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CFEngine 3.11.0 Beta Dimitrios Apostolou 6/15/17
Releasing CFEngine 3.10.1 LTS and 3.7.5 LTS Dimitrios Apostolou 4/5/17
Compile Problem on Windows v3.10.1 Calvin Cannon 7/21/17
storage nfs mounting does not work if one mountpoint is prefix of another HJ Ko 7/20/17
cfengine 3.10.1 "RSA exponent is too small or not odd" bootstrap error Xander Cage 7/17/17 Eystein Stenberg 7/14/17
Mustache/json question Bas van der Vlies 7/13/17
data_expand in json data Bas van der Vlies 7/6/17
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع kamal a 6/29/17
Orchestration with CFEngine3 and Serf William Ott 6/16/17
set_quoted_values: second field separator in line produces undesired result Bernd Kalbfuss-Zimmermann 6/16/17
cf_surfsara_lib updated with postifx mustache/json setup and examples Bas van der Vlies 6/16/17
Config Management Camp in Portland still in need of a CFEngine talk Nick Anderson 6/14/17
dynamically configuring logrotate Gregory Matthews 6/13/17
Identifying duplicate ppkeys Cory Coager 6/12/17
How to use variables in templates? Enrico Scholz 6/3/17
Config management camp coming to the US Nick Anderson 6/2/17
/var/state/packages_updates_yum.lmdb updates Robin Friedrich 5/28/17
package promises Stefan Skoglund 5/26/17
Syntax question Matthias Rieber 5/19/17
install packages with yum in aix - not working Xander Cage 5/18/17
Update cached package list Matthias Rieber 5/15/17
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