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Releasing CFEngine 3.7.3 LTS, CFEngine 3.8.2, and CFEngine 3.6.7 Dimitrios Apostolou 4/28/16
error: Type mismatch on rhs - expected type f for boolean constraint 'perms' Christian Linden 5/2/16
now on github: systemd units for CFEngine brontolinux 5/1/16
Remote file copy conditional on file's existence? 5/1/16
Running Promiser w/o class set Christian Linden 4/29/16
Namespace & class & how to see from where Christian Linden 4/29/16
Thoughts on syntax shortcuts for class expressions Nick Anderson 4/29/16
sanity check on file copy Louis Gillette 4/28/16
Spacemacs users? Nick Anderson 4/28/16
Issues in compiling cfengine-community 3.8.2 on Solaris 10 Sparc Soumyadip Das Mahapatra 4/28/16
Increase log level on the fly? Erlend Leganger 4/27/16
Updating core by rsync Christian Linden 4/27/16
Setting classes after service_policy => restart; Christian Linden 4/26/16
Run a bundle just one Christian Linden 4/25/16 confusion Neil Watson 4/24/16
Patching/updating with package promises Beto 4/24/16
CFEngine Community and TLS v1.2 Jeremy Finn 4/23/16 Christian Linden 4/22/16
how to avoid cf-agent optimization when calling same bundle Michal Švamberg 4/22/16
Promise ordering Enrico Scholz 4/21/16
Again class scope Christian Linden 4/21/16
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