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3.7.6 LTS release Aleksei Shpakovskii 9/13/17
3.10.2 LTS release Dimitrios Apostolou 8/30/17
3.11.0 release Dimitrios Apostolou 8/11/17
Configuring snmp v3 (or stopping/starting a service in the same cf-agent process) Beto 6:43 AM
CFEngine life cycle Bob 12/15/17
Using augments? Looking for feedback on behaviour specifics of the new feature for multiple augments Nick Anderson 12/15/17
Comunity 3.6 to 3.9 or 3.10 Bob 12/14/17
What files do I back-up in case of hardware failure? Bob 12/14/17
CFEngine meetup in LA on Dec 11th (with Martin Simons and Brian Bennett) Aleksey Tsalolikhin 12/5/17
Are you using abortclasses? Nick Anderson 12/4/17
set_line_based(...): bug or feature? David Lee 11/30/17
Automating Icinga Martin Simons 11/15/17
Building and deploying cfengine on macOS Thomas Hansen 11/13/17
changing perms of a socket Gregory Matthews 11/13/17
service_policy => "disable" always repaired Jeroen van den Haspel 11/6/17
Community events: CFEngine BoF at LISA Aleksey Tsalolikhin 10/31/17
promise type packages day24 10/30/17
cf-execd e-mail and values from augments file day24 10/27/17
Problems upgrading server instances from 3.6 to 3.10 with clients using 3.6 and 3.8 André Ferraz 10/25/17
cfengine3 in Ubuntu 16 is v.3.6.2 Aleksey Tsalolikhin 10/19/17
updated cf_surfsara_lib Bas van der Vlies 10/18/17
About newest cfe-releases Igor Goncharenko 10/17/17
Splitting light from dark and data from policies Martin Simons 10/5/17
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