev Arun kv 3/28/15
Choosing key and value from a dataframe Beta 3/27/15
rmr2 example works but hadoop is slower than local on AWS EMR Dave Hurst 3/27/15
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hadoop streaming jar missed santhi kanumuru 3/25/15
Sorting Data using RHadoop Beta 3/23/15
problem with HADOOP_HOME, HADOOP_CMD, HADOOP_STREAMING path Ankit Sangwan 3/23/15
Follow up to "plyrmr::dcast memory issues" amitai golub 3/23/15
Can I get access to the details of the counters produced by increment.counter FEI 3/22/15
Re: [RHadoop:#1979] SVM (Support Vector Machine) on R-Hadoop Sai Prem 3/18/15
SVM (Support Vector Machine) on R-Hadoop Ajay Tomar 3/17/15
Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: PipeMapRed.waitOutputThreads(): subprocess failed with code 1 Lobna 3/17/15
Strange mapreduce failure with specific size of input array Alex Vinnik 3/16/15
Errors of rmr2 and rhdfs on 2-node Hadoop's cluster + Cygwin + Windows 8 Ferrum - A 3/16/15
Could not use functions from other packages in map Balasairamkumar O M 3/13/15
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