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ios ver ultra voice changer asma 7/15/14
App Fix Req'd repetemini 1/12/14
some sound effects not working Shane 10/11/13
When I save a 5-minute recording, it only saves 3:00 minutes of it VCIII 8/15/13
Default Share Method DLP tra 5/25/13
Does anyone knows if which voice changer app can change voice during a phone call? many thanks! juliaC 5/7/13
hello, I would like to know how to apply the increased volume of the microphone on the device? Mauro Lopes 5/6/13
??? Shane 4/29/13
what does this mean : "another (badly behaved) audio recording app .. is holding a lock" Kimusoft 9/21/12
general troubleshooting tips Kimusoft 9/21/12
It had been working but after the last update, it force closes when I tap "record". Kimusoft 9/21/12
I tried dowloading it on my (device) and it won't let me. can you fix this please? Kimusoft 9/21/12
where are the Ultra Voice Changer/Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer favorites stored ? Kimusoft 9/21/12
where are the Dalek, Cybermen voices in "Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer" ? Kimusoft 9/21/12
Bane voice from Batman ? Kimusoft 9/21/12
Android phones/devices which may need to use mono 44100 recording Kimusoft 9/21/12
Playback too fast ? Kimusoft 9/21/12