The Ultimaker is a large build volume (210x210x220mm), open source 3D printer that is reliable, fast and affordable. It is designed for easy assembly and long, trouble-free printing. Join this mailinglist to join the community and exchange knowledge about how to build, use and improve the Ultimaker.
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Z seam problem! cagata...@gmail.com 12/8/16
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Using CURA 2.1.2 vs. 15.04.6? Joe Schepis 8/31/16
I give up. Alan Stillwell 8/21/16
Ultimaker PLA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) RJAA 7/19/16
3D masterclass Bigger printing Joris van Tubergen 6/22/16
Converting an UMO to a Food Printer Ruby Childs 6/16/16
Ultimaker 2 BOM sourcing of parts (UK) Dan Smith 5/17/16
Printing flexible material yanglu...@gmail.com 4/21/16
cura for 3Dtouch Charlotte 4/21/16
Re: Problems with Makeware Luis E. Rodriguez 4/18/16
Low-cost DIY 3d printer enclosure and filter for Ultimaker that looks and works good. Степан Медведев 4/17/16
Make my Automatic Desktop Plastic Injection Moulding Machine a reality – **This is the last chance** Lafras Henning 4/4/16
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