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Releasing CFEngine 3.7.4 LTS and CFEngine 3.9.1 Dimitrios Apostolou 8/4/16
sync_cp for files and directories Nicolas Ecarnot 6:00 AM
class and !class at the same time Christian Linden 12/6/16
URGENT : cfengine community skipping bundles Rama 12/6/16
umask in package promise Denis 12/5/16
cf-agent receiving SIGINT on one client Bob 12/1/16
Small issue in libpromise/lock.c bruno vidal 12/1/16
multiple action lines in bundle Xander Cage 12/1/16
Service reload translates to restart by standard_services Christoffer Frost 11/30/16
Anonymous bodies - language syntax suggestion 11/28/16
attempt to read file during validation Denis 11/27/16
EFL Delta Reporting setup questions Xander Cage 11/24/16
Symbolic link overwritten by seed_rcp Bob 11/17/16
Adding several users with fixed UIDs in one go Christian Linden 11/17/16
Converting associative array to list(data)/json list Christoffer Frost 11/16/16
autoupdate with trigger_upgrade Xander Cage 11/16/16
Templates with multiple changes 11/15/16
just not running promise Christian Linden 11/15/16
IPs from nodes Christian Linden 11/14/16
combining class guards Christian Linden 11/14/16
Installing CFEngine in an "ubuntu" Docker container -- Ubuntu Xenial repository misconfiguration on Aleksey Tsalolikhin 11/11/16
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