Gif animation on JellyBean 4.2

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Gif animation on JellyBean 4.2 kw lim 11/20/12 8:03 PM

I'm using 
- Nexus 7 android 4.2
- SDK and eclipse is the adt-bundle-windows version. *download on 2012-11-21st
- OS is Windows7 64bits home premium sp1

  I tried to run the sample code at ...\ApiDemos\src\com\example\android\apis\graphics\ It is successfully build and run on both simulator and my nexus 7. The problem is the app doesn't display the *.gif animation but the the other 3 *.bmp is shown correctly. There even doesn't has any black box on the screen. I tried different *.gif file which from internet or SDK example image file.

  I have attached my project file. *The project contain other sample code as well but doesn't work. I have comment all the other sample code in the project and left only the sample code from android SDK.

Thank you.