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Meetup Topic for 9/18/2012 Chris Maddox 9/3/12 11:00 AM

Our next meetup will feature Chris Granger's open-source web framework Noir. We're aiming for a group coding exercise similar to last time, but even more participatory. We'll define the feature or features we want to implement, then take turns rotating through pairs of developers at the keyboard, with the rest of the group watching and making suggestions. We'll try to keep the pair at the keyboard either beginner-advanced or advanced-advanced so no beginners get stranded on the keyboard. It will be an experiment, but hopefully will be fun and encourage discussion as we go.

To facilitate future meetups, we will be working on the skeleton for a lightning talk submission application, which we'll have started the base of prior to that Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you've never played around with Noir, definitely give it a shot! Feel free to link a Github repo in the mailing list for others to look over :)

If you're already familiar with Noir, take a look at this MongoDB-backed authentication app.

Questions or feedback? Feel free to email us anytime. Happy hacking!

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