Pickles is a living documentation system that is meant to turn your plain text feature files (written in the Gherkin language) into more readable formats to share with your clients.

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Pickles 0.11 Released Dirk Rombauts 24/10/13
Pickles 0.10 released Dirk Rombauts 29/08/13
Pickles 0.9 Released (including a breaking change!) Dirk Rombauts 25/07/13
Pickles 0.7 Released Jeffrey Cameron 07/09/12
User documentation for Pickles is now hosted on readthedocs.org Dirk Rombauts 09/01/15
Where do we go from here? Dirk Rombauts 14/12/14
Pickles goes RTM - release 1.0.0 Dirk Rombauts 14/12/14
Pickles v0.20.0 released Dirk Rombauts 11/12/14
Pickles is now on Chocolatey Dirk Rombauts 04/12/14
Pickles on MacOs or Linux Antonio Terreno 04/12/14
Pickles v0.19.0 released Dirk Rombauts 25/11/14
MsTest result files are working fine in Pickles Bas Dam 17/11/14
Extending the logic for IsMatchingTestCase Kapil Sachdeva 29/10/14
nAnt Runner support may be dropped in the future Dirk Rombauts 29/10/14
DITA support will be dropped in version 0.19 Dirk Rombauts 29/10/14
Expandable navigation in DHTML output John Grekso 29/10/14
Error output Thiago Temple 27/10/14
How to set up Pickles on TeamCity Dirk Rombauts 30/09/14
Pickles 0.18.2 Released Dirk Rombauts 12/09/14
Pickles 0.18.1 Released Dirk Rombauts 01/09/14
Pickles 0.18 released Dirk Rombauts 07/07/14
A question for nAnt users Dirk Rombauts 02/07/14
DITA output format may be dropped in the future Dirk Rombauts 01/07/14
We need your help! Dirk Rombauts 06/06/14
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