[ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released

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[ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released Jesse Gumm 11/1/12 11:39 AM

Hello fellow Erlangers,

I'm proud to announce the release of the Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0. This is the first official release since Rusty passed the reins to me last year.

Downloads and Docs (official site): nitrogenproject.com
Github repo: http://github.com/nitrogen/nitrogen
Changelog: https://github.com/nitrogen/nitrogen/blob/master/CHANGELOG.markdown

## Major Updates in 2.1.0

* Split dependencies into git sub-repositories (nitrogen_core, nprocreg, simple_bridge, sync)
* Simpler upgrade process for Nitrogen deployments (`make upgrade`)
* Support for Cowboy (thanks Tuncer Ayaz and Loic Hoguin, you guys helped out a lot)
* Improved Windows Support - better compilation and support for more webservers than just inets
* Jquery mobile integration  (Thanks Mattias Holmlund)
* Added RESTful form elements (Thanks Jeno Hajdu)
* Added drag and drop, progress meter, and support for multiple files to file uploading with the built in #upload element.
* New elements and actions. Improved validator support.
* Lots of bugfixes and stability improvements.
* Lots of new documentation.

## The Roadmap

* Websocket support
* An improved graphing library
* Add some automated testing of some sort
* Revive the nitrogen_elements github repository, which is mostly filled with elements from Nitrogen 1.0. Updating those elements to be compatible with 2.0+ would be nice.
* Improve binary support. While the current version has had some improvements to support Erlang binaries instead of lists, Nitrogen should be *more* supportive of using Erlang binaries.
* Nitrogen as a dependency: right now Nitrogen is not trivial to set up as a rebar dependency. This needs to be rectified both in documentation and with any code that might simplify this process.
* Add new build option to generate a release without ERTS included using R15B02's new {excl_lib,otp_root} option for reltool.
* Fix Github wikis removing docs that are redundant with the website, and updating docs that are inaccurate, possibly migrating all docs from the github wiki to the website (docs in two different places seems wrong to me)
* A Nitrogen cookbook

## Some other thoughts

It's been a while since the last official Nitrogen release.  Now that 2.1.0 is finally done, the release schedule will be *much* faster and switched to a stricter adherence to semver.

## Discussion

I'm usually in the #nitrogen, #erlang, and #erlounge freenode IRC channels as "chops", so feel free to ping me there or the mailing list with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

## On a personal note

I find working in Nitrogen and Erlang to be an absolute joy and I'm honored that Rusty thought of me to manage the project. I'm fully invested in Nitrogen (that is, I'm building my company's new flagship software with it), and I'm glad I am. So thank you Rusty for creating Nitrogen and also for thinking of me for this responsibility. I have some big shoes to fill. And to everyone who's helped out with Nitrogen, submitting issues, pull requests, and answering questions on the mailing list: thank you.

All the best,


Jesse Gumm
Owner, Sigma Star Systems
414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm
Re: [erlang-questions] [ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released Max Lapshin 11/1/12 2:13 PM

I promise to extract and opensource our support for #simple_graph
element, that we use to draw live stock feed via highstock.js library
Re: [erlang-questions] [ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released Rusty Klophaus 11/1/12 2:32 PM
Congratulations indeed!

It's not easy to take the lead on an open source project and come out the other side with a successful, well-managed release. Nicely done.

I tip my hat, hoist my beer, etc. :)

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 3:16 PM, Loïc Hoguin <es...@ninenines.eu> wrote:


On 11/01/2012 07:39 PM, Jesse Gumm wrote:
* Support for Cowboy (thanks Tuncer Ayaz and Loic Hoguin, you guys
helped out a lot)


Loďc Hoguin
Erlang Cowboy
Nine Nines

Rusty Klophaus | http://rusty.io | @rustyio

Re: [erlang-questions] [ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released Jesse Gumm 11/1/12 4:21 PM
Thanks everyone for the congrats and encouragement. It means a lot!

I'm looking forward to seeing your graphing stuff, Max! Sounds awesome.

A slight adjustment, as I mis-attributed some work, and I want them to get their due credit.

So quick changelog errata:
* Added RESTful elements (Steffan Panning)
* Added html_id to a pile of elements (Jenő Hajdu)

Sorry you guys for confusing your contributions. :(


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Jesse Gumm
Owner, Sigma Star Systems
414.940.4866 || sigma-star.com || @jessegumm
Re: [erlang-questions] [ANN] Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0 Released Alexander Beniaminov 11/1/12 11:31 PM

Thank you for excellent work.
A special thank 
for your patience and responsiveness