The Ultimaker is a large build volume (210x210x220mm), open source 3D printer that is reliable, fast and affordable. It is designed for easy assembly and long, trouble-free printing. Join this mailinglist to join the community and exchange knowledge about how to build, use and improve the Ultimaker.
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z-unlimited on kickstarter Joris van Tubergen 4:27 AM
Venkel nozzle shroud - 100% fan solution Franc Falco 2/28/15
Repo access rights Ryan Maloney 2/27/15
A new awesome control board for ultimaker 陈可 2/25/15
Printed whistle problems James 2/24/15
UM0 power supply question Bertho 2/24/15
Got it! Patch pyserial for 250000 baud under Linux! Kura 2/23/15
Spammer... Jensa 2/23/15
Cura: Slicing problem- lacking support, part 3 Bertho 2/21/15
Cura: Slicing problem- lacking support, part 2 Bertho 2/19/15
Cura: Slicing problem- lacking support Bertho 2/19/15
UM1 electronic upgrade? Bertho 2/19/15
Validating/Testing prototypes Prateek Mathur 2/16/15
bed head nut play fluxline 2/14/15
XY wobble on Ultimaker 2 Deepak Sekar 2/13/15
Singapore International 3D Printing Competition for 3D Printed Toys - $8,000 US prize! Joseph Chiu 2/13/15
ultievening tonight / vanavond Joris van Tubergen 2/9/15
New stepper drivers tmc2100 Bernhard Kubicek 2/8/15
i wish the ultimaker web site were as good as their printers... JI Ioannidis 2/4/15
Basic test fails completely, worst print ever TekkieFlippo 2/4/15
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