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Welcome to Sheffield Hardware Hackers & Makers

The Sheffield hardware Hacking group is open 24 * 7 all year round on line.

What's more it is free to join in.

Please read our online guidelines.

There is a group blog, documentation and calendar at

In addition we have scheduled weekly meetings:-

Open Lab Evening alternate Mondays.
Date: See SHH&M Calendar,
Venue: SHH&M, Portland Works,

Open Lab Day alternate Saturdays.
Date: See SHH&M Calendar,
Venue: SHH&M, Portland Works,

Links to our information pages.

Please note that unlike online participation, real world events have real world costs attached.

One off Special Events may have door or participation fees to cover the costs of the event, See the event details.

For the door fee at our regular scheduled meetings and joining us see our information on becoming a member.

Regular attenders will find it more cost effective to choose to pay a yearly subscription instead of door fees.

If planning on coming along to the live sessions please read our In Person guidelines.

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