Thank you for your interest in Data Science and joining DataMeet.  My name is Nisha Thompson and I am the main operator.  You can get an intro to some of the things we have been doing here:

Also take a look at some topics to get started with:!forum/datameet

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group and talk about some of the things your interested in discussing and learning.

And let me know if you have any ideas or questions.


Nisha Thompson


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Census 2011 - Geographical Code Directory - List of Towns and Villages in India Amiruddin Nagri 04:35
Mapping Nepal to support emergency response. Sajjad Anwar 26/04/15
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National Air Quality Index Website srinivas kodali 22/04/15
Update Fwd: Re: GIGW revision Vaishnavi Jayakumar 21/04/15
When is the latest DISE data going to be available? Jayadevan P K 21/04/15
Fwd: Workshop on Open Government Data for the Data Controllers from the Departments satyaakam 20/04/15
Shapefiles for "complete" India Karthik Shashidhar 20/04/15
Fwd: GIGW revision Vaishnavi Jayakumar (Inclusive India) 20/04/15
OpenStreetMapping Party Delhi Guneet Narula 18/04/15
Data{Meet} Ahmedabad - 2nd Meetup | 18th April 2015 Shravan Shah 17/04/15
Latitude and Longitude of Wards Pradeep 13/04/15
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