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DirectKnowledge is the Path with special knowledge and full emancipation. The first direct knowledge is the stream-winner's insight knowledge attainable through the vipassana meditation. The goal of this group is to study together the Buddha's methods for developing direct knowledge and share our experiences with each other.

You are cordially invited to join this Google's discussion group. This Website is set up for Buddhists who seriously want to learn and practice to become Ariyans. Please consider becoming a  member to post your contribution on direct knowledge, to discuss the Buddha's Dhamma, and to share your direct experience with us. Thank you very much. 

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The Foundation of Dhamma Practice Tep Sastri 4/12/15
Direct Knowing in Ānāpānasati Tep Sastri 4/9/15
Discernment, Comprehension and Direct Knowledge Tep Sastri 11/19/14
Directly Knowing All Phenomena Tep Sastri 11/19/14
Direct Knowing of Cessation Tep Sastri 11/10/14
Relinquishment & Renunciation Tep Sastri 10/8/14
Direct Penetration of the Dhamma Tep Sastri 10/6/14
Truth Realization Tep Sastri 6/7/14
Revisiting Direct Knowing & Renunciation Tep Sastri 5/24/14
Direct Knowledge Is the Tool for Abandoning Suffering Tep Sastri 5/9/14
Direct Knowing Is Knowing Truth of the Paccuppanna Dhamma Tep Sastri 4/19/14
Direct Knowing from Direct Experience Tep Sastri 12/15/13
Direct Knowledge and the Three Trainings (Sikkhaa) Tep Sastri 11/25/13
Discernment of the Aggregates in Seven Ways Tep Sastri 8/8/13
Direct Knowing of Non-self (Anatta) Tep Sastri 7/3/13
Perceiving, Conceiving and Direct Knowing Tep Sastri 2/8/13
Direct Knowing, Understanding, Full Understanding Tep Sastri 2/3/13
Direct Knowing of Seven Dhammas Tep Sastri 1/25/13
Reaching Out but Failing Again? Tep Sastri 1/23/13
A New Year 2013 Message Tep Sastri 12/28/12
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