Yukkuri Raising Sim

Whether you are here to join us or here to ask questions relating to the raising sim, I welcome you.

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Current Build/Game Programing/Code lonefool 11/20/12
Future Discussion/Development/Plans Mielle 11/2/12
The images/appearance of the yukkuri in the game lonefool 10/19/12
What do people want this game to ultimately be (or have) lonefool 10/17/12
Want to join? (Member list) lonefool 10/16/12
What should be in the first build of the game. lonefool 10/6/12
Bug Thread Mielle 10/3/12
Yukkuri Behavior Mielle 9/21/12
People we would like to join our group lonefool 9/9/12
Yukkuri Sim Specs Mariodante 9/3/12