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New major release: CFEngine 3.7.0 LTS Dimitrios Apostolou 7/26/15
CFEngine 3.6.6 released Dimitrios Apostolou 7/21/15
Mail from reports promises not being sent on CFEngine Community 3.7.0 Erik S 9/4/15
How to read the first line from a file? Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/4/15
Running bundles in solo-mode from commandline with parameters Christian Linden 9/4/15 and SuSE Christian Linden 9/4/15
Enterprise inventorying of hosts that have overlapping cf-agent runs Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/3/15
readjson/readyaml enhancement Bas van der Vlies 9/3/15
What is that report number?! Christian Linden 9/3/15
CFEngine 3.7 flagged security problems Todd Erwin 9/2/15
troubleshooting looong cfengine run times Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/1/15
right way to use body classes on class promise Martin Gehrke 9/1/15
How to get current ppkey from running cf-serverd to bash script? Vladislav Zhivotnev 9/1/15
how to semanage? Leo Liu 9/1/15
Recursive delete select files more than 60 days old Bob 8/28/15
Perf from 3.6 - 3.7 Enterprise hub Stephen Jones 8/28/15
Setting up multiple cfengine environments Ram K 8/28/15
Reminder: SF meetup / getting started workshop on Sat, Aug 29 in San Jose Aleksey Tsalolikhin 8/28/15
agent_expireafter gives inconsistent results Aleksey Tsalolikhin 8/28/15
Cf-agent is taking very high CPU Jagdish Ahir 8/27/15
Use CFEngine to orchestrate containers visquis 8/25/15
cfengine-3.7.0 - no masterfiles update, no promises executed 8/25/15
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