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Releasing CFEngine 3.7.4 LTS and CFEngine 3.9.1 Dimitrios Apostolou 8/4/16
hardclasses for harddisks Christian Linden 8/26/16
count promise type Martin Gehrke 8/26/16
Implicite looping over/through class names Christian Linden 8/26/16
Regex in slist Christian Linden 8/25/16
In search of feedback for the use of functions as promisers Nick Anderson 8/25/16
group_secondary attribute Kobus 8/24/16
adding new subnet to fails . jab2805 8/23/16
cfengine-tap library community preview brontolinux 8/22/16
How-To change polilicy files with CFE-2406 Matthias Rieber 8/17/16
only negated classes work in myschedule. help! Gil Vidals 8/12/16
Suicidal cf-serverd is back: Server seems to be paralyzed. DOS attack? Committing apoptosis... Christian Linden 8/12/16
package problems with Ubuntu 16.04 Richard Jones 8/12/16 can be defined multiple time but execute only once Gil Vidals 8/11/16
Re: [help-cfengine] Modular policies with autorun and the augments_file - See more at: Nick Anderson 8/10/16
Modular policies with autorun and the augments_file Christian Linden 8/9/16
Modular policies with autorun and the augments_file - See more at: Christian Linden 8/9/16
Setting a class based on action => ifelapsed? 8/8/16
Can't login to the mission Portal of a fresh install 8/6/16
how to reset admin password for Mission Portal? 3.7.3 Aleksey Tsalolikhin 8/5/16
@digitalelf: Christian Linden 8/5/16
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