Thank you for your interest in Data Science and joining DataMeet.  My name is Nisha Thompson and I am the main operator.  You can get an intro to some of the things we have been doing here:

Also take a look at some topics to get started with:!forum/datameet

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group and talk about some of the things your interested in discussing and learning.

And let me know if you have any ideas or questions.


Nisha Thompson


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Goa Village Panchayat extents Dilip Damle 20/05/17
delhi toposheet ward wise Adil Masood 20/05/17
Telegana Open Data Policy and portal Nisha Thompson 20/05/17
GeoHYD Today at 5.30 p.m: Community Mapping in Kenya (Map Kibera) srinivas kodali 19/05/17
Delimited map of delhi ward wise updated in January this year Akshay Agrawal 17/05/17
Comprehensive list of GOI online services konark 17/05/17
Goa Village Map updated Dilip Damle 09/05/17
Survey on "Assessment of Open Government Data Initiative– A Perception Driven Approach" Sitansu Mahapatra 08/05/17
River Basin Divyanshu kumar Dixit 07/05/17
Data request - billet prices Sambhav Golechha 07/05/17
Feedback needed on Village webmap visualization (5 min survey) Craig Dsouza 06/05/17
district map files for indian states Arihant Parsoya 04/05/17
15-20 meter contour line shapefiles for Uttarakhand?? Also Land use map if available Ananya Bhatia 04/05/17
URGENT: NO NEW Hackpads Nisha Thompson 01/05/17
District wise - State Maps Required shankesh singh 01/05/17
Geology map of Uttarakhand Noor Hasan 01/05/17
Looking for GeoJSON / ShapeFile of India Boundaries (with disputed J&K included) Raghavan Kandala 30/04/17
Invitation for comments to evolve standards for Statistical Disclosure Control srinivas kodali 29/04/17
Road Distance Matrix 27/04/17
Note: Hackpad is shutting down Thejesh GN 23/04/17
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