Common Lisp Statistics

Group for recording activity, thoughts, etc, for Common Lisp Statistics (CLS, Common Lisp-Stat, Common LispStat, etc) which is intended to be:

  1. an interactive and batch-based dynamic data analysis environment, based on Common Lisp.
  2. examples of how to do statistical and non-statistical data analysis with Common Lisp
  3. a forum for package development for various aspects regarding statistical data analysis with Lisp

Appropriate topics include questions and comments regarding (statistical) data analysis using Common Lisp, and related development topics (metadata, numerical analysis, computation, visualization) to drive Common Lisp package development.


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First Post, guidelines, information, 0.0 A.J. Rossini 10/7/12
Which CL Dataframe would you choose to work with right now? 7/12/17
(R)creational Common Lisp Marco Antoniotti 1/4/17
CLUnit ? steven.nunez 8/3/15
Re: [lisp-stat] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Munawar Cheema 7/19/15
First attempt Munawar 7/16/15
Is it possible to bind R in SBCL? Nelson Mok 6/9/15
lisp-matrix & generic math vs antik Harvey Stein 5/28/15
cls definitions interacting badly with declarations Harvey Stein 5/20/15
Optimizing vectorized calcs in Lisp Harvey Stein 4/19/15
common-lisp-statistics package usage Harvey Stein 4/12/15
xlispstat compatibility Harvey Stein 4/7/15
Element-wise Math in CL, part 2 steven.nunez 1/18/15
Element-wise Operations on CL Sequences steven.nunez 12/27/14
ESS & XLispStat? steven.nunez 9/17/14
Plyr & Spark Anyone? steven.nunez 9/15/14
dataframes and types A.J. Rossini 5/28/14
mv-table wishware Mirko Vukovic 5/27/14
Data frame following up a post on CLL Marco Antoniotti 4/9/14
proposal: package to standardize something like R's [] Tamas Papp 4/5/14
computer died and is rebuilt A.J. Rossini 3/27/14
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