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CFEngine 3.9.0 is released! kristian.amlie 6/15/16
Releasing CFEngine 3.7.3 LTS, CFEngine 3.8.2, and CFEngine 3.6.7 Dimitrios Apostolou 4/28/16
Can't login to the mission Portal of a fresh install 7/28/16
groupexists on old ubuntu Richard Jones 7/27/16
memory-leak in cf-execd 3.9.0 on RedHat 6??? Sven Probst 7/27/16
Re: [help-cfengine] Aleksey Tsalolikhin 7/26/16
Behavior of compare method "exists" on remote copies? 7/26/16
A brief tour of CFEngine Enterprise UI Aleksey Tsalolikhin 7/26/16
how to reset admin password for Mission Portal? 3.7.3 Aleksey Tsalolikhin 7/26/16
Coloured reports Richard Jones 7/25/16
Question about example policies from the book "Learning CFEngine 3" Alex Voiz 7/25/16
data_regextract failure; passes entire string instead of just the capture Louis Gillette 7/21/16
Get class from edit_line bundle Christian Linden 7/21/16
Package Update in CFEngine Girish Kg 7/21/16
url_get retrieving raw cfengine content 7/21/16
insert_lines promises: some comments on insert_select bodies 7/19/16
Documentation for Upgrading CFE from 3.5.3-1 to 3.7 kevin sargent 7/19/16
CFEngine keys - behavior when removed 7/19/16
using the CFEngine xml template for eclipse 7/19/16
splayclass() with custom interval width 7/18/16
Defining a class with returnszero containing grep [f]oo tentaculartentacle 7/18/16 Christian Linden 7/14/16
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