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New CFEngine LTS release: 3.10.0 Dimitrios Apostolou 12/28/16
cfengine 3.7.4 - how to disable mail messages Xander Cage 1/16/17
callstack_promisers Igor Goncharenko 1/12/17
3.10 Change: Verify transfered files during policy update Aleksey Tsalolikhin 1/11/17
Proposal: enforce masterfiles permissions (0600) only on input_name_patterns Joe Moore 1/10/17
Patching and dealing with the consequences (restart / reboot conditions) Martin Simons 1/8/17
Missing variable Martin Simons 1/6/17
Easy way to put integers into a variable 1/5/17
Namespace trick Bas van der Vlies 1/3/17
User Management / delete user from group Bob 1/3/17
Calling methods repeatedly 1/3/17
About well know issue concerned to isnt cleaned variables from upper bundle again Igor Goncharenko 12/30/16
verbose: Could not resolve expected list variable 'cmdb' in function 'format' Christian Linden 12/29/16
I may sound trite, but... brontolinux 12/29/16
JAP - Just Another Primer Christian Linden 12/27/16
slist string_split report 12/22/16
cf-serverd CPU utilization 12/22/16
cf-agent utilize high cpu upto 99.9% Shreyas Parikh 12/22/16
Delete all files when change 12/21/16
Brians cf-primer >> Edit a File Christian Linden 12/14/16
From Zero to Hero files example Christian Linden 12/14/16
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