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Releasing CFEngine 3.10.1 LTS and 3.7.5 LTS Dimitrios Apostolou 4/5/17
getting the last octet of the UP Dave LeFevre 9:06 AM
always repaired status when copying an entire directory Jeroen van den Haspel 6:28 AM
body package_method yum Jeroen van den Haspel 4/21/17
Bundle aborted on defined class Robin Friedrich 4/19/17
mustache template failing Robin Friedrich 4/19/17 rocks! Aleksey Tsalolikhin 4/17/17
Design pattern for inter bundle dependencies Yann Soubeyrand 4/12/17
mustache partials Beto 4/10/17
default body changes Martin Gehrke 3/31/17
Did you see the Promise Theory Basic concepts part 1 video? Nick Anderson 3/29/17
External API integration Aleksey Tsalolikhin 3/29/17
commands promises sent to background tentaculartentacle 3/23/17
Test framework David Svejda 3/22/17
cfengine on OS X: found issue with cf-execd/launchd 3/21/17
mustache template in dryrun mode does not work as expected HJ Ko 3/20/17
Interested in attending config management camp in Portland? Nick Anderson 3/20/17
selectservers is executed more than once HJ Ko 3/16/17
JSON optional keys - difference behaviour 3.7.3 - 3.10.0 S 3/16/17
CFEngine slist problem Todd Erwin 3/9/17
A small feedback request (exploring syntax readability) Mark Burgess 3/6/17
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