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Third-party drivers for FitBit devices? Raubana 5/7/14
Authentication credentials were missing or incorrect if hit BACK button during registration johnwrf 5/6/14
Endpoint disabled errors 5/6/14
Fitbit Java API Bug? johnwrf 5/5/14
Badges *sometimes* returns 400 Tim Hibbard 5/5/14
User can login and close the application after that open application that app require login again in iOS App? Priyank Gandhi 5/5/14
GPS capable jon krieger 5/4/14
API Call for Making My Data Public Mikhail Thomas 5/2/14
Question about connection with fitbit via bluethooth Darae Hong 5/1/14
Net sample client crashing on javascript martin mallona 5/1/14
API-Get-Time-Series and CaloriesBMR Robert Burnham 5/1/14
FitBit User Subscription Implementation Question Mitesh Darji 5/1/14
Color of band Deborah Flanagan 5/1/14
How can i use fitbit api for ios? Priyank Gandhi 5/1/14
Feature request: Manually log sleep start/stop via https link Wojtek 4/30/14
Timestamp error Viktor Hedefalk 4/30/14
Problem with Invalid_signature/nonce_used with POST request Josh Michalenko 4/29/14
Fitbit API feature removal notice: lifetime calories out Jeremiah Cohick 4/29/14
List of Revisions and updates to Fitbit API? Josh Michalenko 4/29/14
SSLPeerUnverifiedException Mike Van Snellenberg 4/29/14
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