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Releasing CFEngine 3.7.4 LTS and CFEngine 3.9.1 Dimitrios Apostolou 8/4/16
Updating /var/cfengine/modules Joe Moore 7:52 PM
How does CFEngine Mission Portal end up with "default.sys" variables that weren't tagged for inventory? Aleksey Tsalolikhin 7:45 PM
Letter to the community brontolinux 1:10 PM
error: Reading assumed real value 'cf_null', anomalous remainder '' Christian Linden 10:16 AM
hardclasses for harddisks Christian Linden 8:43 AM
failsafe ignores input_name_patterns and cfengine_internal_purge_policies does not purge all files HJ Ko 8:11 AM
Some of the sketches are not available Girish Kg 9/24/16
design center and cf-sketch problems ... Stygge Krumpen 9/21/16
regex_replace to print match tentaculartentacle 9/21/16
Suicidal cf-serverd is back: Server seems to be paralyzed. DOS attack? Committing apoptosis... Christian Linden 9/21/16
Update server, client report bootstrap is successful but no files Bob 9/20/16
List difference inside a bundle Bob 9/19/16
Martin Gehrke presents "Real World Integration with CFEngine" at Ohio Linux Fest, October 7th Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/19/16
edit_xml XPath version Geoff Gibbs 9/17/16
local / global classes Matthias Rieber 9/16/16
apt package promises: Options= is ignored? Joe Moore 9/14/16
Suppress certain 'failed' promises error log entries. Matthias Rieber 9/14/16
Detecting multiple uid = 0 occurrences in /etc/passwd Martin Simons 9/14/16 Christian Linden 9/13/16
directory size Christian Linden 9/13/16
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