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CFEngine 3.9.0 is released! kristian.amlie 6/15/16
Releasing CFEngine 3.7.3 LTS, CFEngine 3.8.2, and CFEngine 3.6.7 Dimitrios Apostolou 4/28/16
Re: [help-cfengine] difference between ${valiable} and $(variable) Erlend Leganger 3:02 PM
Spacemacs users? Nick Anderson 12:34 PM
difference between ${variable} and $(variable) 8:25 AM
Inserting lines with file_preserve_block [CF 3.9] 6:03 AM
defunct process hangs agent Gregory Matthews 6:01 AM
The trap or challenge of convergence Christian Linden 3:35 AM
Checking policy with command '"/var/cfengine/bin/cf-promises" -c "/var/cfengine/inputs/"' Leo Liu 6/25/16
function findfiles or lsdir but include only directories 6/23/16
Developer documentation on enterprise version Rama 6/21/16
Running Windows Updates Manually via CF-Engine 6/20/16
Issues compiling static binaries on Alpine Linux Eric O'Connor 6/17/16
Which result class to use for ensuring a bundle/command is just run once Christian Linden 6/14/16
files in subdirs of masterfiles directory not distributed to clients. Xander Cage 6/14/16
Dynamically add iptables rules to a running firewall 6/13/16
restrictions in C-parsing of def.json Stefan Skoglund 6/13/16
understanding the services promises Gregory Matthews 6/10/16
Openstack Kilo our thier any plans to keep pace with openstack releases? jab2805 6/10/16
Which package for SLES11 Christian Linden 6/10/16
if_repaired Christian Linden 6/10/16
Installing 3.8.2-1 Christian Linden 6/10/16
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