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This is the old Fitbit API support forum. It became read-only on June 17, 2014.

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API support forum moving from Google Groups to Jeremiah Cohick 6/10/14
Signature generation Standard HMAC_SHA1 - Different from Request Token Signature Debug Tool. Sreeram MC 6/17/14
Fitbit Notification PHP Example Shaun Mosley 6/16/14
Bluetooth LE API maria angelica Salguero 6/13/14
Not Receving subscription alerts Raghu Srinivasan 6/13/14
Fitbit body weight API returns "11:59PM" ("23:59:59") as the time for manual weight entries Dan Barrett 6/12/14
New to Oauth and fitbit APi - Using Coldfusion - almost there..question after callback Steven Weiner 6/12/14
Extended Work Flow Sanjeev Vishwakarma 6/12/14
extreme conditions Walter DeGolyer 6/11/14
Extended workflow and SSO Peter 6/11/14
API documentation appears to be wrong. Darragh Duffy 6/10/14
New FitbitPHP library without dependency on OAuth extension Eli White 6/10/14
Several weight measurements per day Anton Moiseev 6/10/14
401 Unauthorized in the get_token oauth phase Mathias Kolehmainen 6/9/14
Titanium usign Fitbit API Nico Barelmann 6/9/14
My app is listed as "browser" but fitbit is giving it the PIN workflow Nick Heiner 6/9/14
Oauth authentication sai pramod 6/9/14
OneTouch Verio Sync glucose meter + fitbit Joy Marcus 6/6/14
Resource Request With Access Token Offline Joel Wickard 6/6/14
Access to log activities Chad Gray 6/6/14
API Error : Invalid signature or token Niladri Dey 6/6/14
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