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CFEngine 3.6.5 has been released! Dimitrios Apostolou 3/13/15
gates and classes Marty Gehrke 2:54 AM
How do you figure out if a file is Cfengine managed? Mike Svoboda 6/1/15
Java versions on Red Hat 6/1/15
Patching and dealing with the consequences (restart / reboot conditions) Martin Simons 6/1/15
cf-promises can not detect syntax errors in sub directories via autorun and findfiles Bernt Jernberg 5/29/15
Handling 'null' value Guy St-Denis 5/28/15
readstringlist vs readjson Marty Gehrke 5/28/15
Autorun with hardclasses Bernt Jernberg 5/28/15
CFEngine Report on Configuration Drift Jeremy Finn 5/28/15
Column overflow in process table - cfengine-community 3.6.5 Bernt Jernberg 5/27/15
returnszero expression (with useshell) returning wrong result Håkan Olsson 5/27/15
Zypper and installing package dependencies Martin Simons 5/23/15
Upgrade 3.5 -> 3.6 Matthias Rieber 5/23/15
CFEngine repo GPG key expired? Riccardo Murri 5/22/15
Monitor it and Fix it with CFEngine Somnath Ghosh 5/21/15
CFEngine 3.7 soon ready for testing Eystein Stenberg 5/20/15
if_elapsed + randomint as argument. Vladislav Zhivotnev 5/20/15
why does "edit_defaults empty" disable backups? 5/19/15
best practices for upgrades Marty Gehrke 5/18/15
problem with Gregory Matthews 5/18/15
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