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CFEngine 3.12.0b1 has been released! Nick Anderson 5/11/18
CFEngine 3.7.8 LTS and 3.10.4 LTS have been released! Nick Anderson 5/3/18
Running CFEngine EE on a VM host -- performance above 3,000 hosts? Aleksey Tsalolikhin 5/14/18
Format function Bas van der Vlies 5/14/18
howto prepare continuous integration (CI) and exit code of cf-agent Michal Švamberg 5/14/18
Requesting feedback on feature proposal CFE-2788 Nick Anderson 5/11/18
the limits of machine intelligence Aleksey Tsalolikhin 5/10/18
Fixing hosts that are stuck on old policy (won't pick up new policy) Aleksey Tsalolikhin 5/10/18
Lots of false errors 5/7/18
thank you for making it so easy to switch CFE versions in the site Aleksey Tsalolikhin 5/2/18
Bind to Interface, client-server architecture 4/23/18
Possible bug, just want to confirm before submitting bug report Bill G 4/16/18
policy hub with dynamic IP address? Eli Taft 4/16/18
Initial bootstrap determined by policy? Eli Taft 4/13/18
Rebuilt hub maintaining keys Eli Taft 4/13/18
Git-Flow without duplication Eli Taft 4/12/18
copy relative symbolic links Merlin Mittelbach 4/9/18
cf-agent/cf-execd acts weird after killed Todd Erwin 4/8/18
preserve inode when copying? Anne Bennett 4/7/18
Are you using abortclasses? Nick Anderson 4/5/18
Autoloading json files Bas van der Vlies 3/23/18
Uploaded my Cfengine presentation at Config management Camp 2018 Ghent Bas van der Vlies 3/6/18
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